"Ed ... please be careful," Winry said beside him in a small voice.

He grunted. "Of course. I'm always careful."

She hovered at his side. "But, Ed ... you always say you'll be careful, and you always come back hurt."

He turned to her, surprised. "What?"

"You – you always come back hurt! Your arms or your leg, or scratches, or blood – you're always hurt!" she cried, tears forming in her eyes.

"Winry, I-"

"You're just such an idiot, sometimes, Ed!" She wiped away her own tears as if they disgusted her. "You're such an arrogant idiot! Don't you ever think about anyone but yourself?"

Ed was taken aback. Of course he did.

"You throw yourself into stupid situations and come out half-alive. Don't you think about what it would mean if you died?"

"If you're talking about Al-"

"I'M NOT TALKING ABOUT AL!" she shouted.

Understanding washed over Ed's stoic expression. He turned to leave, he needed to get going, after all. "I'll be careful."