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Huff, Huff, Huff.

Her breathe came out in short pants, and she could feel the pain swell up in her sides. She had never run this hard before.

Huff, Huff, Huff.

The feeling, this dread, had crept into her heart only hours ago. She had been in a village just north of her home. They had a raging demon problem and she had been sent to slay it. She, being the only one proper to fix the problem, had been sent alone.

I shouldn't have left. The thought entered her mind only briefly, for it was soon pushed out by a small voice urging her to move faster. Her hair, pulled up into a ponytail, whipped frantically as she sprinted through the dark forest. Her slayer suit was built for speed, fitting to her body without constricting her.

She came upon the clearing before her village and slowed down to a stop, covering her mouth trying to choke back a scream. Bile rose in her throat and she swallowed heavily.

Gruesome, the only word that could be used to define the scene lay out before her eyes. Blood was everywhere, soaking into the ground. The metallic scent clung to every air particle, easily masking any other scent. The bodies were twisted and disfigured. She stumbled back to a tree, using it to hold her up. The stench made her knees grow weak and made her mind stumble over her thoughts.

The dark night helped to shield her eyes from the battle grounds, but she quickly identified some familiar forms. Laying in front of the gate, as if he had spent his last breathe trying in vain to protect those who were hidden away in their homes, was the man who had been like a father to her. He had been proud, almost vain, but he had fought against the prejudice she had faced at such a young age. He had been her fatherly figure, teaching her the art of demon slaying to protect those who couldn't protect themselves. His throat had been torn open, allowing blood to gush out and soak his suit. Beside him lay his son, battered and still. The boy's legs were twisted at an odd angle, and the bruises on his neck revealed that he had been choked to death. She had never liked him, nor had he liked her, but it was a horribly slow way to die. She hoped his spirit would rest in peace.

It was obvious that those who had fought so valiantly in front of the village's gates had been mercilessly slaughtered, not a soul that lied on this ground breathed. She could only hope that survivors lurked within the wooden walls. The faint orange light emitting from the village seemed to suck up all the hope her heart possessed.

Stepping carefully around the tattered bodies, she gave a quick prayer before slipping between the large wooden doors. She had never been very religious before, but now seemed like the time.

The scene within the wooden walls seemed just as disturbing as what was outside them. The huts burned steadily, the flames climbing towards the sky. Here she could much better see the lifeless bodies. To her left, the body face down, strewn out in front of a house, suggesting that he had stood up to charge and had been taken down just as quickly, was the old man she knew so well. She had never known his name, but she knew he had been a notorious slayer in his younger years. He had sat on his porch in a rocking chair, sharing his adventures and kills to any unfortunate child who had come too close to his home. Blood was pooled out around his head and she could faintly see a large crack. Heads wounds were usually fatal.

She continued on, looking this way and that. She wanted to call out, to see if anyone was alive, but she heart told her that the demon that had done this had been sure to check that no single being had escaped its' wrath. In front on her was a woman, her back completely soaked with blood. In her arms, she clutched a small baby. The baby had minimal blood on its' body, but its' empty eyes told her that the impact on its head hitting the ground as the demon cut into its' mother's back had probably killed the tiny thing. She quickly hurried past it.

She turned the corner and let out a strangled shriek. She fell to the ground, her knees hitting the dirt hard. She kept herself up with her arm so as not to fall fully to the ground. Her other hand covered her mouth as a sob threatened to abandon her throat. Her tears clouded her vision, but the sight was forever seared in her mind. In front of her, so carelessly laid out, was a little girl. Her short black hair drenched with blood, eyes staring emptily back at her. Still in the little girl's hand was a small doll, its cloth spattered with the girl's blood. The girl's death was blatantly obvious. The demon had ripped her heart out. A large gap in the little girl's chest showed just that.

The tortured and mangled word that ripped from her throat sailed through the forest air, quieting the night creatures.




The words flung through the air, catching his highly sensitive ears. The person was obviously distressed, the raw emotion behind the voice revealed that.

"Lord, shall we stop to investigate the source of the cry?" A small imp spoke hesitantly from his side.

