Demigod Days 15

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Chapter 15

Apollo's van chariot landed down right beside the healing wing in Camp Half-Blood before any of the campers could even make a move to get to the van Apollo and Will were already rushing into the healing wing, a bloodied and comatose Stiles held tightly in the god's grip. The Hale pack, Brianna, Nico, Thalia and Percy got out of the van slower and were instantly bombarded with questions. Derek was not in the mood for their insistent chatter so he let his eyes bled red and teeth elongate into fangs and roared at the gathering of demigods. Silence quickly settled over the camp, even the gods who had just exited the big house and stared at the alpha wolf.

"Stiles was injured and needs time to recuperate so keep it down." Derek growled at the campers who all nodded quickly and backed up a few steps. Brianna, Nico, Thalia and Percy shot the alpha smiles of thanks and the recusing team shuffled up the steps into the healing wing, and positioned themselves around the room that held the working Will and Apollo who nodded at them and surprisingly didn't tell them to get the Hades out.

"Thank you." Percy whispered to the Hale pack that of which were all sprawled across a large couch that was placed against a wall.

"Huh?" Was Scott's intelligent answer.

"You guys saved him numerous times…" Was Danny's.

"No I'm not thanking you for today. I'm thanking you for the past school year."

"We put Stiles in constant danger of dying and we had no clue what he could do and we never gave him the chance to prove his worth." Jackson said feeling confused.

"But at the same time you gave him a comfort that he only had at camp. Then the war started and he lost a lot of people important to him, but now he has 2 families that will be there for him and for that thank you." Percy finished his heart-warming speech before leaving the healing wing with his cousins to debrief the gods, goddesses and Chiron about what took place on Mount Tam. From the looks on their faces it wasn't going to be pleasant at all and they much rather be by Stiles' side.

Tense minutes passed before Lydia give in and went to sit beside Brianna who was currently gnawing on her thumbnail in worry.

"Brianna." Lydia started in a quiet voice, the brunette looked up startled at the beautiful werewolf.

"Lydia?" Brianna asked confused.

"Take care of him." Lydia said simply with meaning behind her words. "If I find out that his heart is broken over you then well I can find you and I will." Was all the warning that the daughter of Hermes was getting.

"I can't stand him being sad or hurt so there is no possible way I could hurt him. He deserved an amazing life." Brianna said gazing dreamily at the form of her sleeping boyfriend whose mouth was hanging open which she giggled at thinking about how cute he was when he slept. Lydia didn't hear her heart skip so she was telling the truth, but the look on her face was what made Lydia melt. Stiles did deserve an amazing life after all the hardships he had gone through and she had a feeling that Brianna could provide him with that life. Lydia was willing to help out in any way possible even if that meant never seeing Stiles again.

"Welcome back Stiles, how are you feeling?" Apollo asked suddenly and everyone's attention snapped over to where the waking boy lay. Brianna stood up shakily and stared at the teenager, tears welling up in her eyes.

"Like I was run over by Lord Ares motorcycle." Stiles groaned, his voice raspy and dry.

"That bad huh?" Apollo chuckled. "It will pass after a few hours of rest, whatever Alectryon put into your blood stream is almost completely gone and you will be back to your normal cheery self."

"Sounds like a plan, I can't wait." Stiles mustered out as Will smiled.

"We have some people here to see you." Will moved and Brianna after getting nods from the Hale pack stepped up to Stiles' bedside.

"Bri…" Stiles smiled weakly at her, but life sparked in his eyes.

"Stiles. I told you I would come find you." Brianna choked out before throwing her arms around his neck, sobbing softly against the side of his head.

"I never doubted you." Stiles whispered, ignoring the pain from his wounds and hugged her back as tightly as he could manage. "If I wasn't in pain and in front of a god, a demigod and a pack of wolves I would be so making out with you." Stiles whispered huskily in her ear, sending shivers over her whole body.

"I'm looking forward to it." She whispered back, pulling back wiping her eyes free of traitorous tears and moved back letting the Hale pack come take her place. "I'll go tell the others you are awake." She sniffed and she walked out of the healing wing towards where Percy, Nico and Thalia were just finishing up their story of their Mount Tam's adventure.

"So are wolves too prideful to hug their injured friend?" Stiles smirked and chuckles resounded throughout the pack. They each took turns giving their injured pack mate into gentle hugs. "Did you have fun storming a cave?"

"It was pretty enjoyable ripping into Alectryon." Scott nodded smiling fondly at the memory.

"So you guys got all trained up by our famous Daughters of Ares and Athena then?" Stiles raised an eyebrow.

"Also Lady Artemis." Lydia smiled when she mentioned the goddess of the hunt.

"Wow and a goddess? No wonder you guys actually won against Alectryon." Stiles chuckled.

"Are you saying that otherwise we would have gotten ripped apart?" Jackson half snarled.

"Oh I'm implying it, remember our little fight?" Stiles smirked.

"Looks like you are feeling back up to your usual standard." Danny laughed, almost having to hold his best friend/crush back from attacking the bed resting Stiles.

"Looks like it, Lord Apollo and Willith here are the best of the best. Thank you." Stiles turned his words to the father and son healing team.

"It's not a problem Stiles, but I swear if you, Percy or Nico end up in here again before the month is up, some heads will roll." Will promised before he literally crashed onto a spare bed, mouth dropped open as he snored softly.

