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Here Comes the Sun

Chapter I


John Watson didn't respond to his best friend's exclamation.

"Bored! Bored! Bored!" Sherlock whined again.

John rolled his eyes.

"John! Do something!" Sherlock ordered.

"And what should I do?" he muttered dryly.

Honestly, Sherlock drove him mad with his incessant whining. Three days had passed without any worthy cases in Sherlock's opinion.

"Just do something!"

John was about to retort when Sherlock's iPhone rang. He hoped that it was Lestrade.

"Really?" Sherlock brightened."We'll be there in thirty minutes."

"Lestrade?" John asked.

"Yes." Sherlock replied. "Come on, John. There is murder!"

Sherlock looked excited so the case must be unusual and gruesome.


"You guys are fast," Donovan commented when he and Sherlock arrived in the crime scene. She was less harsh ever since Sherlock returned from his fake death and the truth about Moriarty was revealed. For that, John was grateful. Not that Sherlock cared about other people's opinion but John hated the name calling.

"Sherlock! John!"

It was Lestrade.

"Where is the corpse?" Sherlock asked eagerly.

"In the bedroom," Lestrade replied. "I should warn you though. It's really bizarre."

The police hadn't moved the corpse. John saw that as soon as he entered the bedroom. The old woman lay perfectly still in her bed. Sherlock frowned at the corpse and began to inspect it.

"John," the man said a moment later. "Give your diagnosis."

No wound or anything on the corpse. It was clean. "I would say that she died because of natural cause, probably old age." He summarized. "But, if it was the case then Lestrade wouldn't call you here."

"Correct," Sherlock replied.

"What is the problem then?" he asked, confused.

"How old is she?" Sherlock asked suddenly.

John blinked. "Err, eighty I suppose," he answered.

"Wrong!" Sherlock said.

"Eighty five?" he guessed again. What was Sherlock playing at?

"She's twenty three years old," Sherlock stated.

"You're joking," John muttered. He stared at the corpse in disbelief.

Sherlock looked at him.

"He isn't," Lestrade said. "The woman is truly twenty three years old."

"But she looks like she's eighty years old." John argued.

"And that is the problem," Sherlock said.

"Sir!" Donovan interrupted them. "There are people looking for you."

"I'll be back soon," Lestrade said. "Don't do anything Sherlock." He warned before following Donovan away.

John turned to Sherlock. The detective was busy inspecting the bedroom, looking for something, anything that could lead him to solve the case.

"Yes, we understand." Lestrade's voice was getting nearer. The detective inspector showed up, followed by three strangers. Two of the stranger wore black uniform. The last one wore white lab coat for his outer clothes. Who were they?

"Sherlock! John!" Lestrade called them.

"Sherlock?" the young man in white lab coat said. "Sherlock Holmes?"

Sherlock turned to look at the stranger. "Harry." He said.

"Do you know each other?" Lestrade asked.

Sherlock gave him annoyed look. "I just called his name. That implies that I know him. You people are so stupid."

"Sherlock," John muttered warningly.

"I'm Harry Potter," the young man introduced himself. He had messy jet black hair and green eyes. "This is Ron Weasley," he gestured to tall young man with red hair. "And this is Susan Bones." He gestured to the pretty young woman. "We're in charge of this case now so I would ask for your cooperation."

"Sherlock Holmes...as in that Holmes?" Weasley asked.

Harry sighed. "Yes, Ron. That Holmes."

Weasley started to mutter under his breath.

John could hear Mycroft in one of the sentences. Did these people know Mycroft? He turned to Sherlock questioningly.

"Harry is Mycroft's ex boyfriend." Sherlock said, dropping the bomb.

Lestrade's eyes widened in shock.

John was pretty sure his jaw had dropped to floor. "Did you just say that Mycroft has boyfriend?" he asked once he found back his voice.

"Ex boyfriend," Sherlock corrected, annoyed. "Do pay attention."

For Harry Potter, meeting Sherlock Holmes brought back memories from three years ago. He was in Auror training at that time when Kingsley asked Harry to accompany him to a meeting with Muggle prime minister. He met Mycroft Holmes for the first time there. It never crossed his mind at all as to how, Mycroft, could be there with the prime minister.

After the meeting, Mycroft asked him for dinner. Harry agreed to the invitation. It started from there. Mycroft was true gentleman. He was also really mature and well spoken and smart. Harry was always amazed with his brilliance. And the most important thing, the man didn't see him as the Chosen One or the Saviour of the Wizarding World. Harry was really happy. He and Mycroft would dine together then they would spend time together at Mycroft's townhouse in Mayfair. Everything looked so perfect.

