The cheers were muffled by the water, and so was the yelling. In the water all seemed silent, peaceful. Percy liked it that way. The chemical filled liquid parted around him as he sliced through it with great skill, making a flurry of water break the surface as he kicked furiously. The tiled wall of the pool came into view and he reached his hand out to slam his palm against the metal sensor.

Last year Percy had joined the Goode High School swim team, and then from there he had gotten picked out for the New York Monarchs. It gave him extra credit towards graduation and got him spied out by talent scouts. Percy had decided not long ago he may as well use his talents to his advantage, and swimming was one of them (not much of a surprise, really). Even without breathing in the water or messing with the water currents he was far faster then anyone he versed.

His coach offered him a hand out the pool. Up back on the tiles, he had his towel handed to him while his coach chattered away. Coach Tinner was the extremely cheery and excitable coach of the Goode Swim Team.

"Fantastic, Percy." He sat him down on a bench next to his teammates who all congratulated him- nearly all of them. "Another win! I've been watching that NYU talent scout through all your events. You're sure to get in."

Percy had entered five events through the course of the day and won all of them. His coach had already warned him that with it the start of a new school year the talent scouts would be prowling in an attempt to find someone to hand out their scholarships to. The son of Poseidon spotted the man sitting up high on the bleachers, yellow lawyer pad resting on his knees.

Behind him, though, were two men. One was a tall blond man who wore a simple blue shirt and khakis, face shadowed by a hat and the other was a rather professional looking man wearing a purple button up shirt and plain long pants. Percy couldn't help but smile. Bruce and Steve had said they'd wanted to see him swim for some time, ever since he had come into the tower after making the Monarchs. After Hecate's attack of New York two months ago, Percy had gotten closer to the Avengers. Well, closer then he had first expected.

"All right, hit the showers. I want you looking all pretty for the newspaper photos." Coach Tinner clapped his bony hands together.

The changing rooms where filled with all the swimmers in the day's events. Percy grabbed a fresh towel from his bag, some clothes and his phone. His mum hadn't been able to make it because she was visiting a friend who was in the city, and seeing as it was a school day Paul was teaching classes. Tony had given him the latest version of the Stark Industries phone (Advertised to be released in three months). Percy honestly hadn't wanted it, but apparently it was that or they shine a fish symbol up into the sky whenever they needed him. For some reasons this phone didn't attract monsters- not that Percy was complaining.

"Hey, Mum." He pressed the phone against his ear as he moved towards the shower stalls.

"How did you go?" Sally asked through the phone.

"Won all my events." He ruffled up his hair as he spoke. "Coach said the NYU talent scout looked interested in me."

"That's great!" Sally sounded excited. "I'm so proud of you,"

"Thanks," Percy replied.

He was heading over to a shower stall when the one person he despised the most in the world (not counting immortal beings and monsters) Darrel Garrison blocked his path. Darrel used to be the star of the swim team before Percy decided to join. He had two cronies, Richard and Ron, who stood with him everywhere he went.

"I'll talk to you when I get home, cya," Percy ended the call and glared at the man "do you mind moving Darrel?"

"Is that a Stark. 1?" Darrel eyed the glass phone "They aren't due out for months, and its not like you'd be able to afford one,"

Percy glared at him and breathed in deeply to calm himself down; "my girlfriend got it as a gift from Tony Stark, now please move," he repeated the lie Bruce had told him to say.

"And why did she get the phone?" Darrel asked "Did Annabelle steal it off him? Wouldn't be surprised,"

Everyone of the Goode Swim Team knew about the arguments Darrel and Percy would get into. They had never been physical before, but they had come close. They all crowded around, waiting to see if anyone would throw a punch. In turn, all the boys from the other schools decided to peek in.

"First off, its Annabeth. Second Annabeth did not steal it. She's an apprentice for the architect firm he uses," another lie. Tony had actually asked Annabeth to help him plan out a holiday house in Tahiti. "Now move,"

When Darrel refused to budge Percy sighed and pushed through the crowds. Darrel didn't like that though. He nodded to Ron who 'accidently' tripped him. The phone went flying from his hand and skidded across the floor. His clothes fell from his hands and right into a puddle of pool water.

"What is your problem Darrel?" Percy asked as he stood and clumped his wet clothes beneath his arm. He walked over to a boy from some random school who had picked up his phone and took it from him. Not getting a response he turned away and began stalking towards the shower.

"Good luck with that talent scout, Jackson," Darrel called after him "I'd be surprised if they let you in. I hear they have a 'no poor person allowed' policy."

