I feel like I've been dead... But it's just a lot of school work and boyfriend and band, and all that stuff. So, here is a chapter of my new favorite story to write. I hope you all enjoy it. It took me about thirty minutes, but, I did put a lot of thought into this, and this is exactly how I plan this to work out. I like this chapter a lot. It was fun to write. Disclaimer: Not mine! All Hoshino-sensei's! If it was mine, Kanda and Allen would have sex all the time. Enjoy!

Kanda sighed. It'd only been two days, but, so far, his wing had been bumped, prodded, poked, and smashed, and every time, he'd let a flurry of curses fly. Even Allen was fearful of this so-called angel. However, every day, the poor silverette had to check the celestial being's bindings, to make sure the wing was still in place.

In another five, the red headed idiot would be back.

Kanda was particularly sour because he hadn't been able to get any sleep in two days. And he was irritable without sleep. This showed on that particular morning.

Allen was up at six, just like every day so he could go to college. But, as he walked out into the living room, where his rescued fallen angel was supposed to be sleeping, he was met with a growl, a huff, and an "About time, Moyashi." from the grumpy angel.

Allen blinked away sleep and meet cold, cobalt eyes. "Kanda? Why are you awake? I expected you to be asleep." he said softly, yawning.

Kanda let out a weird sound, a "tch," and looked away from Allen. "I can't sleep. This damn wing hurts too much." he gruffly said, glaring at the white haired boy.

Allen thought. "Let me see if I have something." he said quickly, walking back into his bedroom, into his bathroom, and checking for painkiller and Benadryl. The painkiller was obvious, to relieve pain. The Benadryl, however, was to knock Kanda out cold.

He snuck the medicine into the kitchen, past Kanda's keen senses, and dumped out about five pills of painkiller, Ibuprofen to be exact. He crushed them quietly, and dumped them into a tall tea glass. Then, he poured a healthy amount of tasteless Benadryl into to cup. Then he made tea out of the cup.

"Here, Kanda. Tea will relax you. I'll check on you after I'm finished getting ready." he said, smiling warmly at the angel, who drank the tea without hesitation.

Allen got ready slowly, so as to give the medicine enough time to kick in. As he readied himself, he had to think. This would be the first time he'd see Kanda sleep. It'd be interesting.

After thirty minutes, ten minutes longer than normal, Allen walked out to see Kanda, his eyes closed and breathing even, still holding the cup. It was empty, so Allen knew all of the medicine was in Kanda. He smiled. His heart warmed at the fact that he was able to help a creature in need.

"I'll be back at four. Don't destroy my apartment." he whispered, sneaking out the door.

Classes flew by for the silverette. He wanted to see his new charge. He wanted to see the man in a somewhat good mood. So, when his music theory class ended at three thirty, he was quick to get home.

When he opened the door, he noticed Kanda was still sleeping. He was astounded. The Benadryl must've been strong. He'd have to back off the dosage if Kanda needed this again.

He went about preparing the angel's favorite food, soba. He'd learned to cook it fast. It was simple.

It seemed Kanda really was an angel, because just as Allen finished Kanda's food, he awoke.

"Hn… Wh-what time is it?" that bass voice asked, deep navy eyes scanning the apartment. And when they came to rest of a familiar beansprout, they narrowed, then relaxed. Allen had done this feral angel a favor. He'd helped him sleep. Not that the angel would actually admit it, but, he was thankful for Allen.

He stood, wary of his wing, and walked into the kitchen. There, he washed his own cup, dried it, and put it back in the cabinet. Something to show his appreciation of the boy making him food, and housing him.

Allen smiled and passed Kanda a bowl on his way out. "Enjoy. I made it just for you." he said, smiling.

This was were Kanda realized… He was experiencing human emotions. He was falling for the slim boy in the kitchen with the moonlight eyes and the pentacle scar. And he realized he knew nothing about this boy. That would have to change.