It had been some time since Manny, Diego, Sid, and the rest of their frinds had settled in their new home (that Scrat had accidenlty created). Along with defeating captain Gutt and his evil pirates.

Anyway it was night time now, and Peaches was out hangig with her friends. Manny still worrying a bit about his daughter

"They grow up so fast," the mammoth thought

Sid was helping his Granny

"How could you lose them?" Sid asked searching for his grandmas teeth

"Less talking more searching," Granny said

"She lost them almost as fast as Diego looss his coral necklaces," Sid though

And speaking of Diego, he was with his new mate, Shira.

"Isn't it beautiful?" the white saber said to her orange feline mate.

The two cats were on top of that statue of liberty that was a hyrax (those little rodents that Sid can talk to) looking up at the clear night sky

"It's alright," Diego said "But not as beautiful as you,"

"Awww," Shira said. Just then the light from the moon shown on the girl saber. Her little shell ear ring tickling from it

To Diego she looked like some kind of cat angel

"Wow," Diego said seeing how hot he looked just then

"Whoa," Shira said suddenly "Uh...Diego..."

"What?" Diego said

Shira pointed downward

Diego looked down. Only to see that mini-Diego had "powered up"

"Oh my..!" Diego said trying to hide his little buddy

Shira giggled at the embarashed feline

"I new you like me," she said

Diego tried talking his way out of his embarassing moment. Yet just then Shira pounced on him

"Why keep it just to yoursef?" she asked

"Say what?" Diego said

Shira bgan to walk around him all slow and sexy like.

"Lets she what your buddy can really do," she said, getting into position to "get down"

"Here kitty kitty," she said

Diego was hypnotized b her sexy self. And just then...

Scart walked through the cold night dessert. At least now he could make tears and not have them evaporate in the heat.

He was sad that once again, his greatest love, acorns, had been taken from him. Along wit all of Scratlantis. Thanks to his own obession with them.

He walked on, shivering, and thirsty.

Then fell on the ground from exastion

Yet just then he heard someone squeaking.

He looked up.

Then he screamed.

Wink wink Digeo and Shira

Who or what did Srat see?

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