The sacred land now has lost its brilliant color,only leaving some messy remains,which forms a desolate sight. Owing to few people having access to this place, it becomes moldy and gloomy,where spider webs exist here and there.

Because of receiving her lord's command,Emmy has to lead several soldiers to this remain in search of the fragments of remnants and devices which were left a year ago.

Frankly speaking,she is reluctant to stay in such a nasty place for more time even a second,but when she thinks of her mother's last wish,she'll grit her teeth to finish her task however difficult it is. Whether going to the front or doing various searches,she'll try her best to finish them because she clearly understands that it's her embassy to protect Athlum.

Gradually,she loses herself in thought until a soldier suddenly screams.

"La...lady Emmy!"That soldier is so frightened that he even stammers.

"Do you have any new discovery?"Emmy follows the voice,finding there is something lying on the ground not far away. When she comes closer,a figure comes to her view.

"La...lady Emmy,why does there exist something like human since this place has fallen into disuse for such a long time?"That soldier says,with fear filling his eyes,"Can...can it be a ghost?"

"Nonsense!How dares a ghost appear in full daylight ?"Emmy draws her sword alertly,and gets closer step by step.

When she is a few meters away from the distance,that figure trembles unexpectedly.

Just at that moment,when she raises the sword,she seems to have found something. Then follows the sound of dropping the sword,While the soldiers behind her are all surprised at her odd act.

His clothes is in tatters,but his dark short hair and the necklace hanging on his chest is still fresh in her memory. Is't it Rush?

Momentary,all sorts of feelings mixed hurriedly squats down,in surprise, he's still alive.

When Rush wakes up,it's in the middle of the night. Bright moonlights sprinkles on the decorative wall through the window. He is now sitting on the bed,feeling dizzy. Surprisingly,he found there's no scar on his body,instead,someone has put a new set of clothes on him.

He and Conquerer all came to an end,did't they?Why can he wake up again?Can it be a dream?

He is unwilling to consider,for this just makes him more confused. Right now,he notices the one beside the bed. She leans there quietly,her eyes closed,who seems to be in deep sleep.

"Emmy..."He notes this name softly. Then he goes under the bed and sits beside her.

He gazes at her sleeping shape affectionately,her white skin and her thick eyelashes,lost in thought...There was someone,who had the familiar face,bearing so much on her shoulder.

At that time,in the Athlum's garden,she stood beside beautiful flowering shrubs,while her face was bloodless.

"If I have unforeseen disasters or accidents..."She was always back to him and unwilling to look back,while her manner of speaking was so firm. But he knew nothing.

"Are you joking auntie Emma?"He said with toothy smile,"Even monsters are afraid of you!How can it be any unforeseen disasters occuring to you?"

She sighed slightly. Her ice face turned soft,and then,her eyes became firm.

"Please take good care of my daughter,okay?"She finished her words calmly,with her eyes staring at the huge remnant across the sky. Rush the didn't understand the meaning of these words at that time until that happened...

When the prophetic words turned into reality,when she,who was like a lively dragon and an active tiger,turned into a cold body,he felt hurt and regretted. Why he was so ignorant and weak that he even cannot save this fairy godmother who had saved him from death for several times?

"Rush,it's not your fault."David always tried to comfort him, but he still felt guilty about it.

And finally,he chose to sacrifice himself.

Maybe through this way,everything will be over.

But, he's wrong again.

Destiny enabled him to come back to this world,which seemed to be decided in the unseen world. Perhaps,it's a chance god gave me to guard people I care about,Irina,David,and...Rush thinks silently,gratified and reaches out his hand to stroke her hair gently,and then ,smiles noncommittally.

The one who has slept deeply seems to have been aware of something, gradually opening her eyes. When she sees the guy in front of her,she suddenly jumps from the chair with a bump.

"Oh God bless!You're finally awake,Rush!~~~"Emmy shouted with great joy,"I was so worried about you!Never thought you can be awake again!It's indeed a miracle!~~"

Faced with such a intense reaction,he doesn't know how to reply at this moment,just saying:"Of course!Accompanied by such a young beautiful lady,how can i sleep any longer?"

"You..."She's face turns red immediately.

Then a sweet blow strikes in Rush's stomach at a breakneck speed.

"Ahhhh..."He cries,hand on stomach,"I'm sorry old woman..."

Then follows another blow...

"If you dare to say that again,I'll invite my lord to kick your ass~~Just wait and see!Hum..." She smiles evilly,carefully pats her skirts and only leaves Rush clutching his stomach. Oh my god,whom i have piss off?

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