Chapter 1- Shaman in training.

( Tsuna's Pov)

It all started when I was born. Ever since I was an infant, I had a great spiritual power. Because of that a hunger youkai had interested on me and he spirited away me from my birth parents. Fortunate, I was saved by a gentle and old miko named Hakurei Hinoto. She took me to the shrine where she lived since she felt a strong spirit power within me. But because of I being kidnapped by a youkai, the evil energy of the youkai made me extremely weak. The old miko knew I didn't have much time and she right away took me to a small oasis in her shrine. In there had two spiritual koi fishes which were in true two living deamons. The bright orange one was the sky koi fish, while the red-brown one was the Earth Koi Fish. The Sky Fish gave me some of its flames of life, making not only my body healthy but also made my hair having a bright orange color.

Now you must be wondering, what a deamon? Well, a deamon is a person's soul resides outside their body in an animal-like form. It can be any kid of animal; from a normal animal to a legendary beast. Of course, the deamon's animal form depends on very much on the person's heart. But only very powerful spiritual energy people can summon their deamon. My deamon is a small kirin named Tenma. I am Hakurei Tsunayoshi- a shaman in training in the search of my birth parents. This is my story.

( End of pov)

Tsuna was standing in the front of the door that soon will be his classroom. He was nervous; after years of home schooled, he will finally go to a normal school with a lot of people.

"Nervous, Tsu-kun?"

Tsuna looked down and he saw his deamon beside him. He smiles to his deamon.

"A little." Admitted him. "But it will be a good training for me, Tenma. To be a high shaman, I have to deal with the living just like how I do with the death. Hinoto Baa-chan had to go through the same thing."

"But if anybody is mean to you, they will feel the kirin wrath! I bet those idiots can't see even a small hitotama much less a great deamon like me ." the deamon smirked

"That's not nice, Tenma." Muttered Tsuna

Tenma is Tsuna's deamon. She takes the form of a small pony kirin. She had bright orange scales, golden mane and tail and big bright orange eyes, and there's a horn on the top of her forehead. When Tsuna was 8 years old, he summoned his deamon by accident while he was training shamanic arts and naming her Tenma ( Heavenly steed) when he saw she was a kirin. Since then, Tenma became Tsuna best friend and companion. In the spirit anf shamanic arts. They, they heard the teacher calling for Tsuna.

"Well, it's now or never." Tsuna said as he opened for the door.

"I have some news. We have a new transfer student…" The teacher said. "You may enter now."

Tsuna entered to the classroom. He looked a little nervous when he saw everybody

"That's Hakurei Tsunayoshi." Said the teacher. "He will be with us from now on."

"H-Hello. I am Hakurei Tsunayoshi. But you may call me Tsuna. It's nice to meet you.

Tsuna simply bowed his head slightly as he smiled to his new classmates. He eyes the reaction of the class; from what he could see, he knew no one could see Tenma who was beside him. That means everybody in there has no spiritual sight.

"Well, now that that's settled, I would like you to take a seat over there." The teacher replied, pointing to the seat near the where Yamamoto was sitting. Tsuna simply nodded in agreement as he went to his seat. She looked at his right and saw Yamamoto who was griming at him.

"I hope we can be good colleges." He said, griming at him. "I am Yamamoto Takeshi. Nice to meet you."

"The same here, Yamamoto-san. "Tsuna said, smiling to him. Maybe a school life will be not bad at all.


At the boys restroom, a student from the second year was doing their business in the toilet. When he finished his business, the toilet started to glow.

"Red paper or blue paper?" a dark mysterious voice asked.


"Red paper or blue paper?" he asked once again

Then a painful and horrifying scream could be heard all through over the school building.


Tsuna and everybody in his class startled in the moment they heard the scream. Everybody looked worried as their teacher ordered to the students to stay in the room while he would go to investigate what that was all about. The students muttered each other and wondering what was happening in there.

Tsuna frowned as he watched the teacher leaving the room. He looked at Tenma and he asked her via telepathy to follow the teacher and find out what was happening. Tenma nodded to him as she flew off to follow the teacher.

Tenma could see a crowd being formed in the front of the boys restroom door. Then, she saw a young boy with dark hair had arrived in there. Tenma could feel he had a powerful aura around him.

"Ah Hibari-san, look."

The boy named hibari went to the restroom. Tenma go through the wall to see what was inside of the restroom. She hissed as she saw a body of a strangled boy lying down in the floor. The floor, the walls and even the toilet was covered in blood.

