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Imperceptibly,it has been nearly a year.

After losing the remnants,the whole world seems to have lost the most important pillar. However,mitras are able to create something they've lost on account of the disappearance of remnants through their wisdom and hands. The world seems to be filled with peace now.

Under the bright blue sky as usual,a girl with brown hair stands there alone,looking into the distance with a flower in her hand. Now Irina has grown up. She is no longer childish,instead,ripe and introvert.

Since a year ago,when Rush left her,her life hasn't changed a lot,while the gaps in her heart can't be filled all the the time. The things are still there, but men are no more the same ones. She comes to this island everyday,surrounded by sea of flowers,cherishing the memory of the happy time they spent together.

"Irina!" A familiar voice comes over from a distant all at once she turns her head,a pretty blond man is running to her,with a smile on his face. Although they haven't seen each other for a long time,she is still friendly to him.

"Long time no see,Mr. David~~"She picks up a flower and gives him as a present.

"Thanks."David receives it happily,intoxicated in the sweet smell of flower.

"Since you come here far away from Athlum,what can i do for you?"Irina seems to have seen through his mind.

"Well I...I have nothing to do..."He blushed,"I just hope you and your parents can immigrate to Athlum. The remnants have disappeared,but we still need your help badly on many aspects. New devices shall be invented and developed,and various researches..."

She hesitated for a while,but she nodded her head at at last. David feels very glad about it,pulling her hand and running forward together with her.

The warmth in the palm of hand is so similar to his...She thinks secretly.