Then suddenly, without any warning, Mycroft told them that they had to stop seeing each other. Harry was shocked and really confused. Had he done something wrong? What had happened? They were fine yesterday. But no, Mycroft told him that he wasn't interested in relationship with Harry or anyone else for that matter. The man said calmly, it was as if he was talking about weather.

He tried to see Mycroft again after that. Harry went to the man's townhouse and found out that Mycroft actually didn't live there. It was the place that he used for his meetings with Harry. When Harry got out from the house, there was black sleek car waiting for him with Mycroft inside it. What followed was conversation that Harry would never forget. Mycroft Holmes must be the most cold blooded man Harry ever met.

Hermione, Ron and his other friends tried to cheer him up while cursing Mycroft in the process. Ron even offered to truly curse Mycroft. Harry had to decline Ron's offer no matter how much he wanted to transfigure Mycroft into frog. But as he calmed down and could think clearly, Harry finally realized that his relationship with Mycroft was pretty much one sided.

Harry told Mycroft about his friends, his family and practically everything. But Mycroft never told him anything. Harry didn't even know Mycroft's hobby or his favourite food. He didn't know what Mycroft did in the Muggle government. What did he know about Mycroft? Nothing. Mycroft always stirred conversation to Harry and he never noticed it before. In fact, the only reason he knew that Mycroft had younger brother was because the said younger brother crashed his dinner with Mycroft. The thing was, Harry couldn't blame Mycroft for everything because he wanted someone who saw him as Harry and when Mycroft showed up, he quickly latched to the man.

Life went on and Harry continued with his life. He graduated from Auror training a year later. But instead of becoming Auror, he was offered position as Unspeakable and Harry accepted it. He had had enough fighting with Dark wizard after all. Once he started to work in the Department of Mysteries, he found out that Unspeakable was like scientist in Muggle lab. Although they sometimes also acted as archaeologist for important discovery of magical artefacts.

Like now, they had found some artefacts in Stonehenge but during transportation some items were lost. They had tried to track it and found all except one. They were still trying to find it when Auror Department contacted them. The item had showed up in Muggle world. So, Harry went with Ron and Susan Bones to retrieve the said item. Who knew that he would meet Sherlock Holmes there?


Ron's voice brought him out from his reverie. "We better start," he told Ron.

Ron nodded at him. The redhead quickly told the detective inspector to take his people out since they were going to do their job there. Sherlock was very reluctant to leave. In fact, they almost needed to force him.


Sherlock was pacing around. He tried to peek earlier but it was no use.

John's mind was still reeling. Mycroft's ex boyfriend? All this time, he always thought that Mycroft was married to his job. Pretty much like Sherlock.

The door opened and Harry, Weasley and Bones stepped out. Weasley and Bones made beeline towards Lestrade and started talking once they reached him. Lestrade nodded here and there.

Harry however joined them. "Hi, Sherlock."

Sherlock inclined his head at Harry.

Harry turned to him the next.

"I'm Dr. John Watson," John said. "Sherlock and I are flatmates."

Harry nodded at that.

"Are you scientist?" John asked. Harry reminded him of Dr. Stapleton from Baskerville. After the things he saw there, John wasn't surprised at all if those scientists found some kind of chemical that could age people.

"You can say so," Harry replied. "Are you still working as consulting detective?" he asked Sherlock.

"Yes," Sherlock replied curtly.

Silence fell over them. Sherlock wasn't interested in talking so the task fell to John. His flatmate was still annoyed that the case turned out to be boring.

"I never saw you before," John commented. He had known Sherlock and Mycroft for two years and never in those time they mentioned about Harry. But then again, they were Holmes. They didn't behave like any normal human being.

"It has been a long time," Harry said. "And I only met Sherlock once when he crashed my dinner."

"Typical of Sherlock," John muttered. "He always crashes my date too."

Harry smiled slightly at that.

"But Mycroft and you..." John said again. "I was surprised, with Mycroft being Mycroft. Well, you know how he is."

"I don't," Harry replied, shrugging.

"Huh?" John was confused.

"I really don't know anything about Mycroft," Harry said.

John didn't know how to respond to that statement.

"Harry!" Weasley called.

"I have to leave now," Harry said. "It's nice to meet you Sherlock, John."

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