AUTHOR'S NOTES: So I admit that I may have borrowed part of this little epilogue from the Terri Clark song 'She Didn't Have Time'. I just thought it fit pretty well.

Epilogue—Love is a Wonderful Thing

7 Years Later

Sterling, Virginia

Dean Winchester had only felt this nervous once in his life, and that had been when he'd first been married to Mandi Allard.

And now he was getting married again.

It was more than 2 years before Dean could even think about going out with another woman and even when he did, it just never worked out. He couldn't stop thinking about Mandi and every date turned out to be a one-time only deal.

And then Zoey Franklin had come into his life. A widow with 3 kids, Zoey had lost her husband in a car accident when a drunk driver had smashed into his car.

The two had met when they both ended up at the same support group meeting for people who had lost loved ones and had gone out for coffee afterwards.


When the meeting had concluded, Zoey had headed to her car, just wanting to get home to her kids. She knew that it was supposed to help her move on with her life but always bringing up the mast just made it hurt even more. And it was the little things, realy. Like the way Hank had worn the same old t-shirt to bed even though it was old and worn and threadbare. Or the way he never failed to do something unbelievably special of her birthday—even if it was just bringing home take-out from her favorite Mexican resteraunt.

But as she wandered through her thoughts, Zoey came crashing back to reality when she got to her car and noticed that one of her tires was flat. It was just a simple thing—by the looks of it, it was just a nail she'd picked somewhere. But as she stood there, staring at the tire, she just felt like screaming. Why couldn't life just give her a break for once? Why did the world always have to beat her down? Leaning against the side of her car, she started to cry when a voice behind her made her start.

"Hey, you okay?"

Wiping her eyes, Zoey nodded as she turned to see one of the other support group members—Dean Winchester—coming up. "Picked up a nail or something. Um… Do you mind waiting with me while I call a tow truck? It's a little late, and…"

Dean smiled and said, "Do you one better. If you've got a spare tire I can just fix this right here."

Zoey blinked in surprise at that. "Uh, yeah. It's under the bed of the trunk."

Less than half an hour later—during which the two shot the breeze—the spare tire was on and the flat tire was in the trunk. "I-I feel like I should pay you for this," Zoey said quickly, pulling her wallet out of her purse as she spoke.

Dean just waved her off with a smile. "Tell you what—How about a cup of coffee instead? My brother runs the shop just down the street."

It was getting late and she needed to get home to her kids, but there was something in Dean's eyes that she found irresistible. And even though she didn't really have time, Zoey nodded. "Coffee sounds great."


When Sam saw his brother coming into the coffee shop, he smiled as he saw that Dean wasn't alone but rather with a woman maybe a year or so younger. They sat down at one of the tables and Sam quickly poured two cups of fresh coffee and handed them to one of the girls at the counter. "For my brother and his friend. On the house."

Keeping an eye on Dean as he finished his work and started closing up, Sam saw Dean really smile for the first time in months. "Good for you, Dean," Sam said to himself under his breath.


And that had just been the first date.

By date #7, Dean had been introduced to Zoey's kids who had taken to Dean like ducks to water. The only real challenges had come up when Zoey asked about Dean's wedding ring from his first marriage and when Zoey's kids(Hannah who was 13, Harrison who was 11, and Nate who was 7) found Dean's weapons.

At first Zoey had thought that Dean was crazy and refused to talk to him or even let her kids anywhere near him. But when Zoey had been kidnapped by demons, she'd been forced to accept that what Dean told her was true—especially when Dean did an exorcism on the demons in question.

But now, as the couple stood in the church ready to take their vows, Dean still felt his thoughts drift to Mandi. Zoey was like her in so many ways—her kindness, her strength…

"It's okay, Dean. You deserve to be happy," Mandi's voice said in Dean's mind as he slid the wedding band on Zoey's hand.

In the pews, Sam smiled as he took his own wife's hand. Two years ago, he and Jo Harvelle—Now Jo Winchester—had married and Jo was now pregnant with their first child, a girl they were planning to name Mary Amanda.

As Dean and Zoey shared their first kiss as husband and wife, for the first time in years, Dean felt genuinely happy.

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