"This is not good..." Tenma hissed herself

Hibari narrowed turned to the teachers and ordered to the teachers to call the police, saying there's a murder in the Namimori school.

"You're wrong boy…"muttered Tenma since she knew that Hibari boy could not see or hear her. "It's something much bigger than an murder. It…."

"It's a youkai in the school." Tsuna whispere in his classroom.

"Did you say anything, Hakurei-san?" Yamamoto asked.

"Ah, nothing. Its just something stupid."He smiled , embarrassed.

Yamamoto looked confused as Tsuna looked outside of the windown. Since he could see everything his deamon , he saw what happened to that boy in the restroom throught Tenma's eyes. He knew what they might deal with.

"This is will be troublesome."


At the night, Tsuna was in the front of Namimori middle school building . The school gates had the police yellow tapes for the crime scene. Because of the dead of that boy, the school was cancel for the rest of the week and possibly next week for the murder investigation. Tsuna looked determined to find out what kind if youkai he was dealing. Then, he saw Tenma flying to his direction.

"I checked all the building, Tsuna-kun. Its completely empty." His deamon said to him " We're lucky that that prefect, Hibari Kyoya is not here either since he's with the police to investigate the death of that boy. "

"Yeah, we're lucky, Tenma."Tsuna said to his deamon "I've talked to some ghosts who live here and they said Hibari-san stays in school even after the school hours are over. That guy has a passion for this place. I am not surprise he's furious on what happened here."

Both, the human and the kirin looked at the school building. They could feel some ominous energy from the building. Tsuna was so deep, he didn't feel the presence of a person behind him until a hand touched his shoulder.

"HIIE!" Tsuna screamed he punched the owner of the hand.


Tsuna blinked as he saw who the person ways.



Tsuna gave an ice bag to Yamamoto as he placed it on his sore check. Both of them were in the infirmary of the school.

"I am so sorry, Yamamoto-san. But you startled me!"

"Sorry, Sorry. I didn't mean to startle you, Hakurei-san. I am actually surprise to see you here." Yamamoto smiled to him. "I meant to ask you this, are you by any chance relative of Hakurei Hinoto oba-sama?"

Tsuna blinked surprised. He didn't expected Yamamoto knowing his grandmother. Then again, his grandmother was always popular to young boys and girls when it comes with fortune telling.

"Yes, she is my grandmother."Answered Tsuna. Then he noticed Yamamoto behavior changed. His intuition was telling he knew something about the incident. "You know something, don't you?"

Yamamoto nodded as the expression of his face changed. Yamamoto explained yesterday, when he was at the boy's toilet, he heard a weird voice asking him if he wanted red paper or blue paper. Tsuna and Tenma's eyes widen in horror when they heard this.

"But on that day the baseball practice took too long and I was very late for my father's happy hour at his bar, so I answered no paper. " Tsuna and Tenma looked disgusted. Yamamoto saw Tsuna's disgusted face. "Hah ahaha, don't worry, I washed myself at home, I need to be clean to help my old man. Anyway, I thought I was hearing things since I was exhausted from the practice but after what happened to Tsubasa senpai…."

Tsuna nodded as he looked he looked at Tenma. The kirin creature knew what to do as she flew off. The brunet placed his hand on Yamamoto.

"Yamamoto. Don't blame yourself." Tsuna said softly to him. " What happened to senpai was not your falt. You didn't know what that voice was. But thanks to you, I know what we're dealing with." Then, Tsuna's face because serious . "We're dealing an Akagami-Aogami."

Yamamoto looked confused.

"A what?"

"Akagami-Aogami. It's a type of youkai that haunts the restrooms asking to his victims if they want red paper or blue paper."Tsuna explained to Yamamoto " Both options are terrible ways of death, with "red" meaning the victim getting his blood drained out and "blue" meaning suffocation until the victim becomes blue due to asphyxiation. Answering with another color does not stop him either, the other colors drag the victims to the underworld. The only way to get out of this situation is answering no paper. You were lucky for answering no paper to Akagami-Aogami, Yamamoto-san, because it's the only way to get out from Akagami-Aogami's hands, without being killed or being taken to the underworld."

Needless to say Yamamoto became paled after hearing this. He was saved from having a terrible death without knowing this. He was lucky, but he can't say the same for the sempai. Tsuna smiled to him.

"Don't worry, Yamamoto-san. I can stop him."