Reining in his anger Percy continued towards the stall.

"No response?" Darrel jeered "So it must be true."

"No, I just can't be bothered wasting my time on a fuckwit like you," Percy turned around and smirked at Darrel before slamming the door of the stall shut.

The shower calmed him down. Sometimes Percy couldn't help but want to punch something. Anger had always been his weak spot when it came to bullying. After he got changed he exited the stall and went towards his bag. He noticed a bit of plastic sticking out from between the zips that certainly hadn't been there before. When he opened it he realised someone had been in his bag and gotten the plastic of his swim clothes bag stuck in the zip. Ruffling through his things he realised his wallet was missing.

"How did you score a chick like this Jackson?" Darrel asked as he looked at the photo of Annabeth in his wallet "and is that Huntress? Don't tell me Jackson has a crush?"

"Give it back Darrel," Percy moved towards his teammate.

"Do you find her attractive? I know I'd do her anyday," he pulled the photo from the plastic sleeve "hot piece of arse like that deserves-"

"She's my cousin," Percy breathed deeply as he snatched wallet out his Darrel's hand.

"You really expect us to believe something like that?" he snorted "you don't have to make up lies to impress us, no one likes you anyway,"

"Look around Darrel, no one likes you either," Percy retorted as he took back the photo and left the change rooms.

After the ceremonies for awards where done Percy climbed up onto the bleachers and sat next to Bruce and Steve.

"Good job," Bruce smiled.

"Thanks," Percy smiled back as he stretched "I have to go to camp this weekend, I won't be able to make games night"

Percy, unlike the rest of the Avengers, stayed at his own house and would occasionally stop by the tower for dinner during the week. He spent most of his weekends at the tower doing various activities with a member of the super hero squad. With Hecate gone monster attacks where few and it seemed rather silent out there in the villain world.

"Will you still be coming to the benefit?" Steve asked.

Percy wanted to roll his eyes. New York was throwing some sort of benefit for super rich snobby people, trying to worm money out of them for an emergency relief fund. Percy didn't want to walk around all night in stuffy armour and pretend to pay attention.

"Bowties aren't really my thing," Percy mumbled, watching as everyone cleared out.

"It's masquerade. They made it like that just for you," Steve argued "Tony even brought you a mask,"

"Even worse," Percy joked "my mum has a friend from coming over for dinner tonight. I won't be able to go,"

"Have fun telling Fury that," they stood up and began walking towards the exit.

"What does he care?" Percy had never actually had a proper conversation with the head of SHIELD "is he going?"

They stopped next to the rather nondescript car that belonged to Bruce.

"We're a team, we need to look like one. You can't just come for the fighting," Steve crossed his arms over his chest, a sign he met business.

"I kind of want to keep my secret identity, that's the deal. Going to a masquerade party and speaking like a teenager- then hanging out with Thalia- might just give me away," Percy stated as he hefted his bag onto his shoulder "I'll see you Monday,"

Steve didn't seem impressed and Percy flashed him an apologetic smile before beginning to walk home. It was four o'clock and his stomach was screaming for food. He knew that since his mum had a friend over dinner would be earlier, and he whispered a silent thanks.

"Hey mum," he called as he entered the apartment.

His mum was in the lounge room talking to Patricia, one of her friends who had moved to the west coast. He had to deal with the awkward 'you've grown so much!' and 'what a handsome boy he is' for at least fifteen minutes before he was finally allowed to escape to his bedroom.

Turning on his computer (a gift from Tony who claimed no teenager should be as technologically withdrawn as he was) he sat down in front of it and checked it Annabeth was on Skype. Seeing she wasn't he went to his bag and began pulling out his wet clothes. At around five dinner was served and Percy endured through the conversations. His mum and Patricia where talking about seeing a movie or something afterwards.

"Do you want to come Percy?" Sally asked her son.

"I'll skip thanks, I have some biology homework I need to do," Percy said, sending Paul a playful smile.

After they left Percy began skyping Annabeth, all the while typing up a report painstakingly slowly on the computer. He needed to keep his grades up if he wanted to get a scholarship. Annabeth lived with her dad in San Fransisco during the school year so the internet and IM'ing was the only way they could stay in touch.

"What structures serve as anchors to hold the molluscans in place?" Percy asked as he taped Riptide against his lip.

