chapter 5- Bakeneko, kitsune and demon market- Part 1

Gokudera's pov

This is Gokudera Hayato, Tsuna-sama's loyal friend. Man, the past 2 weeks were rough; first we met the spirit of Knuckle, Vongola's first sun guardian. That surprised me greatly but it was an honor to see one of the Vongola guardians. We had to deal with a vengeful spirit known as headless mule, which was Knuckle's lover who Knuckle accidentally cursed. We would have held our own against the mule if it wasn't for the extreme high neigh. It made Tsuna-sama, the baseball freak, and me become temporarily deaf. We couldn't go to school because of the hearing problem the stupid thing cause, but the loss of hearing did not stop Hinoto-sama from training us in her own Spartan way. I hope we will not meet a troublesome youkai like the mule any time soon.

*end of pov*

Tsuyoshi blinked confused when he saw his son and his two friends eating his food. He knew his sushi was good, but he never expected to see the boys devouring his food so fast. They acted as if they hadn't eaten for days. Thanks to the extra Tenchi Rosaries, Tsuyoshi could see the boys' daemons were also eating as fast as their masters.

"I think it's the first time I see Aoyama-chan and the other daemons eating, Takeshi," Tsuyoshi commented to his son.

"Oh weally?" Takeshi asked, with his mouth full.

Tsuyoshi smacked his son's head.

"Don't speak with your month full, Takeshi."

"Sorry, Yamamoto-san," Tsuna said, after swallowing his food. "You see, obaa-chan was really rough for the past 2 weeks. She wanted to train us to deal with youkai who use sound attacks since we were pretty much humiliated by the headless mule. And it took too not only our physical energy, but a lot of our spiritual as well. That's why our daemons are eating, to help us to recover our energy faster."

"Oh, I see, so that's the reason why are you eating like hungry spirits," said Tsuyoshi. He noticed Tsuna and Gokudera's bags on the ground. "Planning to spend the night here?"

Gokudera swallowed his food, and he answered they will stay there for a couple of days because Hinoto-sama was going to get an important guest soon that she didn't want him seeing them. Tsuyoshi frowned. Who could be that mysterious guest?


At the shrine, Hinto was starting a fire in the fireplace, while Byakko was lying down beside her, as she felt a presence enter the holy room. She smirked; looks like her guest had arrived.

"Come out. I know you're there."

Reborn suddenly appeared behind her. He was surprised because only a few people could feel his presence when he wants to be hidden.

"You may hide your physical presence but not your spiritual one, Arcobaleno. I know you have been spying us for a while," the old miko said as she turned around and she looked at Reborn. "You want something from me, don't you?"

Reborn was quiet. He didn't expect the old miko knew he was there for a long time. He would have come to her sooner but because of the mule, his hearing had suffered, and now he had to ask the Shaman 'nicely' to see if he could heal his hearing faster. Sadly he had to wait for his hearing healing naturally. Reborn sighed before he introduced himself to the old miko and started to explain the reason why he was there.

"So, you've noticed my flame is the same as your little student, is that correct?"

Reborn nodded to her. He explained because he had no idea what Kouga's flame was and was having difficulties in training him. Hinoto was not surprised he had no knowledge about the earth flames since the arcobaleno pacifiers belonged to the sky element.

"I may give you some notes about earth flame, if that helps you, arconbaleno," Hinoto said to Reborn. "But I feel you have more troublesome thoughts in your mind."

Reborn was once again surprised. In a way, the old miko reminds him Luce; she was the only person who could know whenever he had something bothering him. He thought she could help with Kouga's odd aggression. Before he could say anything, he head a ringtone of a cellphone. Hinoto took the cellphone out of her robe and she turned on.

"This is Hakurei," Hinoto said. She listened to the person on the other side of the line. Her eyes widen in shock. "What? It was stolen? Even the soil?"

Reborn raised his eyebrow. Something must had happened since Hinoto showed some concern in her face. She turned off her cellphone and she looked at Reborn.

"I am sorry Reborn, but could you accompany me to Namimori Graveyard?" She asked. Reborn looked confused at her request.


Hinoto was quiet before answering the hitman.

"The remains of Sawada Ieyasu were stolen from his tomb. You know who Sawada Ieyasu was, don't you?"

