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Near sat down overlooking his tower of Mega Blocks. He had ran out of dice so he improvised. Using mega blocks and Legos, his tower would soon be complete. Restler came in soon after.

"Here are the reports sir. In total, their were 29 unexplained Heart Attacks occurring in America throughout the nation."

Near remained quiet, stacking a mega block carefully before turning to Restler.

"How stupid"

"Um, what sir?"

"This person obviously has a Death Note, but the way he used it is stupid. This person must be either fascinated by the Death Note, to the point he randomly killed off so many or may hate humanity all together and will kill everyone. Based on the victims, he is in America. Where? I don't know yet. Theres too little information to tell this person apart and too many theories. Restler, gather all the information on Americans who died of heart attacks before the ones on TV"

Restler nearly gagged when he heard his order

"But their will be thousands!"

"We must start somewhere. Their had to be a first victim this person used to ensure it worked. Once we find that first victim, we'll find the person. He or she may think their invincible, so I doubt they'll leave their location"

"I'll get on it sir"


Zim paced around the room. The sun was starting to rise. It would be morning soon. Ryuk of course was extremely bored. The little Irken had been pacing for hours, mumbling to himself about 'the Dib-human'

"So do you have any apples?" asked Ryuk

"What are these apples you speak of?" asked Zim perking an non-exsistant eyebrow

If Ryuk could, he would be twitching his eye now.

"God, at least humans know what apples are, this alien doesn't know anything" thought Ryuk

"Let's see, if I can find Dibs last name, victory shall be mine" muttered zim

"And what do you plan to do after that?" asked Ryuk

"Huh? Well, um, I'LL MAKE EVERYONE MY HUMAN SLAVE WHEN THEY WITNESS THE POWER OF THE DEATH NOTE" he was posed with a simile on his face as if the remark he made was the greatest one he ever did.

"lost cause, lost cause, lost cause, deep breaths, deep breaths, deep breaths" thought Ryuk

"Still, I will have the humans prepare the massive destructive bomb."

Zim put on his disguise and marched outside to see a human walking his dog. Zim instantly got another idea on how to rid of Dib.

"Hello pitiful human, may I learn your name?" He asked

The man looked at like he was crazy

"Whoa, what's with the green skin?" He asked amazed by this

"It's a skin condition. Now your name, give me, give me" he asked anxiously

"My name is Ryan Robinson, I'm a doctor at the hospital. Would you mind if came by, I really like to look at that skin condition of yours?" Robinson handed Zim his card before jogging off with his dog.

"Ugh, filthy human" he threw the card to the ground and took out the book, and started writing:

This filthy pathetic human, Ryan Robinson, will get what these humans call a gun. He will march into the Skool and shoot the large headed kid in classroom 2130 at...2:00. He will then kill himself so the earth authorities don't track me down.

"Now for the waiting game. Gir, watch the base while I'm at the Skool"

"YES SIR" Gir saluted before going back to its cyan colored eyes.

"Come Ryuk, watch the amazing Zim, complete his first plan"



Zim was waiting anxiously to see the human walk through the door. His heart was beating, wanting to see Dib get shot. This would be easier then getting his last name which the teacher had neglected to give him.

Meanwhile across the room, Dib observed the Irken. He definitely knew he was up to something. Also the fact he saw a book that could kill people. But everyone would think he was insane so he kept it to himself. Thou, they already thought he was insane. But he didn't want someone to start using a crazy card again.


The door smashed open with a man coming into view. In his right hand he held a revolver. The students instantly panicked when he started waving the gun around muttering 'big headed kid'.

Dib got the message, and ducked behind his desk. The man walked towards him with a grin on his face.

"You beheaded kid, I think I'm going to shoot you." he said with a simile

Zim chuckled to himself before he heard the first gunshot ran throughout the classroom. He simile grew wider, yes the Dib-Human was dealt with. He looked and to his surprise, Dib was wrestling the gun from his.

"A stronger human, next time" he muttered watching Dib and the man struggle

However the students started to gain up the man, helping Dib out.

"DAM HUMANS! I'll kill you all" he yelled.

As the man was struggling, Zim took out his Death Note, and started writing the names of the students.




Still Zim never learned everyone's name. He rushed to the desk where the attendance sheet was. But the desk fell over when the teacher started to help the students bring the man down. The sheet was caught under the desk.

More teachers, and the gym coaches started to come in the room and practically beat down the guy till he was knocked unconscious.

"Ugh, why the hell didn't the man kill the kid?" Zim angrily muttered

"You still have so much to learn about the Death Note" sighed Ryuk

The man suddenly jolted up, with the gun still in his hands, and pulled the trigger on Dib. He smiled before turning the gun on himself despite the effort of the teachers to stop him. Suddenly three students, Chunk, Zita, and Melvin suddenly collapse gripping their chests.