"I don't know, you're the fish boy," Annabeth replied "Google it,"

"I've tried," Percy leant back in his chair and looked at the pop up box in the corner of his screen where Annabeth was doing her own homework "but all the floating words give me a headache,"

"Poor Percy," Annabeth pouted "Do it later,"

"I have sword fighting classes tomorrow," Percy complained "and it's due Monday,"

"When did you get it?" Annabeth asked sceptically.

"A week ago," Percy mumbled.

"Why didn't you do it then?" Annabeth laughed.

"Tony needed help deciding what animals to get in his aquarium! He wanted to get eels, but eels tell horrible jokes- kind of like bad stand up comedians-" Percy began to explain but realised he was beginning to ramble "-I was busy,"

"Maybe you shouldn't have stayed with them," Annabeth joked "it seems like such a busy job, deciding what animals to get in an aquarium,"

After the whole Hecate ordeal Poseidon had told him it was up to Percy if he wanted to stay with the Avengers. Percy did it mostly for camp people, they wanted to have someone representing them and fighting the monsters they weren't allowed. It was actually an okay job (not that he got payed) but he didn't like the media attention it got him. Already numerous odd 'origin stories' had popped up. One person said he was the reincarnation of Achilles, another said he was made of sea foam like Pegasus', one even went as far to say a guardian of earth that only appeared when it was in trouble.

"Well do you know how annoying some fish are-"

His computer screen suddenly went black. Percy whacked the screen, trying to get it respond. Clicking wildly he began fretting for his lost work. He bent down to check the power cords, but found them all in plugged in and turned on. He was climbing out when he knocked his head on the desk.

The son of Poseidon turned at the sudden smell of Moonlace. Turning he found the window was closed just like he left it. He knew it couldn't have been a passing smell from anything because Moonlace was very distinctive. Going to the window he noticed it was still locked and the fire escape was empty.

Shrugging he turned around, preparing himself to figure out what was wrong with his computer but a sudden movement in the corner of his eye made him turn towards his closet. Stepping lightly he gripped Riptide. There was an odd feeling running up and down his spine- like someone had just dropped an ice cube in his shirt.

He swung open his cupboard door but saw no one inside. Rolling his eyes at his own stupidity he turned and found himself inches away from Clint.

"Hades' underpants!" Percy exclaimed as he stepped back "what are you doing in my room? How did you even get in?"

"Window," Clint smirked, "Hades underpants?"

Percy blushed slightly "it's a Greek thing. Now get out, I have homework to do, if its not already gone. Gods! Annabeth is going to kill me-"

Clint grabbed his arm and began dragging him out into the hall and towards the kitchen. Inside he found Natasha. Sending looks between the pair he pulled his arm from Clint's grip.

"Come on-" Percy noticed Natasha had something bundled under her arm "-what are you holding,"

She chucked him the hoody he kept at Stark Towers in case his armour got to damaged to wear. It was the same one that hid his face from view.

"I'm not going out," Percy began to walk back out of the kitchen.

"Yes you are," Clint grabbed the scruff of his shirt and dragged him back "Fury's orders,"

Percy's eyes widened in realisation "I'm not going to that benefit," he twisted out of Clint's grip yet again and swatted away his hands "and stop grabbing me,"

He walked back into the hall, leaving the assassins to find their own way out. Unfortunately they seemed set on getting him to that benefit. Clint ran up the hall and tackled him to the ground, pinning his arms above his head.

"Get off!" Percy squirmed away.

"Our orders where to get you," Clint spread his arms apart and Natasha forced his arms into the arms of the hoodie "I've never failed a mission yet, and I'm not starting now,"

The son of Poseidon's head was forced through the hole. He glared up at Clint who was looking rather pleased with himself.

"Say I wasn't home! Say anything, I don't care," Percy attempted to wiggle out, "just don't make me go,"

The Avengers got invited to numerous benefits. Seeing as there where so many members of the team they usually did it tag team. Natasha and Steve would go together, Tony and Bruce, and then Clint was reserved to go with Percy, but thankfully the need had never shown up.

Clint climbed off him, but before he could even try to escape, Natasha yanked him up by his hood "We all have to go. I don't like it any more then you,"

"Did Clint have to tackle you as well to make you go?" Percy asked sarcastically as he was dragged behind Natasha back to his room. Clint opened the window and climbed out onto the fire escape, gesturing for Percy to follow. He did, but he was careful not to disturb the Moonlace flowers on the window ledge.

"He wishes," Natasha commented with a smirk while Clint just rolled his eyes "try not to yell to loudly,"

"What do you-" he soon figured out what they meant as a hard shove in the back sent him toppling over the fire escape-

-and straight into Tony's waiting arms. Percy paled as he realised just how fast Tony was moving and the awkward and unsafe position he was in.

