"Rose! Breakfast is ready. Rose!" Jodie calls up the stairs. Rose walks out onto the landing and replies. "Hang on I'll be down in a minute!" In the kitchen Jodie, Regan and Taylor are dishing up breakfast. Rose joins them and says "Sorry I'm so slow but I'm not used to the early starts." Taylor laughs and says "Neither are we Rose we've all been getting up an hour earlier so we can get part of the work done before we go and visit Stevie." Jodie states. "It's her first day back on her feet and we want to be there to encourage her."

Alex has moved heaven and earth to make sure everything is perfect for Stevie while she recuperates. Rhonda is more than happy to keep a watch on Stevie while Alex works. If Stevie should need anything Rhonda will be there for her. He's spoken to the hospitals Occupational Therapist to find out what Stevie will need to make getting in and out of bed easiest and showering ect. He's determined she'll want for nothing.

Stevie is keen to get out of bed and is waiting for Alex to arrive but she's unsure about the whole showering idea. Its one thing to joke about it but to actually have him shower her could be very embarrassing for both of them.

Her door opens as she glances at the clock. Expecting Alex to walk through she's shocked when Marcus says "Hi Stevie I thought I'd come for a quick visit." "Marcus! I thought it was Alex. How are you?"

He grins and says "Better than you by the looks of things." Standing beside the bed he smiles then hands her a beautiful bunch of flowers. She smiles and replies "I've seen better days but I'm on the improve. I get to stand up today and have a shower."

Marcus shocks her when he states. "None of this would have happened if I'd known what I walked into. Would have been easier all round if you'd told me it was Alex!" She replies " I'm sorry I just couldn't." Marcus looks at her and says " I was serious Stevie I would have commuted back and forwards to see you." She feels awful and really doesn't know what to say so leads with humour, placing her hand on her chest she says theatrically" What's a girl to do two very handsome men wanting her and she can only choose one!"

Marcus grins and says. " You are one of a kind Stevie. He's a lucky man." She smiles at him and thinks to herself you would be so easy to love Marcus. Stevie changes the subject to standing and showering and Marcus asks. "Are you scared?" "What of standing up or the shower?" She quips. "Either." He replies. She looks at him thoughtfully and answers. "I'm a bit worried about the shower actually." Marcus laughs and asks "What are you afraid of water?" She bites her lip trying not to grin and says "I'm coming back to Kilarney you knew that didn't you?" Marcus nods and replies "Yes Alex told me that much. He's not big on chatter is he?"

Stevie grins and says "Well for me to stay there I will need some assistance getting in and out of the shower." Marcus looks at her puzzled and says "And the problem is?" Stevie says "Alex is going to help me." Marcus still looks puzzled. Stevie inhales and says. "Marcus I thought you were bright!" Marcus says "I'm missing something here I'm sorry." Just as Stevie's about to answer the door opens and Alex walks in freshly showered, smelling wonderful and smiling broadly.

"Good Morning Cowgirl." She smiles and says "Good Morning Cowboy." He leans to kiss her. "Morning Marcus." "Morning Alex." Again the door opens and two nurses enter "Good Morning Stevie are you ready for your shower." Stevie inhales deeply and says "I guess so!" The Nurse enquires. "I thought your carer would be here!"

Alex speaks up. "That would be me!" The nurse smiles and says. "You're her carer?" Alex nods and asks "Is there a problem?" The nurse replies "Have you ever showered someone before?" Alex answers "No but I thought you'd show me." Both nurses are trying not to smile. The nurse looks at Stevie and asks "Are you ok with all of this?"

