The next day in Athlum Castle, David is sitting on his throne,with his head lowered, for his head is really on the spin from dealing with several national or international events which are happening these days. Now,what he wants is just to have a rest.

However, many things in this world can not be what you think like.

"My lord...There're messages from Miss Emmy." Here comes Torgal. Although he still looks very serious, he's never felt so happy before.

"Just spit it out..." He yawned with drowsy, now he doesn't want to hear any things except the affairs happening in his territory.

While THIS ONE is an exception.

"They've found Rush Sykes in that place, and he is still alive now."

"What?!" On hearing this news, David can no longer stay calm. He fleetly rises from his throne, rays of brilliant light seeming emitted from his eyes.

"Is that...REAL?"

His sudden behavior shocks both Blocter and Pagus, while Torgal just slightly nods his head.

"Now they're on their way home, and it won't be long before they arrive in Athlum."

"That's nice!" David sits down slowly, a reassuring smile appearing on his face. Nevertheless, Torgal still appears to be serious.

"Somehow, they didn't find conquerer in the sacred land."

"You mean..."Pagus says in disbelief, "He has left there earlier than Rush?"

He nodded his head. Apparently, they have no choice, for it's indicating the emergence of world war, and god knows what on earth conquerer will do and what's his next aim.

I've sworn i will never again let so many people killed in the war, but...if there is a war, there do exist sacrifice. What's more, the appearence of conquerer can threaten the whole world. David thinks secretly.


"Lord...Lord David!" A soldier runs towards them hurriedly, his eyes filled with fear and anxiety.

He kneels to the ground, out of breath.

"The states nearby are now all beset by troops named 'conquerer'...What should we do now?!"

"How can it be so rapid?" David says with surprise, clinching his hands, "Can it be he wants to RULE THE WORLD?! Damn it..."

Gradually, squeal and restless sound flux and reflux outside the castle. That is...the beginning of the war?

Anyhow, he will struggle with him till the end...He thinks to himself.


"So who THE HELL are you guys? Freeze there or you'll get your ass kicked. "Two soldier stand in the middle of the way, which prevents Rush and Emmy from moving on, "Haven't you blockheads even nocticed you're standing on the lands belonging to our great master named Conquerer? Oh, it's really a great shame that your asses will never have chances to leave alive for you'll be soon sent to the HELL~! HAHAHAHA ..."

"Oh god how could it be?" Rush murmurs, glancing around. More and more enemies approach, weapons in hand.

"God knows what've happened." Emmy responds in a low voice, "Anyway, clean them off as quickly as possible okay? We cannot make them wait for us so long."

Then, she makes a gesture. Soldiers behind her swiftly draw their swords out, and it doesn't take a long time before they bring an end to their enemies.

However, good times doesn't last long.

A large number of troops come in, and encircle them tightly.

"Now we can fight side by side again." Rush seems not to hate to fight in this terrible situation, instead, he is some bit fond of it. He picks up a sword, assuming a posture for fight.

"Prepare yourself then." She smirks.