Part One

"There are two tragedies in life.
One is not to get your heart's desire.
The other is to get it."
—George Bernard Shaw

117 Norris Court
Madison, Wisconsin
December 25, 2012; 8:19 p.m.
"Ho, ho, ho," he muttered to himself as he walked through his front door. His beautifully decorated Christmas tree shone brightly through darkness that filled his home. He quickly switched on the overhead light, trying to forget what a merry Christmas it hadn't been.

He'd spent the whole day working, just as he had the day before. He'd needed to keep himself busy, to stop wishing that Jonathan and Amelia weren't completely negligent in their parenting duties.

It was odd, he knew, calling his parents by their first names, but that was how he'd always thought of them. He had been raised by a nanny, while they flitted from country to country and state to state taking care of the child they *truly* loved – his father's computer company.

They never said it, but he knew that they had never wanted any children or planned on having any children. But here he was all the same. Spending Christmas just as he had the past eight years.


He pushed those thoughts from his mind, glad that his job had kept him from spending all day obsessing over the fact that his parents didn't love him, over the fact that they barely noticed he existed.

Who cared if he had spent Christmas alone and at work? He'd helped a number of sick people feel better. And, besides, by taking Angie's hours, she'd been able to spend the holiday with her family.

Damn, he was tired of all of the endless self-pity. Not to worry though – a case of beer and his favorite movies should be enough to make him forget.

11:24 p.m.
Four beers and two Star Wars movies later, he was finally asleep.

Well, in and out of sleep, to be precise. While the alcohol had helped him forget why he was so upset, they also ensured that he would get a restless night's sleep. But sleep was sleep, regardless of how restful it was. A sudden shift in the bed roused him from his latest trip into dreamland.

But, then again, as he opened his eyes to determine the cause of the movement, perhaps he was still dreaming.

Beside him lay the woman of his dreams.

"K – Kay?" he whispered in wonderment, reaching a hand out to caress her cheek.

As she leaned into his touch, a look of pure contentment flitted across her features. It was official. He was still dreaming.

Besides the fact that he hadn't heard from Kay since they'd both left Harmony and headed off to different universities, not once in all the years that they had dated had she looked at him like she was at that very moment. Despite her lust-filled gaze and seductive smile, he couldn't believe that she wanted him.

"Merry Christmas," she whispered silkily as she leaned down to cover his mouth with her own.

They kissed for a moment, but he pulled away before he completely lost his grip on reality. He had to know the reason behind Kay's sudden appearance.

"What are you doing here? How did you get in here? I mean, I – "

She laughed lightly as she placed a finger over his lips to quiet him. "Don't talk," she instructed. "Tonight is about feeling, about loving. I want you to take me, Reese. Make me yours."

He hesitated for a moment, unable to believe what he was hearing. This was the woman who had always put up a brave front when it came to the topic of making love. He vividly remembered when she had climbed into his sleeping bag at the Harmony ruins and told him that she had brought protection so that they could be together. He'd reacted by moving his body on top of hers and kissing her senseless. She'd ended up running off, scared by the fast pace that he'd taken.

He vowed to himself that the same thing would not happen tonight.

For some reason, he had been granted a second chance. He now had the opportunity to show Kay how she deserved to be loved, and he sure as hell wasn't going to move too quickly this time. No, he would take his time and worship her body the way he'd always dreamed.

Before he started in on his exploration, he looked into her eyes to be certain that this was what she really wanted. Instead of the heated gaze he'd met earlier, he saw hurt and shame.

"Never mind," she mumbled softly, quickly removing herself from his embrace and his bed. "I shouldn't have come here. This was a mistake."

He watched wordlessly as she awkwardly slipped into her shoes before heading for his now open window. So *that* had been how she'd gotten in.

"Kay, wait."

She turned at the sound of his voice, and he could see her tears glistening in the moonlight.

"What now, Reese?" she asked between sobs. "You clearly don't want anything to do with me. Why should I hang around and let you get your kicks rejecting the girl you wanted all through high school?"

"Kay, please trust me," he asked, as he beckoned with his hand for her to come closer.

She took exactly one step forward.

"Look, we've established the fact that you don't want me anymore. What else is there to say?"

"Personally," he began as he slowly stood and approached her, "I feel that words are highly overrated. Besides, what was it you said? Don't talk; just feel."

With that, he covered her mouth with his own, his actions saying the words that he wouldn't let pass his lips.