"Put me down," Percy gripped onto his friends arm tightly.

"Why?" They were already nearing Stark Towers "not like you've never flown with me before,"

"I was prepared then-" Tony landed on the balcony "-not thrown of a fire escape!"

Tony put him down as the robots began going to work taking the suit off. Percy followed behind him, arms crossed over his chest. His mum was going to flip when she noticed him missing, and he was lucky Annabeth hadn't decided to IM him. He stalked into the lounge room and pointed a finger at Steve who was wearing a suit and had another suit bag resting over his arm.

"I'm not going," Percy said as he moved towards the elevator "to big of a risk-"

The elevator door opened to reveal Fury who was looking rather amused by the whole situation.

"We have SHIELD agents on the grounds, scanned everyone going to see if they have any connection to you, and even made sure there was no seafood. You're going," Fury crossed his arms over his chest.

"Are you?" Percy asked looking at the leather duster.

"I have more pressing matters to attend to. I was in the area and decided to check personally if my two best agents had managed to get their mission complete," Fury looked at Percy.

"I have important things as well-" Percy tried to argue but from all the looks everyone was giving him he knew he was fighting a loosing battle.

"Are you always this stubborn?" Bruce came out from a room on the side, purple mask in hand.

"It's a family trait," Percy muttered "fine, I'll go to this stupid benefit, but if I have to dance I'm out of there. I need to call my mum first,"

Tony offered him the phone with a smug expression on his face. Fury nodded his leave and left. Punching in his home number he left a message on the answering machine.

"Hey mum, I had to go out, but I'll be home around-" he looked at Steve who held up one finger. Percy covered the mouth piece and said "-my curfews twelve."

"You have a curfew?" Tony asked looking amused.

"Shut up," Percy replied before speaking into the phone "-I'll just crash at Tony's actually. I'll be back Sunday afternoon, love you,"

Setting the phone down he took the suit bag Steve offered him. Bruce then held out a half face mask that would cover up to his nose. Frowning at it he inspected the sea green fabric that was accented by gold on the outside. Going into the bathroom he changed into the suit and frowned at the green handkerchief and black bowtie that came with it.

"How did you know my size?" Percy asked as he came out of the bathroom, ruffling his hair. He didn't know Tony could change so quickly, but there he was, wearing a black suit, hair slicked back and sunglasses red handkerchief folded in his pocket.

"Not important," Tony chucked something towards him and he nimbly caught it.

"Hair gel?" Percy didn't seem impressed "what's this for?"

"You see, when you want to look attractive, you use it to control your hair-" Tony began explaining sarcastically.

"I know what it does," Percy dumped him clothes on the couch and frowned down at his bowtie "why do I need it?"

"Because I say so," Tony walked up and grabbed Percy's bowtie "don't they teach you how to do these things in school?"

"No," Percy didn't like the feel of the suit at all. Tony folded up the handkerchief and pushed into his pocket.

"Do I need to put the hair gel in for you or can you manage that yourself?" Tony asked sarcastically.

Scowling Percy put the hair gel in, not liking it at all. He supposed it would help him become less identifiable. The son of Poseidon grabbed the hoody before entering the elevator and putting his mask on. Outside a limousine was waiting, Clint, Natasha and Pepper already inside.

"Happy, meet Percy," Tony made gesture pairs between the driver and him.

"Tony!" Percy tried not to hit the man "what the hell?"

Tony just shrugged "Happy's one of my friends, he won't tell a soul. Won't you Happy?"

"Scouts honour sir," the driver commented.

Percy pulled off the mask and rubbed his face, obviously not pleased with it. Pepper sent him an apologetic smile on behalf of her boyfriend who was busy talking to Bruce on the latest paper published on Quantum Physics. Clint and Natasha were engrossed in a fast paced conversation about guns from the sound of it.

"Don't worry, these things aren't as boring as they sound," Pepper started to make conversation with him. Percy liked Pepper, she was kind and was strict when need be.

"When you're ADHD things like this are extremely boring," Percy folded his arms over his chest.

"You'll be fine," Pepper flashed him a smile "besides, I've always wanted to know what you'd look like in a suit. You look rather handsome,"

Percy blushed; "I feel like a monkey,"

"Grin and bear it," Tony commented "mask on, the venues coming up. Don't get close to screaming girls, avoid people screaming your name, and try to avoid the underwear thrown at you,"

"They throw underwear at you?" Percy asked appalled.

