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Here Comes the Sun

Chapter II

"Thank you for your cooperation," Harry told Lestrade. Harry, Ron and Susan had finished with their job there and were ready to leave.

Lestrade shook his hand. "I do what I can do to help," the man said.

Harry smiled at him.

"We'll take our leave then." Susan said.

"Nice meeting you, Detective Inspector." Ron said.

They were on their way out when Harry realized something. "My wallet is gone," he exclaimed in surprise.

"Maybe you dropped it earlier," Susan suggested.

"I'm going back to look for it," Harry said.

"We'll come with you." Ron said.

Harry shook his head. "No, I'm fine. You guys can go back without me."

"Are you sure?" Ron asked.

Harry rolled his eyes. "Yes," he said. "Don't worry."

Ron looked doubtful. "If you say so," he said.

"We'll see you later, Harry." Susan said.

He walked back to the crime scene.

Lestrade spot him first.

"Do any of you see my wallet?" he asked. "I probably drop it here."

Lestrade groaned.

Sergeant Donovan started to mutter under her breath.

Harry looked at them in confusion.

"It must be Sherlock," Lestrade said at last.

"Sherlock?" Harry asked, puzzled.

"He has pick pocketing habit," Lestrade explained with heavy sigh. "God knows I've lost more than my share of ID cards."

"You mean to say that Sherlock took my wallet," Harry confirmed.

"Yes," Lestrade replied. "He likes doing it for fun."

Harry sighed. Pick pocketing for fun? Why couldn't he meet normal ordinary people just for once? Thankfully, he didn't put something that was magical in the wallet. Only his driver license, identity card and Muggle money.

"Where can I find him?" he asked at last.

"221B Baker Street." Lestrade replied.

"Thank you," Harry said. He turned to leave. But instead of going to Sherlock's flat, he decided to return to the Ministry of Magic first so Ron wouldn't worry about him. After that, he would go to Sherlock's flat.


"Stop thinking about my brother," Sherlock ordered. "It's disturbing!"

"Sorry," John replied automatically. "It's just, well, you know, Mycroft, Harry, it's unbelievable."

Sherlock snorted derisively.

"I thought that he's like you. Married to his job," John said honestly. Or asexual at least. But when he thought about it again, Mycroft's comment when they visited Buckingham Palace indicated that Mycroft wasn't asexual. Why was he thinking about this again? Surely, he had better thing to do rather than to ponder about Mycroft's relationship. Besides that, Harry looked so young. He looked like he was in the beginning of twenty. John knew that Mycroft was seven years older than Sherlock so that would make Mycroft forty. Almost twice of Harry's age. Maybe that was the reason why Harry ended his relationship with Mycroft.

"No." Sherlock said.

"What?" John asked in confusion.

"It was Mycroft who broke it." Sherlock said in distaste, as if it pained him to talk about his elder brother.

"Ah, well, people who don't like each other anymore do that," John commented.

"Mycroft liked him." Sherlock clarified. "He still likes him."

John raised his eyebrow. "Mycroft still likes him?" he repeated.

"Yes, John. Do pay attention," Sherlock muttered in annoyance. "I hate repeating myself."

"Sherlock," he said cautiously. "If Mycroft still likes Harry, he wouldn't break their relationship." Sherlock might be genius but not too much in human's emotion.

"It's because he cared," Sherlock said. "If he didn't care about Harry at all they would still stay together."

"You lost me there," John said. He simply didn't understand. Mycroft left Harry because he liked Harry but he would stay with Harry if he didn't like Harry. Shouldn't it the other way around?

"Caring is not an advantage," Sherlock replied. "When you care about someone, you let emotion rule you. You shouldn't let your heart rule your head."

"That's ridiculous," John argued.

Sherlock sighed as if he was an idiot, which he probably was to Sherlock. His flatmate was genius and thought that everyone else was beneath him. "Mycroft is British Government. He can't afford any weakness or distraction."

"Having lover is weakness and distraction?" John asked.

"Yes," Sherlock replied. "According to Mycroft, that is."

