Demigod Days 1

Teen Wolf and Percy Jackson and The Olympians Crossover

Fallenqueen2: I don't think there are any crossovers of these 2 out there and I figured why not write one? Stiles is totally awesome and I figured that why not make him a kick ass Demi-god that help save the world, best friends to Percy, Nico, Thalia, Grover, Annabeth ETC. So this story is a product of that thinking, hope you enjoy it!

Time frame: PJO: end of last book, no HoO sorry to roman fans out there. Teen Wolf: AU, Jackson, Lydia and Danny are werewolves. Scott is a beta in the Hale pack- Alpha = Derek

Disclaimer: I do not own Teen Wolf(MTV) or PJO (Rick Riordan) and it's characters, I am merely borrowing them for a while :)

Stiles laid back on his bed, dead tired after the last day of school and then a pack meeting at his place while his father was out doing his civic duty to the town. He lifted up his left arm and looked at the watch he had constructed his first day at camp half blood in the metal forges with his late older half brother Charles Beckendorf. The thought of his half sibling made Stiles's eyes sting, he quickly swiped at them before they could reach his cheeks just in case one of the pack *CoughDerekCough* jumped through his window like he normally does, totally uninvited, by the way. Stiles Stilinski wasn't any normal teenager, when you get past the fact that he hangs out with the town's Teen Wolf pack. Stiles is a Demigod, his biological father isn't the Sheriff, it is a GOD, yeah a god. A greek god in fact known as Hephaestus, the god's blacksmith and god of fire himself. His mother was killed when he was younger, he told everyone that his mom died in a car accident. Which technically is not a lie, just he left out the part that the accident was caused by a monster because he smelt a Half Blood in the car. He also left out the part that he was in the car with his mom and killed said monster before a half goat, half man founded him and brought him to Camp Half blood. It was Grover, a Satyr and one of his first friends at Camp, Stiles had to admit he felt incredibly sad when Chiron sent Grover to find another Demigod, but looking back Stiles was glad Chiron sent him otherwise he would never have met his best friends (Don't tell Scott) Percy Jackson, Thalia Grace and Nico di Angelo. Stiles pulled himself out of his thoughts as he flipped over onto his stomach, burying his head in his pillow. He really didn't want to go to sleep since his dreams were throwing him off balance as of late, he tried not sleeping for a few days but he started to fall behind in school and the dark bags under his eyes were a give away to the others in the pack and by order of the almighty Alpha Derek freaking Hale he had to sleep tonight. Stiles sighed loudly before pulling a sheet up over his body, closing his eyes before he quickly fell asleep to Demigod dreams and we all know how those are.

Stiles blinked in the darkness that was surrounding him like a thick blanket. He couldn't see anything and he wished that he had his flashlight he made out of greek fire, but alas he did not. Voices slowly faded into the darkness, attacking his ears with their sinister tones.

"I will get revenge for you my lord." One voice hissed.

"You better, either you kill that boy or you bring him back so he can hold my burden." Another more powerful voice snapped back angrily. Stiles released a breath of relief, that voice didn't belong to Kronos so another war was not coming, but he still knew the Camp was in danger.

"… Did you hear that my Lord?" The 1st voice asked getting closer to where Stiles was standing.

"What in Hades are you going on about?"

"Something or someone is here with us my Lord."

"… I don't sense anything, get out of here and prepare for the attack." The 2nd voice snapped annoyed.

"Yes my Lord." The nasally first voice answered with a slight mocking tone, then Stiles's stomach dropped as he fell into nothingness.

"AHHH!" Stiles shouted as he bolted out of bed, he took a few calming breaths as his stomach was telling him that he was still falling. A few minutes of Stiles calming himself passed and the feeling disappeared, he ran a hand over his face.

"Freaking hate those dreams…" he grumbled as he looked at the clock, 10:12 AM flashed at him in bold, glowing green blocks. Stiles stood up stretching and checked the date, June 29th. The 1st day of summer vacation and one day until he left for Camp, but a thought occurred to him causing him to swear and kick the end of his bed. He was part of the Hale pack now, even though he didn't do anything other than provide a place to gather and his awesome cooking skills taught to him by Katie. Stiles couldn't help but start pacing around in his room( ADHD kicking in there) as he pulled on some jeans and a long sleeve shirt not wanting the others to see his battle scars on his arms.

"What am I gonna do?" Stiles muttered to himself over and over again.

"Well you could stop pacing and come to pack training with me." Scott's voice came from the window sill. Normally Stiles would have jumped startled to keep up his appearance, but he was already slipping into his Demigod mode and had heard Scott jump onto the sill.

"Hey Scott, yeah about that I don't know if I should come today…" Stiles said already planning to contact Percy and the others at the camp about his dream and to put more border patrol before getting Percy to send Wavemaker- his very own pegasus- to Beacon for him.

"What are you talking about man? You always come to watch us train." Scott said confused.

"Yeah, I just don't think its a good idea for me to come anymore, you know it being dangerous and all. Plus I could get hurt." The last comments made Stiles grit his teeth because he had been in worse battles than the others but he had to play down his skills during the school year.

"Is this about what you do every summer?" Scott asked softly and Stiles's head snapped up to look at his friend in shock.

"W-what?" Stiles stammers and Scott rolls his eyes as he swings himself into Stiles's room.

"Don't you think I notice every summer when you disappear and I don't hear anything from you until the start of the new school year?" Scott asks raising an eyebrow.

"Well uh…Well…" Stiles stalled for time.

"I know its some kind of summer camp of sorts but you don't have to go this year do you?" Scott asked sadness seeping into his voice.

'Well that summer camp is the only place I can truly be safe and its about to be attacked, so of course I have to go.' Stiles thought desperately, his dream coming back into his mind.

"We can talk with the others about this, they are in the backyard." Scott said before jumping back out the window. Stiles slowly walked down stairs, his dad already gone for the day and opened the side door and let Scott, Derek, Allison, Jackson, Danny and Lydia into his house and they took up their usual spots in the living room.

"You are staying in town this summer Stiles." Derek said firmly and Stiles felt my anger flare up like the flames in the forges back at the camp.

"No I'm not." Stiles shot back just as firmly as Derek, everyone blinked at him in surprise since Stiles; yeah he fought with Derek, but never flat out told him no.

"What?" Derek snarled and Stiles put on a bored expression like the one he uses during the 2nd war of the titans and man did he piss off a whole lot of monsters and titans that way.

"You heard me Derek. I. Am. Not. Staying. Here. This. Summer." Stiles said slowly like he was talking to a child and red started to fade into Derek's eyes as he growled dangerously.

"It's not safe for you if you are apart from the pack." Danny tried to reason with Stiles before Derek pounced on him.

Stiles snorted loudly. "Actually I'm not safe anywhere Danny-boy."

"W-What do you mean Stiles?" Allison asked worried, she was like the human mother hen to the pack while Lydia was the scary werewolf mother hen.

"I mean, werewolves and hunters aren't that high on my threat list, no offence but there are much scarier things out there than you guys." Stiles scoffed before clamping his jaw shut already knowing he said too much.

"Stilinski, what are you talking about?" Jackson asked standing up slowly.

"None of your damn business." Stiles snapped and before anyone else could say anything a alarm pierced through the house and Stiles let out a string of greek swear words before running out to the backyard, the pack not far behind him.