Silent 4 Dead: Heather vs. Tank

By Jayovac

Author's note: The internet has a special thing to download where you can put Heather in video game Left 4 Dead 2. I do this and play on Silent Hill map. I tried this as experiment and I just write out the results. What happens when you do download is story I write below.

Heather was a walking thru Silent Hill. The fog were too many and she feeling inside lonerly. She sigh and stops because the thoughts were rack at her brain think "I died but am ghost" she cry out tears because she realize "I am trapt in this places" but what happens to Henry in real world?

Juts suddendly, a woman she meets in the church. "There is a way to free youresfl and get back to help Henry pay rent" she she is say as she clutches her wite hair titely in her clawed handed. "You msut defeat him. Defeat him and use this "a crucifix she gives to Heatherly". WHo must I defeat? Heather says proddly and slides a round into the chamber of her'd gun. It is a good gun with bullets that shoot out from the barrel when she squeeze the trigger. "He is from nother world. He save taht world from the Nemesis"Oh" my Heather! but necrocmancers capture hmi and send him to Sielnt Hill to pay for him sins" "you see" she explains "he must seeking redemption and the only to save you and him both at the same time to defeat him" Heather nodded fast and make her hair go. So heather thanks at the woman and leave quick.

Later, she was walking thru an street. "Tank" Heather shoot. I have to fight you to asve us all! And just as she says a rock, came flyin thru the fog and nearly carsh her "That was close" Heather thoughted extreemmly loud and fired bullets from her nice gun. POW POW. "RAAAAAAAAAAGH" tank say but the damage was not great, for the bullets were too weak for him power skin armor.

Heather has to think quick. She dodge more and hide under bus, with the dog. TANK SAY "WHER DID YOU GO" and angry smash all the cars away. Heather sneaked around to the front of behind Tank, "Why must you make this so hard" frustrated Heather. Just as Tank turns, Heather points a good shot in him brain. He died and his bloody spray into the fog as wisps float the air above. "I am so sorry Tank I know you have good in you but this is not can be" She uses the neccckedlace she gets and stick it in Tank?

A blue portal opens out of thin air. "Wow" Heather sayin amaze and wind start to flap all the fog. Heather knew she had to step inside and jumps inside "Here goes no thing"

When heather gets out of sleep that portal puts her in, she is still in Chuhurch?

"What happens?" Heather angry.

"I do not know. It was all too confusing" she exgasperate at her laying on the flooor. "Looks like we are trapped together" and Heather realize she is still in Silent Hill but other evil lady is talking at her from inside Henry apartment.

"NO!" shoot Heather as she watch evil witch lady sneak on Henry wit a knife as he sit and having breakfast!



Silent, the witch woman stab tab at him dead.

The End