John raised his hand in surrender. He disagreed with Mycroft obviously but he could understand the reason behind it. He had been to war, where everything could be used as weapon. Holding loved one as bargaining tools had been done since the beginning of human civilization. But still, it was sad that Mycroft chose to let Harry go instead of fighting to keep his lover. The man was British Government, the shadow ruler of Britain. He had all the power in his palm.

They arrived at 221B Baker Street. As usual, Sherlock left him to pay the fee. Sighing, he followed Sherlock upstairs. John was surprised when Sherlock pulled out leather wallet from the pocket of his coat. He knew it wasn't Sherlock's wallet.

"Hmm..interesting," Sherlock muttered.

"What is interesting?" he asked in trepidation. It never bode well whenever Sherlock had that kind of expression on his face. "And whose wallet is that?"

"It's Harry," Sherlock replied. "I took it from him earlier."

"You what?" he rounded on his flatmate. "Why did you do that? Return it to him! Now, Sherlock."

"I'm curious," Sherlock said. He looked like he was ready to take the wallet apart.

"Curious? I thought that you were able to deduce everything about Harry just in one look." He said sarcastically.

"There is no need for sarcasm, John." Sherlock muttered. "And your statement is true but something doesn't add up. There is something not right about Harry and I intend to find out." Sherlock replied. "Mycroft didn't let me the last time."

John was surprised to hear that. "Mycroft didn't let you? Well, good for him." He said.

"But they aren't dating anymore so it isn't his business," Sherlock said childishly.

"On the contrary, little brother," came the familiar voice of Mycroft Holmes.

Sherlock looked annoyed by his elder brother presence. "That was fast," he grumbled.

John agreed with that. Mycroft was really fast. Then again, the man controlled all CCTV in London and maybe all CCTV in entire Britain.

"What are you doing here?" Sherlock snapped.

"And what are you doing with Harry's belonging?" Mycroft asked. His voice was soft but deadly.

"It's none of your business!" Sherlock retorted.

"I've told you that Harry is off of limit." Mycroft said firmly.

The two brothers stared at each other until Sherlock finally huffed and said in irritation. "Fine! Have it your way!"

There was a knock on the door. Sherlock didn't move from his chair but the man had smirk on his face now. "Open the door, John." Sherlock ordered. "After all, we have guest here."

"You planned this, did you?" Mycroft said.

Sherlock's smirk grew wider.

John opened the door with a sinking feeling. He already knew who the guest was, judging from Sherlock and Mycroft's reaction.

"Hello, Doctor Watson," Harry Potter greeted him. This time, the young man wore nice and expensive looking black coat instead of his white lab jacket. "Is Sherlock here?"

Great. This was really great. What was Sherlock planning?"

"Yes, he is inside." John replied. So was with Mycroft.

Harry looked at him expectantly.

"Ah, please come in," he said. John cursed Sherlock and Mycroft for putting him into this position.

"Thank you," Harry replied. The young man walked in. "Sherlock, did you take my-" His words died when he saw the sight of Mycroft.

"Hello, Harry," Mycroft greeted his ex lover.

"Mycroft," Harry said after a few moments of silence. His gaze fell to the table. "Sherlock! That is my wallet!"

Sherlock merely shrugged. "I'm just curious," he said.

"Do forgive my brother," Mycroft said on his younger brother behalf.

"I'll just take my wallet and leave," Harry said.

"Nonsense," Sherlock cried out. "It has been a long time since we last met. We should sit and chat."

John looked at Sherlock in astonishment. Okay. The situation was officially getting weirder than before.

Sherlock rose from his chair. "Please, have a seat, Harry."

Harry finally sat down. He pointedly didn't look at Mycroft at all.

"John, make tea for our guest, will you." Sherlock said.

He sighed and went to the kitchen. John was surprised though when Sherlock followed him. His flatmate rummaged the cupboard and took out small box. "Special tea," Sherlock told him. "For brother dearest and his soon to be boyfriend again."

