Well, I saw this picture on Tumblr that said "Loki, a lost soul" so... it inspired this I dunno... r&r you guys~~!3

"What am I." My voice is jagged and raw like the ice that I now know runs through my veins, which I'm sure may be constructed of that damned substance as well. "TELL ME!"

"You are my son."

Oh please. What should I say to that? Maybe, something like...

So you keep saying. But am I? Am I your son? If I were your son, why did you hide it from me? Who my realfather was. Is. That I am not who I thought I was.

Who you lied me to be.

I am not Loki Odinson.

I am not yourson.

I am his. A monster among giants. A fiend among Asgards. The monster that haunts children's nightmares and of which their beds must be checked every night.


You told me not who I was! Who I was supposed to be! My destiny was hidden from me, lied about. Who all knew, ah? Frigga? Odin? Even Thor? Thor may be dumb as a rod, but he was always a confidant for me. Was he a confidant for you, traitor? Did you tell him that his brother was a monster? Was his love for me a lie like yours? ARE YOU REALLY THAT LOW?


You are.

You are as low as the fiery, cursed pits of Hel. Which is exactly where you belong. I will ensure you get there. I will drag you to the gates. Sell your soul. Watch. You. Burn. And I won't feel pity. I won't feel shame.

I won't feel sorry.

Your pain, will bring me closure. I will feel again. I want to feel again. Not this icy touch. This void, empty hole your weapon has carved into my heart. I want to feel love. I want to feel joy. I want you to feel proud of the bastard son you raised from the gates of Jotunheim. From your enemy.

And what could you hope for, Odin?

Peace? That peace would come from this? Maybe. It was graspable. I could've been your envoy of peace. If you'd have just told me that was your plan!

But now, all you can hope for, is mercy.

I take a moment to breathe. Foolishness is not needed here and now. My petty emotions can wait for another time. I give Odin one last fiendish look, and turn on my heel. I am gone.
I am Loki, of Jotunheim, and as of today, I am a lost soul.