Tsuna and Yamamoto were both on the boys restroom. Yamamoto was very nervous. Especially when the bathroom was still covered in blood and the smell was making the young baseball feeling ill.

"Hakurei-san, Are you sure it's a good idea?"

"I have to,Yamamoto-san. Or else this youkai will make more victims"

Then, Tsuna frowned as he felt the evil presence again. A disgusting black hand came out of the toilet as it started Yamamoto greatly. They could hear an evil chuckling in the hair.

"Red paper or blue paper?"

Tsuna smirked

"Yellow." He said as Yamamoto's eyes widen in shock.

The hand dive back to the toilet. Suddenly a black whole appeared in the wall of the restroom, to suck the boys to the underworld.

"Why did you do that?" Yamamoto shouted as he was holding in a sink to not being taken by the black hole.

"Trust me in this Yamamoto san." Tsuna said as he took from his pocket a brush.

Tsuna quickly drew seals in the air. The kanji seals glowed as they formed a barrier around him. Yamamoto was amazed. He had no idea Tsuna could happen. Then, Yamamoto blinked in surprised as he saw Tsuna's hair glowing bright as a flame formed in his forehead.

" Do you really think a weak youkai as yourself can take me to the underworld?" Tsuna asked. His voice was even different, It was more mature. "I may a shaman in training but I am much more powerful than you!"

Then, Tenma showed up beside of Tsuna. She gave him a bottle filled with water.

"Here is the bottle, Tsu-kun." Tenma said, handing to Tsuna the bottle.

"Thanks Tenma."

Tsuna took the the bottle in his hand as he drew in a small paper the symbol of a torii on it. He placed the paper on the bottle as he held it up.

" Evil darkness , Be gone! Evil darkness , be gone! Evil darkness , be gone!"

Tsuna And Tenma chanted the same thing over and over again until until the bottle sucked the youkai to inside of it. Akagami-Aogami tried to escape but he was completely sucked to inside of the bottle. The paper sealed the bottle, trapping the youkai for good.

"It's now over." Tsuna said he looked at the sealed bottle on his hand.


One weak had passed and the school was open again. Thought some students didn't come back because of the death of the second year student. Tsuna and Tenma were going towards to the school building as they heard a familiar voice behind them. They spun around to see the owner of the voice."

"Yo, Hakurei-san."

It was Yamamoto.

"Ah, Hello, Yamamoto-san. How are you doing?"

"Hahahah, I am doing fine. Thanks to you and your pony friend Senpai will rest in peace and that monster will not make any more victims." Yamamoto said.

"Hey, I am not a pony! I am a kirin!"

Then, Tsuna and Tenma were in silent as they noticed something very important. Yamamoto could see Tenma.

"YOU CAN SEE HER/ME?" both of them shouted .

"Hahah, I could see your friend since the first minute you came in the classroom. I never said anything because you never said anything and your friend never talked to me either" Yamamoto said , smiling as he scratched behind of his head.

Both of them looked dumbstruck. They could not believe the baseball player could see Tenma all along. Tsuna was very sure he saw no reaction In Yamamoto when he entered to their classroom.

"Ma ma, I hope we can be good friends. Hakurei.-san."

Tsuna blinked. For the first time he could meet someone of his age that could see his deamon. That means Yamamoto can see other spirits as well.

"Call me Tsuna, Yamamoto-san." Tsuna said as he took Yamamoto's hand.

"Alright, as long you call me Takeshi."

"Oh yeah!" Tenma shouted very joyful. As she placed her hooves on their heands. "It will be so cool to talk someone else beside of Tsu-kun."

Tsuna was happy. Very hapy for Yamamoto becoming his first friend. Something was telling to the young Shaman in training that was only the beginning as human and as a shaman in training.

To be contined.

Well, I hope you like the first chapter. Too me a while to finish this. I wanna know your thoughts about the story. ^^

Yeah, I got the deamon idea from the movie The golden Compass. I thought it would be cool using deamons in a Au shaman story. Suggestions are welcome.

I want to thanks to KuraiArcoiris for helping me in this story ^^

Next chapter: a new transferred student, missing children and a new and unexpected deamon.

Kirin- A mystic Chinese chimerical creature known throughout various East Asian cultures, and is said to appear with the imminent arrival or passing of a wise sage or an illustrious ruler. It is a good omen that brings serenity and prosperity.

Akagami-Aogami- A malicious spirit who haunts bathrooms and asks the cubicle occupants if they want red or blue paper.

hitotama - A fireball ghost that appears when someone dies.