Percy walked with his father through the peaceful gardens of Olympus. The city was yet again thriving with life and activity. Satyrs where fixing up the parks, the local tradesmen helped with some rebuilding, and they were setting up for a Thank You festival and large sacrifice to the gods. People dropped to their knees at the sight of Poseidon, showing their respect. His father didn't seem at all deterred by it, he seemed to take it all in his stride.

"…..what I don't understand is that he said his name is Thanos," Percy was telling his father about his dream, "but it didn't look like Death," Percy stared down at the ground.

"You're right," Poseidon sat down on a bench, "it isn't Death….there had been whispers in the past of another Thanos, far more powerful then we could expect. He is not a god, but rather an alien. He was the leader of the Chituari."

"So he was in league with Loki?" Percy questioned.

"Yes, Loki was the one who opened the portal for him," Poseidon stared at a tall oak in the distance, "but I had met the trickster previously, at previous meetings with the Asgardians. He his sneaky, quick of tongue and very talented in many areas, and yet it does not seem like him to get into league with a creature like Thanos."

"Why don't you just send someone down to the pit to question Loki?" Percy asked with curiosity.

"Loki isn't in the pit," Poseidon looked at his son.

"Where is he then?" Percy questioned as his brow furrowed.

"He is facing punishment on Asgard," Poseidon sighed deeply, "Loki had revealed he had hidden the weapons within the halls of the All Fathers palace to frame him and the All Father would not return them without Loki facing Asgardian justice. He gave us our weapons back and in return we gave him Loki and a solid promise that we would not harm Thor while he is on Earth."

"You just handed him over?" Percy questioned outraged, "after all the trouble we went through."

"It was the safest way to avoid more bloodshed. Lord Odin has informed us Loki has been banished to the Isle of Silence," Poseidon gazed up at the sky, "I like it as much as you do, Percy."

"The others won't like this," Percy stared at the floor.

"They don't have much of a say," Poseidon said gently, "Lord Zeus' words are final."

"Doesn't mean we have to like it," Percy stuck his hands into his pockets.

"You've done well son," his father rested a hand on his shoulder, "but now you get a break."

Percy couldn't help but snort; "I have school tomorrow," he muttered, "that's anything but a break."

Percy was actually having a hard time wrapping his head around the fact he would be going back to school tomorrow. If the media was acting the way it was he shuddered to imagine what the students would be like. Would they admire him? Would they hate him? Or would they just flat out ignore him? He really hoped they would just annoy him. But then there was the simple problem of securing his spot on the swimming team…and he didn't even want to think about the homework he missed out on.

"The fact that you can face gods and still be afraid of mortal teenagers surprises me," His father let go of his shoulder, "I'll let you get back down there."

"The medias worse then children of Aphrodite," Percy stood up. He gazed up at the sky suddenly as a great black shadow swooped down. He couldn't help but smile as Blackjack slowed his trot and walked up to him.

Those Aphrodite spawn tried to braid my mane once, Blackjack said as he shook out his black hair, hey boss.

"Boss?" Poseidon questioned with a raised eyebrow and slight smile.

He's boss, you're Lord, Blackjack neighed and bent at the knees slightly in his version of a bow.

"I don't even want to be boss," Percy said as he hoisted himself up onto his Pegasus.

"I'll speak to you soon," Poseidon said with a pleased shake of his head. He rested his hand on Blackjack before stepping aside, giving the creature the room to spread his wings.

Blackjack took to the air, wasting no time getting over the city. Percy felt his troubles melt away at the feeling of flying through the city. He breathed deeply before guiding Blackjack down onto the roof of Stark Tower. Patting the winged horse for a moment he muttered goodbye before getting into the elevator.

After washing and changing his clothes he spent some time up watching TV. He skyped Annabeth for a couple of hours, talking about what happened and some pointless things. It was good just to see her face. She offered him some advice on school, suggesting he should go through the back and be the first in his classes so he could get the back seats. Percy thanked his lucky stars that he had such a glorious girlfriend.

Night came to quickly and after eating some pizza on the roof with Nico he settled down to bed. He sunk into the pillows and was asleep within seconds. No dreams came to him that night and he counted himself lucky. Morning came too quickly. The light from outside burned into his eyes and the constant buzzing of his alarm clock made him want to smash it.

"Five more minutes," he muttered sleepily as he buried his head under his blanket.

"I cannot allow that, sir," Jarvis chimed from above him.

"I thought you were supposed to care for the members of Starks house?" Percy muttered darkly as he rolled out of bed.

"That is one of my primary functions," Jarvis said in his cool British accent, "but I am also responsible for running house schedules-"

"Whatever," Percy said as he blearily changed into a suitable outfit of jeans, a black shirt and navy blue hoody.

He ran his fingers through his hair as he checked his appearance. It would do. Percy rifled through his bag and made sure he had all of his books before heading up for breakfast. He was surprised to see Tony already up seeing as it was only 7:30. Usually the billionaire wouldn't be up until around 10.00.

"I am so glad I graduated high school at sixteen," Tony smirked at him, "I always hated the early starts."

"You are the son of billionaire. You could probably show up to classes late and no one would bat an eyelid," Percy poured himself some cereal and sat down at the table.

"True," Tony shrugged, "but private schools where stricter."

"Tell me about it," Percy remembered all of the private schools he had been kicked out of.

Tony refiled his coffee cup and gazed at his tablet, brow furrowed, "how you getting to school?"

"Thought I'd catch the subway," Percy muttered around a mouthful of food, "or a cab."

Tony snorted, "you're famous now, kid. You've got to show up in style-"

"-It's fine-"

"-I'll take you in my Acura," Tony ignored Percy.

