Jeena's POV

"Rallen go now!" I screamed at the top of my lungs. "No! Jeena, we're in this together!" He shouted making his way over to me. I shoved him with the arm that was free and not trapped beneath the rocks. "No, Rallen! Go! Unleash the Ultimate Spectrobe, find the patrol cruiser and get the hell out of here!" I shouted. He looked pained, "But... Jeena..." He stammers.

My arm trapped... "Rallen go now!" I yell as he steps even closer to me.

Inhale. It's now or never.

Exhale. "Rallen, I-I love you..." I say ever so softly.

Inhale. I watch as his face contorts in pain.

Exhale. Then quickly he kisses me.

Inhale. It's like electricity running through me.

Exhale. "Now go." I say. He nodds and turns away. "I love you too. I'll be back." He says before running in the direction of the very core of this monstrosity.

Inhale. I look down at my arm... Oh God, I can see the bone peircing through the skin.

Exhale. Looking away I glance upwards.

Inhale. The ceiling gives a heave, and I know that I'm done for. As the ceiling caves in on me all I can see is Rallen.

Exhale. Then come darkness as it buries me alive... Shattering me... Now, I am gone.

Rallen's POV

I see the ceiling cave in on Jeena. And I know that she's gone. "Jeena!" I yell, but I know that it's no use. All I see is her hand limply sticking out of the rubble. Swallowing my tears I make my way to the core.

It's bright, but with an evil glow. "Alright... Let's do this! Iku ze!" I yelled throwing up my hand in the air with the geo. The ultimate spectrobe flys into the air in all it's glory. Then it swings around and freezes the core with it's awesome power.

"This is for Jeena!" I scream as everything falls black around me.

I wake up, now on the icy flooring of the Krawloshpere. I pick up the geo, and shakily get to my feet. As soon as I stand, the platform of ice gave way beneath me. And I am falling.

I land with a hard thump on something though... Commander Grant's patrol cruiser! "Rallen is everything alright? Where is Jeena?" Commander Grant asked. By the look I gave him, he knew that nothing was alright.

As we sailed out of the Krawlosphere, it blew up. I couldn't help but think of Jeena this entire time.

This was never how it should have ended...