Zim wanted to burst out laughing seeing the humans fall before him but waited eagerly to see if Dib was truly dead. He could only imagine Dib was in so much pain now. The clock ticked while he heard the teachers yell for a doctor. But it would be to late, right? Time seemed to slow itself down, the room dimmed and Zim saw Dibs face of agony, and for a second he shut his eyes and went lifeless. But that second ended when he snapped his eyes open, and his face spoke of determination. Time picked up once more and everything seemed back to normal.

"Oh thank god, he's alive" said one of the teachers.

Zims happy gloating face was replaced his a shocking expression. Did the Death Note really fail him? He heard Ryuk laughing insanely next to him. And Dib was staring at Zim, almost as if he was staring into his soul.

"Impossible...the death of killed him" muttered Zim

"Maybe write kill instead of shoot" laughed Ryuk

"Must I really be that clear?" He angrily asked.

"Well you saw for yourself when you weren't. The man did what he was told, so don't blame the Death Note"

Zim clutched his hands into fist, while inside he shook with anger. He wanted to go all out rage mode, but considered it would be 'un-normal' to do so.

The police came in along with paramedics. The went to the three dead students, and put Dib on a stretcher. He continued looking at Zim with that same face of determination. Some students were crying, while the police asked the teachers some questions. Zim merely stayed at his seat, angered at Dibs survival. Now he had to wait for the Earth authorities to do their job.


Near was in giant gray sweater with baggy jeans and wore a hat to cover his face. To the people around him, they merely thought he was some poor kid, and that's what Near wanted, to attract very little attention. Despite the Task Force voicing there concern, he shook them off. The others were catching different planes to America. The top story in the US was about some Doctor going crazy and shooting up a School. He investigated Doctor Robinson and concluded he didn't have the mindset to do something like this. Plus with three kids dead of a heart attack, he instantly knew the killer was located their. But what attracted him most was the survivor of a gunshot. Dib. He wanted to get to Dib fast before the new Kira would strike again.

The gunman had shot this kid. Now the question was why? It was a School, so maybe a grudge? But then why didn't he just write the name? Could there be another Kira? Near stopped himself. He was over thinking this, but soon he would have the answers. He already contacted the FBI and they would meet him when he landed. Still he had to be careful. Three kids dying of a heart attack, plus the 29 random deaths on TV started a wave of blogging on Kira. People praising him while some were going against him. And Near knew their were Kira sympathizes within the FBI. That's why he was traveling alone for the meantime. A group of Japanese agents would attract way to much attention. A kira supporter meant pull something. And that's why the FBI would not meet him. They would meet Restler instead. He along with the others would be going to a secret location "L" had used before.

"Flight 213 is now boarding" spoke the announcer.

He got up. Sure it would be easier to just catch a private jet and fly to America. But Near wanted to actually ride a real plane. Although he was a bit afraid going in alone. He gave the lady his ticket. She scanned it and handed it back to him and he went into the hall and into the plane. He took his seat and tried to brush off his growing fear of being alone in a machine that had a chance of exploding thou there was only a 15% chance of that happening. But then again if they didn't inspect it well, then that chance could increase from anywhere to 25-50%. And then their was the weather so increased that to 70%. And then if the pilots weren't doing their job!

Near shook all the thoughts out. He was over thinking too much.


She finally got to the line and asked the lady for a ticket to America.

"Ok we're all set, just need you to sign this" said the lady giving her a receipt.

She sign it with "Miss Amane"

"Thank you" said the lady before saying next.

Yes Misa Amane was headed to America. Her attempt at suicide ended with a broken leg, an arm, and a few ribs. She was hospitalized. However she only made the news for a short time. After that she became yesterday's news, as new celebrities appeared. After she was released, she simply lived alone, using her accumulated wealth to manage. Suicide crossed her mind here and there but she lived on for awhile. And now she heard about the deaths in America and the rise of a new Kira. She smiled while she thought about this. Yes another Kira. But they could never replace Light. She would track down the new Kira. She may not be bright, but the School shooting was a big "X" their.

She knew what she would do. After she found out who it was, she would kill that person and take the Death Note, and continue to fulfill Lights 'dream' of a world free from crime. Still she knew the Task Force had already moved out. She remembered the real "L" and how smart he was. She sighed, she could never go against him. When Light killed him, another one showed up. Another secluded but extremely Smart kid that ended up killing him. She may have forgotten about the Death Nite, but she left clues to help her.

She had planned to surprise Light showing him she too could be smart. Using Diaries and video tapes to explain everything about the Death Note. She remembered when she stumbled upon the tapes and Diaries. When she had read them and watched them, she was surprised by what they said. But then in a strange sense remembered. Not truly remembering everything, but something deep down told her it was true. Light had told her when he lost his memories, he, in a sense, felt like he should become Kira. Although she couldn't grasp the memories when she had the Death Note, it was something deep within telling her it was true what she wrote and watched.

She took her seat and waited to board the plane.