"Robin, what do I taste like?" Starfire asked, rolling over onto her stomach. Startled by the question, Robin looked up from the newspaper article he had been reading. He tossed the paper aside and sat up, pressing his back against the headboard of his bed. He sighed in confusion and ran a hand nervously through his jet black hair. Starfire studied him the whole time, taking note of the way his face remained serious, even though a light blush was visible on his cheeks. Starfire took one of Robin's hands into her own and laced her fingers between his.

"Can you repeat the question?" Robin finally asked, forcing his mind to concentrate on finding an answer. He hoped he had just misunderstood Starfire, and that the topic she was bringing up wouldn't be as awkward as Robin imagined it would be.

"What do I taste like?" She asked again, smirking at the Boy Wonder's embarrassed facial expression. She reached up and traced an outline of his mask, letting her fingers slide down to trace his lips. They parted involuntarily, and Starfire pulled herself to her knees, kissing him gently.

"Explain the question." Robin prompted, feeling as if he were in a spelling bee.

"Well, every food on your planet has a different flavor. They all taste differently. Some taste better... Others taste, well, less appetizing. But they are each unique. So, I assume people are the same way."

"You're asking me to compare you to food?" Robin asked incredulously, wrapping an arm around Starfire. She giggled and leaned into his chest.

"No, Robin. I am simply asking you what I taste like. Must you always make my questions seem so complicated?"

"Of course I do, Star. It's the way my mind works." Robin joked, idly running his hand along her exposed waist. Starfire closed her eyes, smiling as she felt his fingers brush against her stomach. She turned her head and connected their lips briefly. It was Robin who pulled away, moving the hand that had been on her waist to cradle her face.

"Strawberries." He whispered against her trembling lips. She smiled, opening her eyes to see his own blue orbs gazing down at her. When had he removed his mask? This she wasn't sure of. But she was thankful that the offensive piece of his costume was gone. She loved seeing Robin's eyes. She knew why he wore the mask, of course. But during their private moments, and at times in which they were being intimate, Starfire preferred to stare into Robin's own eyes. She found that it was easier to understand him this way.

"So I taste of fruit?"

"Strawberries aren't just any fruit, Star. They're sweet but tangy. They're..." Robin trailed off, leaning in to kiss Starfire's lips, "delicious."

"So I take it that you like strawberries?" Starfire asked," biting her bottom lip lightly.

Robin laughed and squeezed her waist, "Star, I love strawberries."

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