Reborn's eyes widen in shock. He knew who Sawada Ieyasu was, its Vongola Primo's Japanese name, when he came to Namimori after he retired from being Vongola Boss.


In the next morning, Tsuna, Gokudera , Takeshi, and their daemon were on their way to the school. They were running like their lives were depending on getting there on time.

"You, idiot baseball freak! I thought you had set up your alarm on last night!" shouted Gokudera, while running.

Takeshi laughed.

"Sorry, sorry, I did set up my alarm clock to wake us up in the right time, but I didn't expect a small blackout during the night." Takeshi said, embarrassed as he apologized to Gokudera and Tsuna.

"Next time use your cellphone as your alarm clock and not some old electric alarm clock!"

"Forget about the alarm clock! Focus on getting to school before the bells ring, and Hibari-san bites us to death!" Tsuna shouted, trying to stop Gokudera from fighting with Takeshi.

Their daemons were also running. Well, only Tenma and Aoyama were running, Ryuuki was on Aoyama's head. Tenma looked annoyed for the little dragon taking a ride on the other daemon. Ryuki only said she was taking a ride on Aoyama because she has short legs and she couldn't run fast and she was still a small dragon and she couldn't fly fast either. Tenma only looked at Ryuki with an annoyed look while Aoyama laughed, saying she does not mind giving a ride to the small dragon.

When they reached in the school gates, the bells were already ringing. The boys immediately spotted a certain prefect leaning against the pillar of the gate.

"G-Good morning, Hibari-san." Tsuna greeted, nervously.

Hibari only glared at them as he grabbed the collars of each of the teens' shirts. He dragged them to the D.C room. The other students looked pity for the students being dragged by the prefect as they prayed for their souls. When they arrived the committee room, Hibari closed the door and glared at them.

"C-Come on Hibari-san, we arrived in the nick of time," Tsuna said, very nervous. "We're not really late."

"Humph, you want bite someone, bite this baseball freak," Gokudera said, pointing to Takeshi "It's his fault we were almost late anyway."

"Come on, Hayato, don't be so mean," said Takeshi as he smiled at Gokudera in a happy way.

"When did I give you permission to use my name?" Gokudera growled at the baseball player.

Hibari only glared at them, already on the edge of his patience. He didn't like being ignored, and he had important matters to deal with.


Tsuna, Gokudera and Takeshi frozen. Did they heard right? Did they just heard Hibari Kyoya meowing? Suddenly cat ears popped out of the top of the prefect's head, which made Tsuna, Gokudera, and Takeshi freaking out as two fluffy tails waved behind him. Even their daemons stiffened; what was that?


Suddenly a cloud of indigo smoke erupted around them.

"What happened?" Gokudera coughed. "Tsuna-sama, are you alright?"

Tsuna nodded, waving a hand to clear the smoke.

"What was that?" Takeshi spoke up, squinting into the indigo haze.

"Let me do it," Ryuki said, taking a deep breath as she blew the smoke away.

As the smoke cleared, a small black cat stood before them, in the place where Hibari had stood. Its fur was as black as the night, two fluffy tails and big silver eyes.

"Meow…" the two tailed cat meowed, making the boys totally confused.


At Namimori graveyard, Hinoto saw the hole where the tomb of Sawada Ieyasu. She could only glare at the empty tomb. Even Reborn was not happy with this.

"Who could do such disgraceful thing?" Reborn asked, feeling nothing but rage.

While the police were chatting to the people who worked on the graveyard, Hinoto was walking off to another direction. That made Reborn curious.

"Where are you going?" Reborn asked.

"We will ask to the graveyard keepers what happened here," Hinoto said coldly.

When they reached to the empty part of the graveyard, Hinoto asked to Reborn to active his pacifier to see the graveyard one of the keepers. When he activated the sun pacifier, Reborn never expected to see what he was seeing; a muscled man with a horse head, he looked like pretty wounded.

"Mezu. What happened?" Hinoto asked to the horse-faced man.

Hinoto kneed beside him, checking his condition. He was extremely wounded and she could feel presence of poison. The creature hissed in pain before looking at Hinoto.

"Hinoto-sama…She is back… She will do the same thing…the same thing 50 years ago."