"Unfortunately, yes," Bruce frowned slightly as he put his own mask on.

Everyone else followed suit. Steve was wearing a red white and blue mask (Percy stifled some laughter), Natasha a black mask, Clint purple, Pepper red, and Tony a red and gold. Wondering who let Tony pick the masks Percy stepped out the car and was bombarded the screaming and the flashing of the cameras.

"Have I mentioned I don't like being the centre of attention?" Percy muttered to Tony who had gotten out next to him and was waving to the crowd.

"Once or twice," Tony flashed him a smirk "just walk down the red carpet, its easy,"

Luckily Bruce was awkward as he was at these things. The pair stuck close together as they walked down the carpet. Percy thanked the gods he had fast reflexes, other wise he would've been buried under the weight of everything everyone was throwing towards them. A group of girls were holding a big sign that Percy didn't have a chance to read, but he could see the crudely drawn sword on it.

"What does it say?" Percy whispered to Bruce.

"That they love you," Bruce frowned slightly "and they want you to take off your top,"

"I knew it was a bad idea to come," Percy grumbled as he glanced at the crowd.

"It'll be over soon," Bruce patted him on the back.

They made it up the steps leading up to the venue. Up there Tony grabbed his arm and dragged him and Bruce towards a photographer. Percy kept his face low as the photo was taken, then nimbly tried to avoid and interviewer, but Tony seemed to think it was funny to knock him towards the interviewer.

"I'm here with Gladiator in his first public appearance," the women said as she sidled up next to him get into the view of the camera "what do you think of it all?"

"It's…." the microphone was stuffed under his mouth to catch his words.

"Gladiator doesn't take questions personally, sorry," Pepper came up and saved the day "any questions for him can be asked through me,"

The women glared briefly at Pepper before putting her stage face back on.

"Of course," the women smiled "we have some questions from out viewers at home-"

"Sorry, we don't have the time," Pepper placed a hand on Percy's shoulder and steered him away.

"Thank you," Percy replied as they entered the hall and made their way towards the ball room.

Inside Percy found the table and sat down. People came up to him and offered their hands which Percy shook, but when it came to questions he kept his mouth shut. Not that they cared. They rambled and rambled about things Percy honestly didn't care about. Tony came to the table with two glasses in hand, and handed one to Percy.

"Is this alcoholic?" Percy questioned as he sniffed it.

"No, but if you don't drink you'll just look strange," Tony sipped on what Percy guessed was scotch "it's just water,"

Eventually Percy was the only one left at his table. Everyone else had gone up to dance on the floor, well, not Bruce and Steve. They were chatting up the mayor or something across the room. The son of Poseidon stood up and ambled over to the bathroom, hoping to find some solitude.

Inside was an attendant and Percy tried not to send him a weird look. After relieving himself he washed his hands at the sink and looked at the other man that had come in. He wore a full golden mask that was tinted with green lace work. His hair was black, that much Percy could see, and his where a mixture of blue and green. He slipped a hundred dollar note to the attendant, whispered something to him, then watched as he left.

"Enjoying the party, Gladiator?" the man asked as he watched Percy awkwardly dry his hands "they surely went a long way to make you feel welcome,"

Percy remained silent and moved to exit, but found the door was locked.

"No need to play silent with me," The man smirked "I already know everything there is to know about you, Perseus,"

"Who are you?" Percy asked as he stared at the man.

"Loki Laufeyson, pleasure to finally meet you in person, Perseus," He removed his mask to reveal a rather gaunt and pale face.

Sparing a glance for the locked door he felt his heart miss a beat. For some reason he knew he wouldn't be getting that door open anytime soon.

"Percy," he corrected on instinct, and noticing the raised eyebrow he stumbled to explain "if you're going to threaten me you may as well get my name right,"

"I'm just here to talk," he pulled a pocket watch from his suit and gazed at it momentarily "warn you actually,"

"That'd be a first," Percy mumbled lifting his own mask up to scratch at his face (something he'd been wanting to all night, it was a really annoying itch) "still planning to rule all humans?"

Loki let out a low chuckle "you amuse me Percy," the mischievous god looked him up and down "but that is not your concern,"

"It kind of is," Percy inched his hand down to his pocket.

"It's only your concern if you make it so," Loki stated "I'm giving you the chance to walk away from those petty little Avengers right now and save yourself the trouble,"

Percy gripped Riptide; "and if I say no?"

