Ever since Akira had disapeared again, Saki had missed him terribley. Although she carried on with her life as usual, hung out with her friends,helped out at her sister's house,she still couldn't stop herself from going there.

The run down mall. The place the naked boy from washington had taken her to. The place Akira took her to. She still remembered the movie they watched. The french one about the dolphin. It brought back alot of memories, and she had been very greatful that Akira had shown it to her, even if he wasn't there with her watching it. She wished he'd come back and they could watch something together. like a real couple would. She had fantasized about what it would be like once. Movie dates, dinner for two at fancy restraunts, spending time together, it all seemed wonderful and she wished it was real instead of just a mere daydream. But it would all stay a dream. Because Saki knew Akira wasn't coming back. But that still didn't stop her from going there one last time. To his home. To their place.

She had been hessitant to accept the key to his house at first, but she was relieved she did or she'd never have had access to this place. She walked up and down the halls of the mall glancing at every store she walked by. She then reached the big black doors of the movie theater. she pushed open the doors and strode into the heard a soft rumbling noise and she entered the projector room. The projector was running,Something was playing on the screen! meaning someone was here! Saki peeked out the little window down in the seats of the theater, one seemed to be occupied...by who?

'it couldn't be him' she thought. 'it just couldn't' She scanne dover the seats again until she came upon the mop of black hair and the greenish colored jacket. The intruder was now standing up waving at her, smiling. tears bagan to ruish down her face as she bolted downstairs and into Akira's open arms.

All the questions she had been thinking up of over the past 2 years he was gone suddenly poured out."i missed you so much! where the heck have you been? why didn't you call?" She was cut off when Akira leaned down and crushed his lips on hers.

"a simple hello would've been a better welcoming." he smirked.