The horse-face man went limp as his body become ashes, being blow by the wind. Byakko looked at Hinoto with a very serious face.

"Hinoto… could be…"

"Yeah." The old woman features were now very serious. Reborn felt a killing aura around the woman. "She is back. And she still didn't gave up on her greedy plan."

Reborn was now confused. What she was talking about. And what that horse-face man means the same happened 50 years ago?

"What do you by that?"

"That witch wants the power of Tri-Ni-Sette," She said in a very serious voice.


The boys and the daemons were staring at the cat, and the cat stared back. The room was filled with silence before Ryuki broke the silent.

"Waah! So cute!" she said as she petted the cat with her tail. "Look, Haya-chan! Isn't it cute?"

"Ok… what's with the stupid cat posing as the bastard?" Gokudera asked, narrowing his eyes at the two tailed cat. "And where's the real bastard?"

Then, they heard footsteps. The cat quickly became Hibari again as the door of D.C room opened. They saw Kusakabe, Hibari's right hand. His eyes widen in surprise when he saw Hibari in the room.

"What the…. What are you doing here?"

Tsuna gulped

"Eer... Hibari is here to give us our punishment?" He said, very nervous.

But Kusakabe narrowed his eyes at Hibari. Something that only a brave or perhaps a stupid soul would do in the prefect presence.

"That's impossible. Hibari-san is at hospital. He got hut after dealing with a gang," Kusakabe said.


Quickly the cat disguised as Hibari punched Kusakabe in his stomach. He quickly lost his consciousness. The cat undid his transformation, and he handed to Tsuna a picture of a red haired boy and a picture of rescue team. Tsuna blinked confused.

"What are you trying to say?" Tsuna asked to the cat as he only got a meowing in response. "It would be much easier if you were a nekomata."

Gokudera looked confused.

"Hun? But I thought this cat was a nekomata."

"This cat is actually a bakeneko. You see guys, bakenekos and nekomatas are a shape-shifting cat spirits with powerful supernatural powers, and they both have the look of a two tailed cat. But the difference between them are that nekomatas are necromancers and can speak human speech while bakenekos are illusionists and can't speak in human speech," Tenma explained to them.

Yamamoto and Gokudera nodded as they understood the difference between nekomata and bakeneko. Since the black bakeneko can't talk in human speech, they needed to guess what the cat wants to say to them. The boys and the daemons looked at the pictures once more.

"Could it be… You want us to rescue this red haired boy?" Tenma asked to the cat.

The cat nodded to them, as the feline showed a picture of an oni and a market. The boys once more focused on the pictures, trying to guess their meaning . Tsuna blinked before looking at the cat.

"Are you trying to tell us that boy somehow ended up in the Oni Market?" Tsuna asked as the cat nodded once more. "Crap!"

Takeshi and Gokudera thought it was odd for Tsuna cursing. Tsuna tells them about the Oni Market; it's a place open only for demons and selling only strange goods such as bones and the like. He mentioned his grandmother went there once in her youth, when she needed to rescue a friend from that place. But the only thing he knows about Oni Market is that his grandmother will not ever set her feet there again.

"Well, since Hinoto-sama is with that guest, I guess we will do the rescue by ourselves," commented Takeshi as he took the cat in his arms.

"Going to the Oni Market will be not easy." Tsuna said. "But I know someone who can help us."


The boys had to skip the school in order to help the bakeneko. They were now in the front of an antique shop. Gokudera and Takeshi were confused, why they would be in an antique shop? When they entered in the shop they saw a lot of antique stuff as they heard a voice.

"Welcome to my humble … oh Tsu-kun,? I see you came with friends this time."

Then, they say a man around of his late 20s, wearing typical Japanese cloths, short silver hair, dark eyes and using glasses in his face. Tsuna bowed to him.

"It's been a while, Kawahira-san." Tsuna said to him, "These are my friends Gokudera-kun and Takeshi-kun with their daemons."

After introducing each other, Tsuna explained the situation to the shop owner. The shop- owner understood their situation and promised to help them, but they needed to wait for night to fall, when his power when his power was strongest. Kawahira also explained that to be at the Oni Market they needed to be disguised to not have any problem with other youkai at the market.

"And I know which disguise suits well on you all," he smiled.