His fingers found the buttons on her blue linen blouse just as hers found the hem of his gray athletic shirt. They laughed together as their arms tangled between them. Soon, Kay was standing beside his bed clothed in only her rosy-hued bikinis and matching brassiere.

Taking only a quick moment to appreciate the stunning body before him, Reese quickly scooped her up in his arms and laid her gently on his bed. Kay's fingers reached for the clasp of her bra, preparing to remove it, but the man hovering above her shook his head slightly. He wanted to have the pleasure of revealing the most intimate parts of her body. This was, after all, a moment he had dreamt of for a number of years.

His fingers went to her waist, tracing her sides lightly as they made their way to her back. He felt for the clasp and smiled gently as he unhooked the item that had hidden her breasts. As the delicately embroidered brassiere fell away from her body, a slow smile spread across his face.

Beautiful. Gorgeous. Sexy. Amazing.

It mattered not what words his mind might come up with. Reese knew they would never be able to fully encompass every thought, every desire, every emotion that coursed through him at the sight of Kay's wonderfully naked body.

Well, he amended mentally as he took note of the soft cotton panties she still wore, Kay's wonderfully *almost*-naked body.

Soon after, he began to place soft kisses on her silky skin, causing her to let out a soft whimper. He couldn't help but wonder why Kay had come to him, to his bed, on this night of all nights, but he planned to do everything in his power to be sure that she never regretted it.

After he allowed his mouth to worship both of her luscious peaks, he began to lay gentle kisses in the valley between her breasts. Slowly, he moved his lips down her body, following the curve of her bottom rib and tasting the skin of her well-toned stomach until he saw the pale fabric of her delicate panties. After carefully removing them from her body, his hands moved upwards between her slender legs.

One word stilled his movement.


His head jerked up to look at the porcelain skin of the one he loved.

"Love me," she demanded. "Now."

"I do," he whispered, more to himself than to her.

"I will," he promised, for her benefit, moving his body until he was positioned directly over her. Slowly he entered her, reveling in the moment he had dreamed of all his life. Finally, he was making love to the woman of his dreams. Finally, he would wake in the arms of the one he loved. Finally, they would be one.

She quickly wrapped her legs around his lean waist, matching him thrust for thrust. At first, their movements were soft and languid, as they enjoyed the first sensations of their union.

It wasn't too long before their smooth rhythm had turned hard and fast, as Reese felt his release grow near. But he refused to surrender to it. Not yet. Not until Kay had found hers.

At that moment, he felt her walls tighten around him, letting out an unintelligible cry as she fell back upon the bed sheets. Shortly thereafter, he found his own release, and lay down beside her. They stayed like that for a number of minutes, neither wanting to move and disturb the heady sensations that were coursing through their bodies.

Much later, he rolled slowly onto his side and pulled her pliant body into his warm embrace. He took a deep breath, inhaling the fresh wildflower scent of her soft, brunette mane.

"Thank you for loving me," she whispered softly.

"Thanks for letting me."

December 26, 2012; 8:19 a.m.
As the morning sun shone through his windows, Reese slowly roused into consciousness. His arms instinctively moved around, searching for the body he had explored so thoroughly the night before. Finding only cool sheets around him, he was forced to open his eyes.

"Kay?" he called out, as he scanned the room and listened carefully for any footfalls coming from within his home.


Was it possible that it had all been nothing more than a dream? The whole experience – Kay coming to him, Kay coming *on* to him, Kay loving him ... Could his subconscious possibly be so cruel?

Frustrated, both emotionally and sexually, Reese flipped over onto his belly and buried his head into his fluffy pillow.

His pillow that smelled of wildflowers.

His gaze quickly flew towards the window, finding it wide open, allowing the cool winter air into his room.

A jubilant smile instantly spread across his face. She *had* been here. She *had* allowed him to love her. The previous night *had not* been merely a dream, a cruel joke played upon him by his subconscious.

A sobering thought crossed his mind. But she'd also left him during the night. Without a note, without saying goodbye, without any hope that he might see her again – in bed, or otherwise.

She couldn't regret it. How could something so beautiful, so wonderful have been a mistake?

But what if she did?

Reese let out a long sigh. No matter what she felt, the fact was that he still had last night. He still had that fantastic, earth-shattering night.

And nothing would change that.

Nothing at all.


This is a piece that I wrote years ago and just never posted to . (Whoops!) It's complete, and I'll be posting up the remaining 3 parts over the coming days/weeks. (Reviews are a good way to get the next part sooner versus later ... ^_^) This piece is still one of my favorites that I've written, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

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