Does anybody else wish they could fly? I can only imagine…

Chapter five:

"Danny… you can't be serious? You actually took her and flew with her? Are you insane?" Sam yelled, pacing in front of both Danny and Tucker, who were sitting on the couch in her basement. Tucker looked bored and Danny was scowling, arms crossed as he leaned back into the big bulky, yet nice and expensive, couch.

He rolled his eyes and sat up. "It's fine Sam. She wouldn't have been able to tell that it was me. No connections remember?"

She sighed and rubbed her temples, brushing a few strands of her black hair from her face. They glared at each other for a few moments and then Sam sighed, more of exasperation than anything. "Fine, just, be careful alright?"

He nodded and stood up. "I'll be fine. 'Sides, what could go wrong?"

"Dude," Tucker grinned, standing up, "you just jinxed it."

Valerie was an idiot.

She liked both Phantom and Fenton. She was leading Phantom on and yet she was basically going on a date with Fenton. Her head smacked against the desk in her room when she let it fall in desperation.

"Ow," she muttered, rubbing it with her hand, "I am an idiot."

To say the least, she had to go with one or the other. It was quite stupid to lead the ghost with powers on, but she saw Fenton more. But Fenton, or Danny, couldn't take her flying, letting her feel that absolute free feeling. But, Danny did make her laugh and he did make her smile. She felt good when she was around him, like his happy mood just seemed to flood into everyone else around him. She laughed suddenly and stood up, realizing she needed to be at the Nasty Burger.

Danny had called her up, asking when she wanted to meet at the Nasty Burger. She smiled when he did so, realizing he wanted to spend time with her as well; another reason to be with him, he could spend time with her. Grabbing a sweater from the foot of her bed, she walked out of her room and past her dad.

"Val, where are you going?" her dad asked, looking up from the hockey game on the TV. Valerie smiled softly.

"Just meeting up at the Nasty Burger with Danny, why?"

"Just curious," he replied, voice fading as he directed his mind toward the TV. She rolled her eyes, but was smiling, and walked out of their apartment. She stomped down the stairs, her Walmart tennis shows clapping against the steel stairway. The noise echoed around the stairwell and she rolled her eyes. They really had to move.

Once exiting the apartment complex she stuffed her hands in her pockets and walked toward the Nasty Burger. It wasn't that cold anymore and it seemed that maybe she didn't need her sweater. She shrugged it off and threw it over her arm. Passing multiple houses and a Michael's, she made it to the park and the Nasty Burger, and it seemed very crowded. Groaning, she walked inside.

She spotted Danny sitting in a booth already, which was vacant besides him. She smiled and moved her way over. She really didn't have a problem with Tucker or Sam; really, she just knew they didn't like her. Nor did they, for some odd reason, trust her. She shrugged, not like it mattered to her. No… of course it didn't, why would she care?

"Hey, Danny!" she exclaimed, sliding into the seat across from him. He looked up from whatever he was doing and smiled.

"Hey! Want something to eat?"

"Sure," she replied, smiling as he ordered something for the both of them.

She crossed her arms on the table and leaned forward.

Things seemed to be looking up right now.

Yeah… short.

There might be a sequel where she finds out about Fenton/Phantom… so… look out just in case, alright?