Stevie bites her lip and answers "Yes and No." Alex looks at her and says "What's the problem Stevie?" Stevie looks uncomfortable and looking directly at him answers. "You've never seen me naked Alex." He grins and says "Yes I have!" Stevie says. "When? Where?" Alex chuckles and answers "You and Claire swimming in the dam on Drover's Run she swam in bras and undies, you swam nude!" Stevie's mouth drops open and she stares at him then grins and says "I was about sixteen then you bloody pervert!" He laughs and says "That was the very first time I saw you Stevie you were stunning." Stevie blushes but grins. Marcus and the two nurses smile at the interaction between them. Stevie says "Alex Ryan all this time and you never said a word about it." He smiles at her and says "Never mattered what you wore I always knew what was underneath." She blushes again and looks at the nurses and says "Do I really have to be showered by a pervert?" The nurse laughs and says "Well he seems keen to help." Stevie laughs and says "Oh thanks for that I thought you'd say no." Alex quips "Stop stalling Stevie it's time you had a shower and I'll keep my eyes closed if it makes you feel better." "It's not your eyes I'm worried about Alex!"

Marcus laughs and says "I'll leave you to it and good luck Stevie." Stevie smiles at him and says "Yeah good on you Marcus run away and leave me in the clutches of your brother. Thank you for the flowers Marcus they're lovely." Marcus laughs and says "You're welcome for the flowers and I think you're in excellent hands Stevie. I'll see you at home."

The nurses proceed to show Alex how to wrap Stevie's arm and leg in plastic to keep the dressings dry and move her onto the shower chair. They explain that he'll need to wash under her good arm as she won't be able to hold a cloth initially in the injured hand, he'll also have to wash her feet and her hair but everything else she should be able to manage herself. Finally they show him how to assist her to dry herself and then dress. Both Alex and Stevie are so busy listening to the explanations that neither has time to be embarrassed.

We'll be back in an hour or so to get you up to walk Stevie just have a rest and relax. Stevie smiles and thanks them. " Oh I feel so much better." Stevie sighs. Alex smiles at her and asks "So are you still going to let me look after you?" She smiles at him and says " I can't believe you watched us swim you bloody pervert Alex!" He laughs and says " I didn't Stevie. Claire told me you swam nude." Her mouth drops open and says "So today!" He grins and says " I was as nervous as you were but I thought if we could just get past today we'd be ok. So I thought if I said I'd already seen you naked you'd relax a bit." She smiles at him and says " Thank you Alex." He stands and leans over her and kisses her and says " You're very welcome."

An hour and a half later Alex, Rose, Regan, Taylor, Jodie and Moira are all waiting with Stevie for the Physio to arrive. "So you've had a shower Stevie!" Jodie states. Stevie replies. " Yes my first shower in days. I feel so much better." Rose asks " What did they do with your arm and leg?" Alex offers. " They were wrapped in plastic so they wouldn't get wet Rose." Rose asks. " How did you get into the shower?" Stevie says " Alex helped me into the shower chair." Jodie grins and says " So how'd you wash your hair Stevie?" Stevie glances at Rose then looks at Jodie and states. " Alex helped me!" Rose looks at Alex and then at Stevie and says " He went into the shower with you?" Stevie says " Yes he did." They all sort of look at each other then laugh when Stevie quips " Wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be." Alex laughs and says " Oh thank you very much."

Finally the Physio arrives and brings a pair of funny looking crutches with gutter like pieces, because of the broken wrist Stevie can't use normal crutches so these will help her move around a bit. She does extremely well on them and moves more than the physio expected so home time is brought forward and she'll be released the following day so long as she does the right thing when she gets home everything should go well. When the Physio leaves them Stevie is so excited and says " Thank you all so much for the encouragement I can't believe I can go home tomorrow." The Drover's girls are thrilled and hug and kiss her and head for home , Alex decides he'll stay the night and bring her back in the morning.

" Stevie you're in pain aren't you." Alex states as the door closes. Stevie moves towards the bed and he watches as her colour changes, he gently picks her up and places her back on the bed and pushes the buzzer. " Hi Stevie are you in pain?" The nurse asks. " A little." Stevie replies. Smiling the nurse says " You've had a big day I'm not surprised I'll go and get something for you." Alex stands beside the bed, brushing his hand across her forehead and says " You pushed too hard Stevie. I know you want to go home but don't hurt yourself in the process." A tear slips from the corner of her eye. He smiles and leans to kiss her. Wrapping her arms around his neck she hugs him tightly and whispers "Thank you for being here for me Alex." He whispers back " Anytime Cowgirl Anytime."