"A taxi's fine, honestly," Percy pressed as he finished his cereal, "I need to find Paul anyway. A guardian needs to sign me in anyway."

"Seriously?" Tony snorted.

"It's so the guardian knows we were actually suspended. Most parents don't end up coming to the prior parent meeting so they want to make sure the kids just didn't skip," Percy explained half-heartedly as he cleaned his bowl.

"No one can deny me," Tony flashed him a smile, "let me get changed then I'll drive you."

"I'll be gone before you've even changed your shirt," Percy threatened as he picked up his bag and headed for the elevator.

"Don't let him leave Jarvis," Tony chimed as he entered the elevator, "I want to see what public school is like anyway."

"This is not a time to inspect New York public schools-"

The elevator closed and Percy angrily pressed the down button. The door refused to open so he headed for the balcony door, but that too was locked. Grumbling angrily he paced until the elevator door finally opened. Seeing it was empty he grabbed his door and entered. The course was pre-planned though and the doors opened to reveal the fast garage of Anthony Stark.

The palladium powered Acura was already rumbling away. Tony sat at the wheel wearing a simple tux and a pair of expensive sunglasses. Percy muttered darkly before getting into the passenger seat.

"This is my baby," Tony said affectionately as he ran he hand across the dash, "one of a kind."

"It cost nine million dollars. No one else is going to waste money on this," Percy rolled his eyes as he did up his seatbelt.

Tony gave him a stern glare; "don't ever call my car a waste."

"Can we just go to school?" Percy sighed.

"Jarvis, set a course for Goode High School," Tony rolled out of the garage and onto the main street. Percy wanted to crawl into a hole and die. Everyone on the street instantly turned to gawk at them and some even brought out phones to take photos. Luckily Tony's erratic driving had then zooming through the back streets of New York- per Jarvis' instructions.

As they pulled up to the school though, all of the students turned to look at them. Most of the people where early goers who had to commute from further out or had activities like track or basketball. A group of basketball players began talking loudly about the car as it rolled smoothly past them.

"Palladium-powered 80,000 TOHC 32-valve engine with titanium-forged block and nitrous fuel-injection system…." One muttered as his jaw hit the floor.

"This is the worst day of my life," Percy said as Tony parked the car in clear view of the entrance so that any new arriving students could gawk at it.

"I didn't expect public school to be like this," Tony got out of the car and locked it with simple command after Percy got out, "learn new things everyday though."

"I'm going to go find Paul," Percy began walking up to the school but Tony easily caught up to him.

"I'll sign that form," Tony shrugged carelessly as he flashed Percy a smile.

By now they had the full attention of staff, students and even the grumpy gardener. Some whispered behind their hands while others openly called for Tony to do something cool. People seemed openly unafraid to gaze at the pair of Avengers.

"Just smile and wave," Tony said as he widened his smile and waved at a pair of swooning girls.

Luckily they entered the front office before the first bus arrived. Inside the office the middle aged women at the front desk did a double take that would've been hilarious in any other situation. Tony strode confidently up to the front desk and flicked his sunglasses down.

"Apparently I need to sign some forms," he said with a confident raised eyebrow.

"I-uh-it-uh-" she stuttered helplessly, "only his guardian can."

"I think I'll suffice, he was with me the past two weeks anyway" Tony flashed her another smile, "and who do I talk to about making a donation?"

The women had enough common sense to cough up the forms for Tony to sign. The billionaire signed them with a flourish before pulling out his check book and writing a check for a million dollars.

"Oh…wow….uh…" the office lady yet again stuttered as she gripped the check.

Tony turned on his heel and walked out, leaving Percy to catch up to him this time. Outside a huge crowd of students waited to catch a glimpse of the billionaire. Everyone had cameras at the ready and flashes went off everywhere. Tony cut through the crowd easily, occasionally signing school books or bags. Percy on the other hand rushed through faster, going outside and breathing in some fresh air.

"I love people," Tony gave him a huge smile as he began walking back to the car.

"How can you stand that every day?" Percy questioned as he shot looks at the crowding masses.

"Just the perks of being a billionaire," Tony glanced at his car and glared at the large circle of people that surrounded it.

"I'm going to get to class," Percy jerked his thumb back towards the school.

"Yeah, alright," Tony was still looking at his car, "they better not have touched it with their grubby little fingers."

"See you," Percy muttered half-heartedly as he turned around and headed into C block where his English class was.

The crowds parted for him and everybody stared at him. He sat down at the back of the class and pulled out his books. People poked their head in unabashed and stared at him as if waiting for him to do something astounding. He glared at them as if threatening them to even look at him for a moment longer.

The bell rang and everyone sat down in their seats. Paul strolled into the class and after flashing Percy a small smile, stood behind his desk.

"Have you all finished your essays?" Paul asked as he walked up and down the aisles to collect them. When he came to Percy he winked at him before saying loudly.

"Your essay?"

"I, uh, didn't do it," Percy swore mentally at the fact he'd forgotten to do his essay, but all the while was thankful that Paul was over playing the fact he was a normal student.

"Just because you're off saving the world doesn't mean you don't have to do it," Paul shook his head, "detention at lunch, Mr Jackson."

"Sorry, Mr Blofis," Percy said as he ducked his head for good measure.

The class laughed at him and Percy smiled at his desk. It was nice to know that no matter how high he was up on the power chain outside of high school, he'd still be treated like his normal slack self. And honestly that's all he wanted. Not to be seen as Gladiator- the Avenger, but rather Percy Jackson, the ADHD kid who had a tendency to get in trouble.

After all, who wanted to stand out in High School?