"No, Jaken, we shall not." His voice was cold, but he felt sympathy for the tortured being. He knew it to be some poor, unfortunate souls that had so stupidly ventured out into the forest so late at night and had stumbled upon a blood-thirsty yokai that had been searching for a late night snack. The owner of the voice had most likely just seen their friend torn in half by the lowly yokai.

"Yes, Lord Sesshomaru," Jaken bowed as he apologized. Seshoumaru made no notion to show that he had even heard the imp.

Sesshomaru looked down his nose at the lowly yokai who so easily killed humans. Yes, there were many of them and they were weak, thus making them easy prey, but if the Kamis chose have the humans in surplus, who was he to argue? The simple animals that walked on this land were his meal, and he made sure that his people knew that as well. Sesshomaru was a Lord of a yokai kingdom in the west, the Kingdom of Inu no Taisho. His subjects, under his law, were forbidden to harm humans for a meal. Seshomaru couldn't help but wonder in the voice was also now contents of the demon's stomach.

He didn't stop to check, instead, he continued his trek to his kingdom. He had travelled to the east, to talk to a ruthless lord named Naraku who Sesshomaru suspected to be sending his yokai troops upon Sesshomaru's villages. The short, simple visit had extended, to Sesshomaru's dismay, to many moon falls, as Naraku was not one to admit his faults. They were not his villages to attack, even if, as Naraku had put it, they were "the weak huts of the parasitic ningens."

As he neared his kingdom, the scream floated to the back of his mind to be stored and forgotten. Sesshomaru was not one to dwell on such minuscule things such as a little cry.


The sun rose slowly, turning the dark sky a pretty shade of pink. But to her, the world was far from pretty. No, the pretty had been stolen from her by the evil claws of a vengeful demon. The fires had died down, for the huts that had fed the flame's hunger were no more than piles of ash with small bits of blackened wood. She slowly unfolded herself from her crouched position she had assumed by the girl's body. Her muscles ached as she stood slowly, averting her eyes to the sky. She didn't need to see the body in a new light. She never wanted to see it again. A lone tear traveled down her dirty face, leaving a clear path. Something glinting in the weak sun caught her eye.

There, on the ground, amidst the damage to her home, was a torn piece of cloth. It had the dried spots of blood, and as she picked it up, she noticed that the cloth was made of a soft fabric, suggesting that the owner was of high standing. She flipped the small piece of cloth over and her eyes widened drastically. On this small item the coat of arms of Inu no Taisho was sewn in. She knew Inu no Taisho was a demon kingdom due west of here. Her people had been in an uneasy truce with the kingdom, for the Lord had decreed that none of his demon or half-demon subjects were to harm the human villages if her village of slayers did not harm his subjects. She crumpled the piece of cloth up in her balled fist as her anger rose. Someone had broken that truce and she would be damned if justice was not served. She was only one girl, but her disability among her people would be her advantage among the demons.

Rushing to the only building that had remained untouched, save the blood smears on the ground, showing that those who had taken up refuge in the makeshift prayer room had been dragged out. She leaped up the wooden steps, walked into the dim room and quickly shut the door. She paid no mind to being quiet; the murderer was long gone, thinking that it had escaped punishment by killing all of the people. They didn't know that one girl had been out at the time of their so carefully executed plan. The wooden room was dim, only being lit with small flames that burned brightly in their metal bowls. She bowed before a painted scroll of the Kamis.

"Please," She seemed to beg the image, "please help me make this foul demon that destroyed my home pay for his transgressions against my people."

Standing up, she glared at the small cloth in her hand, before placing it in her pocket.

"I promise Morinoko," She whispered." I will make that demon pay for what he did to you."

Exiting the prayer house, she smirked to herself. It would be too hard to track down the true murderer of her people, but she would make an example of their actions. She would kill their beloved Lord and show this demon that her people were not to be messed with.

She quickly left the village, travelling west to the Inu no Taisho Kingdom. A plan began to unfold in her mind as how she would infiltrate the demon kingdom and the heavily guarded palace. Yes, she thought wickedly, royal blood will be spilt to show that a demon slayer is not to be so easily played with.

End of Prologue

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