Hello, Seresu-chan here with a new fanfiction. I know what your thinking. "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING? 50 FIRST DATES NEEDS TO BE UPDATED!" Well, I'm here to say that this will be a filler fiction that I'll post, along with a short, three chapter fic. It'll be when I have writer's block on 50 First Dates. Which, I'm proud to say I've started Chapter Four, and should have it out soon. So, until then, enjoy this chapter. And Death of You is another you should watch out for when I post it. DISCLAIMER: I don't own it!

Allen was walking home late at night. It was a chilly night; the air was nipping at any open skin. Living in Britain was hard enough considering the rain, but, in the winter, rain turned to snow, and the snow hit Allen's face like knives. Sometimes, Allen would go home, turn into his bathroom, and notice red cuts on his face. The snow did that when the wind blew hard enough.

Luckily, there wasn't much snow, it was just cold. Allen turned down an alley, wanting to take a short detour. It was normal. No one was out at two in the morning, anyway.

And, Allen would've made it home early… If not for a giant, bird like creature falling out of the sky and landing a few feet from him, unmoving.

Allen was about to flip out. He didn't know where this creature had come from. The only logical assumption was the sky!

Allen was about to step closer when a midnight black feather floated down in front of him. He could clearly see the sheen on it since there was a loudly buzzing building lamp above him. Ironic. It was as if this thing wanted to be seen, and helped.

Allen looked at the thing's beautiful, shiny, midnight wings. They were… Large. Larger than any bird Allen had ever seen in England.

The silver-haired boy wondered what kind of bird this creature could be. He'd heard of large American birds that had wingspans of up to fifteen feet. But this creature's wingspan must've been close to… Twenty-five feet! Much too large to be any kind of flying bird Allen had ever heard of!

The silverette mustered up the courage and walked to the winged beast.

But, before he could take a step inside a five-foot radius of it, he heard a deep voice.

"Don't touch."

The small teen was startled. He didn't know where the voice came from, until the black winged beast moved. And under those great, big, black wings? A human. A very tanned, very muscular, very shirtless human male.

Allen was quite shocked to see this man stand from the ground and look at him. The black wings hung to the ground, and those beautiful, long, black feathers grazed and drug the ground.

Allen paled at the sight of the man. He was… He was just as beautiful as his wings were! Long, charcoal hair, deep and narrow sapphire eyes, thin lips pulled into a deep frown, and, as Allen's silver, moonlight eyes travelled a little south, a mysterious tattoo branded across his left breast.

Allen blushed at the beautiful man as he tried to fold his large wings against his back. One folded perfectly and rested, waiting for use again, but his right wing hung limply, and was bent at an odd angle now that Allen saw it.

"Please… Let me-!" Allen was cut off by the stranger suddenly collapsing again. He lay on the ground, not moving.

Allen gasped and went to the man's side. He hoisted the man up, and saw that he was unconscious. Allen couldn't just leave him, so, he slowly dragged the taller man's body all the way back to his apartment. Which was three blocks away, and on the top floor.

After a few narrow escapes of dropping him, Allen managed to get the mysterious birdman into his apartment, and on the couch. He brushed the inky locks away from the man's face, which needed a lot of care, and sighed. One of those black wings was still bent in a horrid shape.

Allen didn't know much about broken bones, especially when it came to broken wing bones, but, he couldn't stop himself from helping the birdman. He picked up his phone.

The phone rang three times before a very sleepy voice sounded on the other end. "H-hello?"

"Lavi, I need a favor. Is there anyway you can talk me through fixing a broken wing?" he asked, finding things he might need.

Lavi yawned, and even though Allen couldn't see it, he knew, the red head he'd called was rubbing his eye, since the other was probably covered by his eyepatch. "Why do you need to know that, Allen? It's two thirty in the morning."

Allen sighed, and thought of a quick excuse. "I-I found a baby bird, and it's wing it broken by the bend." he explained, looking at the severity of the man's wing. It just looked like a clean break. Thankfully.

"Lavi sighed. "Okay, first, you have to make sure the bone is cleanly broken. Then, you have to carefully set the bone back into place." he said, yawning again.

Allen did just as Lavi described. "Okay, now what, Lavi?" he asked, looking at the pained expression on the man's face.

"Then, you bind it carefully into place against it's body. I can come check it out later today, if you like." Lavi was eager to get off the phone, Allen could tell.

"Yeah, that would be… A great idea. Okay, Bye Lavi." Allen didn't even get a 'bye' back, before Lavi hung up, and most likely collapsed against his pillows again.

Allen found a small sheet he couldn't use, and gently folded the wing against the man's back, much like his other one was. Allen wrapped the wing once in the cloth, before wrapping the cloth around his torso, and, careful not to restrict his other wing, tied it gently, but firmly.

Allen looked at his handy work. It looked about right. He only hoped it would work. He'd have to find out tomorrow. For now, he left the birdman on his couch, and walked into his bedroom. He climbed into his bed, still fully clothed in his winter garb.

And, just like that, Allen was asleep, the birdman, who's name he didn't know, filled his dreams. What was he? Who was he? Why was his wing broken? Why was he so weak? Why did Allen help him?