What did Sherlock mean? Soon to be boyfriend again? John seriously doubted that Sherlock wanted to play matchmaker for his elder brother. Sherlock got out from the kitchen after thrusting the tea into John's hand. Honestly, the thing he did for his best friend. What was this special tea anyway? He never saw the box before. But John doubted Sherlock would poison Mycroft using his hand so he went to make the tea. When he got out from the kitchen, Mycroft and Harry were still there. Sherlock sat on the sofa, looking at both of them gleefully.

"Here," he said.

"Thank you," Mycroft said politely.

"Thanks," Harry said.

For awhile, nobody talked. Mycroft and Harry merely sipped their tea.

"How are you?" Mycroft asked at last. His voice was smooth.

"I'm fine," Harry replied shortly. He sipped his tea again to avoid talking with Mycroft.

Mycroft and Harry made small stilled conversation. John was amazed. He had known Mycroft for two years and he never saw Mycroft act like this.

Sherlock leapt from sofa suddenly. "John! Let's go!" the man declared.

"What?" John asked in confusion. "Go to where?"

"I just remembered something. Experiments in Saint Barts." Sherlock said seriously. "Come on, John."

Harry looked alarmed. "Well, I'll take my leave then," he said.

Sherlock turned to smile at him. The big cheery fake smile that he used to extract information from eyewitness. "No, just stay here and have conversation with Mycroft. I'm sure both of you have a lot to talk about." He said sweetly. "Laters!" With that, he dragged John away.

"What was that Sherlock?" he demanded once they were out of the flat.

Sherlock didn't reply. Instead, he took out key from his pocket and locked the door.

"What the hell are you doing?" he hissed out.

"Locking them in," Sherlock replied.

"Yes, I can see that," he said sarcastically. "What I want to know is why you are doing that?" he demanded.

"So they can talk and get back together," Sherlock replied. "Are you really this dense? I worry about you John, I really do."

He ignored Sherlock's jibe. "Since when do you care about Mycroft's love life?" he asked.

"I don't," Sherlock replied.

"You don't care about Mycroft's love life," he repeated.

"Obviously," Sherlock said disdainfully.

"Then why?" he cried out. John truly didn't understand Sherlock's mind at all.

"Mycroft is really annoying lately," Sherlock said. "Even more than his usual self."

John nodded in agreement. Ever since the whole episode with Sherlock faking his death, Mycroft had Sherlock on tight leash. He would show up at 221B Baker Street now and then. He had Lestrade reporting to him about Sherlock's ever case. Mycroft even called John to ask about Sherlock's wellbeing from time to time. The man was adamant to keep his younger brother safe from another lunatic criminal mastermind. Sherlock, obviously, didn't appreciate his elder brother's concern at all.

"If he has Harry, he will divert his attention to Harry instead of me." Sherlock explained.

"Oh, for God's sake!" John muttered. He should have known that. Gave Harry to Mycroft. Mycroft would be busy with his boyfriend. And Sherlock would be left alone to his adventure. Really. "Mycroft broke their relationship. I doubt they will talk and just get together again just like that," he said in exasperation.

"Oh, they will." Sherlock said. "And if they don't, I'm sure the aphrodisiacs in their tea will do its job."

"What?" John whispered in disbelief. "Aphrodisiacs? You put aphrodisiacs in their tea using me?" So, it was what Sherlock had John to make. No wonder Sherlock was so accommodating earlier.

"It's only aphrodisiacs," Sherlock said.

"You drugged your brother and Harry!" John protested. "You used my hand doing that!"

"It isn't dangerous." Sherlock retorted. "They're only going to shag. The aphrodisiacs will take effects soon."

John took a deep breath and released it. He repeated his action a few times until he calmed down. "You're incorrigible." He muttered.

"Of course I have to burn my bed and use disinfectant in the flat after this." Sherlock said.

"Are you serious?" John asked.

Ignoring him, Sherlock continued his tirade. "But one must sacrifice something to get what one want." Sherlock said and turned to look at him. "What do you think, John?" he asked.

John truly didn't deserve this.

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