That smile was giving chills in the boys' spine. Something was telling them they will not like their disguises.


At the night, they went again to Namimori's park. Gokudera was growing, very angrily.

"I hate it, I hate it, I hate it!"

Gokudera was now wearing cat ears, tail and paws. Kawahira said he was supposed to be a werecat and, thanks to the bakeneko , Gokudera's human smell can be hidden. But he still hated his disguise.

"Come on, Hayato. It's not that bad." Takeshi said, grinning.

Gokudera only growled.

"I've already told you, don't call me that. And why the heck your face is green?"

Takeshi looked at his costume and grinned. He was wearing torn and tattered hakama and had drawn stitches on his arm. He also had an axe sticking out of his head.

"I am a zombie Samurai. Don't I look cool?" asked Takeshi proudly.

"At least you're happy…" Gokudera muttered. "Unlike our daemons."

Kawahira was using a spray paint on their daemon. The shiisa, the little dragon, and the kirin were sobbing while the shop owner were painting their bodies in black color. Even Ryuki was looking extremely sad, complaining that her beautiful red scales were ruined.

"Where's Tsuna?" Takeshi asked, looking around.

"I am here…"

Gokudera and Takeshi turned around and they saw Tsuna wearing a black female sailor uniform, with a black wig on his head, and a surgical mask on his face. They could not help but find Tsuna looking cute in a female uniform.

"Eer… Tsuna-sama, what kind of youkai you suppose to be?" Gokudera asked, curious.

"I suppose to be a Kuchisake-onna." Tsuna said, as he looked gloomily at the female clothes.

As he finished the last details on their daemons, Kawihara got closer to the lake. As the full moon came out from the clouds, Kawahira's body began to glow. His hair began to grow longer, until it reached on his waist. Fox ears appeared on the top on his head, 9 elegant tails also appeared behind him, wagging in a very elegant way as his eyes became a golden color. Gokudera and Takeshi were surprised to see the shop owner was a kyuubi no kitsune. Using his tails, Kawahira drew a star on the lake's surface, the star glowed as it transformed into a portal.

"Here we go boys. A portal to the Oni Market," Kawahira said as he turned to the boys. " Remember, you have 3 hours before the portal closes."

Tsuna nodded to Kawahira as he thanked him for the help. Tsuna, Gokudera, Takeshi, and their daemons, along with the bakeneko, jumped to the portal to save bakeneko's friend.


In the center of Oni Market, a red haired boy, groaned as he woke up in a very strange place. The first thing he remembers was he was feeding the stray cats before something had caught him.

"Awake, child of Earth?"

The boy only looked a pair of demoniac glowing green eyes through the darkness.

To be continued

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Bakeneko: A cat yōkai (spiritual beings) with supernatural abilities akin to those of the kitsune (fox) or tanuki (raccoon dog). Bakeneko also have the ability to eat anything in their way, regardless of size or edibility. This includes humans. Their main food is poison, particularly a certain snake unknown to humankind. Not all bakeneko are bad; in some stories they are faithful and good-hearted to their owners, protecting them from other demons.

Mezu: horse face youkai. Along with Ox-head (Gozu), they are two fearsome guardians or types guardian of the Underworld in Chinese/Japanese mythology, where the dead face suffering prior to reincarnation. They are the first people a dead soul meets upon arriving in the Underworld; in many stories they directly escort the newly dead to the Underworld.

Kuchisake-onna: It's a beautiful woman who was either the wife or concubine of a samurai was unfaithful to him. When he discovered her infidelity, he slit her mouth from ear to ear with a sword, a katana and asked "who will think you are beautiful now?"

In the modern urban legend version, when Children walk alone at night may encounter a woman wearing a surgical mask, this is not an unusual sight in Japan as people wear them to protect others from their colds or sickness. The woman will stop the child and ask, 'Am I beautiful?' If the child answers no, they are killed with a pair of scissors which the woman carries. If they answer yes, the woman pulls away the mask, revealing that her mouth is slit from ear to ear and asks 'Am I beautiful now?' If the child answers no, he/she will be cut in half. If he/she answers yes, then she will slit his/her mouth like hers. It is impossible to run away from her, as she will simply reappear in front of the victim.