A few days had passed now, and it was night time again.

Diego was having adream about his cubs, teacheing them to hunt and fish

"Wow cubs," Diego said "You did a great job on that hunt,"

"Thanks dad," one of the cubs said

"And I hope we do good in real life on hunts," anotther said

"Huh?" Diego said

"This is a dream daddy," another cub said "But we'll be born in just a few..."

"AH!" Shira screamed waking up her mate

Diego shot up awake

"Shira what's..?"

He then saw the blood on the ground, which told all he needed to know. Shira's water broke. It was cub time

Shira screamed out in pain

Diego took her paw

"Don't worry Shira," he said "We praticed for this,"

Shira looked at Diego with a face that said "You did this to me!"

"Just breath," Diego said showing her how

Shira did so

"Now...PUSH!" Diego said

Shira cried out once again. Yet when she was done, the mewing of a newborn cub was heard

Diego looked at it. The cub has his orange fur, and Shiras black stripe pattern. Also it was a boy

"My son," Diego thought to himself

Shira screamed some more.

After an hour more of pain and birth, Shira and Diego had four cubs. Two boys, two girls,

The boys looked liked the normal tigers we know of today, the girls, like bengal tigers.

And that's how we got tigers.

The following day Diego spread the news to his friend and the herd. Of course only his friends came to see the newborn cubs, everyone else was a bit worried about having more preditors around

"Aw," Ellie said seeing the cubs "They look so cute,"

Crash and Eddie went to pet the cubs, sadly this ended with them both getting their tails sucked on

"No, no kids," Diego said freeing the opposums "They don't got milk,"

"What are their names?" Peaches asked

"That's Bengal and Liger," Diego said pointing to the boys

"And these are Kitty and Persa," Shira said

"Well congradulations," Sid said

Sadly a few weeks later, the cubs would start teething. And Sid became their personal chew toy

"Ah! Ouch! No not..! YEAOWWW!"

"Whoa," Granny said seeing Sid in pain "Guess you won't be having kids,"

Diego and Shira taught their kids to fish, of course they still did try eating their friends

"Daddy," Bengal said one day "That horn deer hurt me with his horn,"

"You bit my tail off!" the deer protested

All and all Diego and Shira made good parents.

Until one night, about a year later

"Ugh," Shira said waking up one night

"What's wrong Shira," Diego asked

"My stomach, I feel like..." Diego got hurled on

Shira smiled in embarasment

"Guess the cubs are gonna have little brothers and sisters," Shira said

"Oh boy," Diego thought knowing all the crazyness was going t start all over again.

Meanwhile, Scratte and Gupta had decided to quit chasing Scrat and settle down. No reason to have the same base desires of hurting him and acorns.

And that's how we got modern day badgers and flying squirrles.

Scrat went on to keep trying to store his nut somewhere, only to have catrophy follow. In the end he helped form the Rocky Mountains, the Grand Canyon, Nigra Falls, and The Old Faithful Gyser.

All the way to 20,000 years later (the present) where he erupted that volcanio on a tropical island.

So remember, we have Scart to thank for making America so great XD

The End