"I'll reveal your identity to the world and watch as your world crumbles around you," he said as if he was commenting on the whether "I wouldn't bother trying to fight me either. I'm here under a white flag,"

"Why are you warning me?" Percy asked, still not letting his pen go.

"I've heard of your triumphs. You fight for justice and equality- not the best decision in my eyes, but I have heard of the deal you made with your gods. Lady Hecate told me how you turned down godhood to help those who have been shadowed and abandoned," Loki tapped his fingers against the marble bench top.

"It was the right thing to do," Percy pointed out "others would've done the same,"

"No they wouldn't have. It is a rare trait nowadays, selflessness," Loki mused "it's your choice Perseus,"

"So I can fight you or sit back and watch the world burn?" Percy raised an eyebrow.

"Yes," Loki said in return.

"I'm not going to let you ruin the world," Percy stated.

"Then it was good talking to you," Loki said "I'll be seeing you soon,"

The god of mischief walked past him towards the door, and Percy shifted away on instinct.

"Do you mind not attacking New York this time?" Percy blurted "it costs a lot of money to repair you know. Global financial crisis and things like that,"

Loki looked greatly amused by it, his blue/green eyes twinkled with mirth. "We shall see,"

The man slipped his mask back on and walked out of the bathroom. Percy quickly closed the door behind him and grabbed his mask. With mask firmly in place he exited the bathroom and pushed through the crowd in a hurry to find Steve. The hero was still talking to the mayor, and ignoring the fact he was being extremely rude, Percy yanked Steve away.

"Loki's here," Percy said in a flurry before Steve could have a go at him "he came and spoke to me in the bathroom. He has a golden mask,"

Steve was taller then Percy and he scanned over the crowd.

"I don't see him," Steve said "we better warn-"

Steve never got to finish as a sudden ear splitting explosion sent the two of them flying. The bomb (or whatever it was) made the flame it created burn quickly. Smoke filled the room and blocked peoples visions along with making breathing near impossible. Percy pushed himself out of the wreckage of a broken table and tried to look through the smoke.

"Percy," the demigod turned to find Steve coughing through the smoke behind him "put the flame out,"

"Right," Percy muttered to himself as he coughed. Closing his eyes he tried to find the closest source of water. When he did manage to get a grip of it he clenched his fists and controlled the water. It came from outside, from the fire hydrants on the street. It poured into the ballroom and fell on them like rain. Coughing violently from the smoke Percy began making his way blearily towards the exit.

"Gladiator!" He heard Clint yell and he peered through the thinning smoke to spot the brief outline of Clint "a beam collapsed on someone,"

Percy ran through the debris in the direction Clint was pointing. He saw one person had their arm trapped under a thick beam of wood, while someone was trying to pry it off them. Percy pulled out his sword and cut away the bulk of the beam silently before lifting it off the person.

"Here," Percy's voice was slightly gruff from his coughing. He bent down and picked up the unconscious man in a bridal carry before addressing the women "follow me,"

By the time he got outside, Firemen had just began pouring in. The crowds where being held off the streets by SHIELD agents, while Ambulances poured in along with Fire Trucks. He carried the man to an ambulance and was about to walk away when a medic grabbed his arm.

"Let me give you a check over," he said.

Percy waved his hand to signal that he was fine, but unfortunately he couldn't help but cough at that moment.

"I don't care if you're the big mighty Gladiator, sit," the man ordered.

Percy flicked a glance at a different ambulance where Tony was getting checked out as well. He was about to refuse again when Pepper game up, looking fine except for the ash that covered her.

"Don't tell me I'm going to have to order you around like Tony," she looked at him.

Frowning at the CEO he sat down on the edge of the ambulance and took of his jacket like the medic wanted. The man checked him over and wanted to give him an oxygen mask to help get smokeless air into his lungs, but Percy shook his head.

"I just need water," Percy explained.

The medic handed him down a bottle of water and after sculling the whole bottle his throat felt a lot better. After he was cleared he took his hoodie off Happy who was standing next to Tony.

"Thanks," Percy said honestly as he slipped it on then removed his mask.

The Avengers gathered next to a SHIELD van once they had all been cleared by medics. Clint had a slight limp, Natasha had a cut on her temple, and Bruce seemed to be nursing a hurt wrist.

"We've got a code Black," Fury stated as he joined them "Loki's back."

I was going to wait a week to publish this, but I've been working on this chapter for two days and I just couldn't help but publish it. I even made it extra long for you. I hope I get Loki in character. This will be an angsty story so be warned.