"That's a good idea Stiles. I'm sure that your father will want to talk with you, but after that I will be back to make sure you sleep." Apollo warned seriously.

"Yes Lord Apollo!" Stiles mock saluted as the door opened letting Percy, Thalia, Nico and his father walk in. Happiness painted their faces when they saw him propped up and talking like his normal self.

"Stiles!" The 3 cousins flew to their best friend's bedside and started questioning him.

"Are you really alright?"

"Do you know who we are?"

"Wasn't that Alectryon guy a cock before?"

"Yes, yes and yes. I brought that up, yeah it didn't help my cause." Stiles answered in one breath.

"You my son have a skill, not a good one for demigods but a skill." His father shook his head in disbelief.

"Hey blame Percy, I was nice and innocent before he came along with his quests and blood of a sea god! I'm the victim here." Stiles protested holding his hands up in surrender.

"Hey now that's uncalled for." Percy butted in.

"But totally true Kelp head." Thalia interjected.

"Like you are one to talk pinecone face." Percy snorted and Thalia whacked her cousin upside the head.

"She has a point." Nico nodded.

"Do you remember the crazy hyper 10 year old? Cause I do and have some blackmail in the form of videos." Percy shot over to his younger cousin.

"You wouldn't!" Nico sucked in air sharply.

"Try me."

"Don't ignore me Kelp Head!"

"You 3 are just like your fathers." Apollo mused amused but quickly zipped his lips under the heated glares he got from said 3 demigods.

"I'm just glad you are alright son." The god of fire said turning back to his son only to smother a laugh seeing Stiles fast asleep, mouth open and lips curved upwards. "It seems that your bickering has a smoothing effect."

"Only on Stiles, Annabeth tell us how annoying we are all the time." Percy smiled fondly at his sleeping friend.

"He is an odd one." Derek shook his head.

"Come on you guys, it's been a long day lets go get some sleep." Nico suggested and the whole room nodded.

"We are going to stay here with Stiles." Derek stared Apollo down with his alpha gaze.

"Just don't wake him, he needs his rest." Apollo relented and herded the others in the room out, grabbing his son under one arm. Soon it was just the sleeping Stiles and the Hale pack.

"Alright everyone pick a place and go to sleep." Derek ordered as he quickly claimed the only armchair leaning back in it with his arms crossed over his chest. Lydia dragged her boyfriend over to the couch they were all sitting on before and they curled up together. Danny managed to squeeze in at the end of the couch with their feet on his lap. He tilted his head backwards and was out like a light like the other two on the couch.

Scott dragged a wood chair over to Stiles' bed, resting his head on his arms which he rested on Stiles' bed he was also out like a light. Derek was awake a tad longer because he had to make sure his WHOLE pack was safe and sound. When he deemed they were he closed his eyes and he was out like the rest of his family.

~Next Day~

Stiles somehow managed to get out of the healing wing to see the gods and goddesses off since their time to spend at the camp was up and the current danger had passed over. Stiles stood using the help of Scott and Danny's shoulders as he looked on at the scene before him with sad eyes. Zeus had managed to surprise Thalia and swept her into a bear hug, muttering something in her ear causing her to relax and give him a slight squeeze back. Poseidon was literally hugging Percy till the sea prince turned blue in the face. Hades just ruffled Nico's hair with a small smile on his face and a huge smile on his sons. The other gods and goddesses were hugging or saying goodbye to their children or in Ares's case getting in some last minute wrestling done. The hunters were gearing up in their silver clothes as they looked around Camp half-blood for the last time for a while before they headed off into the wild. Today was a day of good-byes, not only for the demigods but also for werewolves. Stiles knew that the pack was planning on going back to Beacon Hills today and he knew that they would ask him to come back with them. Stiles wanted to, but he knew that camp was he real home.

"Stiles." His father approached him last out of his siblings.

"Dad." Stiles tried his best not to sound choked up. He couldn't hold back his body as he flung his arms around his father's waist and hugged his godly parent, who after a pause gave him a gentle hug back.

"Be safe and keep creating your dreams." Was the advice his father gave him before he joined the other gods and goddesses minus Artemis who was surrounded by her hunters. The camp waved good-bye one last time before looking away as they flashed out, luckily the pack had taken note of the campers looking away and rightly avoided looking at the gods and goddesses true forms.

"Thalia, we are going to be heading out soon." Artemis called softly and Thalia nodded. She made her rounds hugging and saying good-bye to her friends at the camp. Percy and Nico had joined Stiles and the Hale pack by this point so she stood in front of them minutes later and gave them all a sad smile.

"Well… I guess I'll see you guys at another point." Thalia started awkwardly.

"Ah Thals we all know you are horrible at good-byes. Group hug!" Stiles cried out walking forward and the 4 demigods all embraced each other in a 4 way hug, so only they saw the 2 tears drip down Thalia's cheeks.

"I'm going to miss you guys." She whispered.

"Iris message us whenever you get a chance." Stiles whispered back.

"Mom would love to have you stay over if you need to." Percy offered.

"If I'm shadow travelling in the area I'll be sure to stop by." Nico promised.

"You guys are the best." She nodded; hastily wiping her cheeks dry and she forced a smile on her lips as they all parted. "Well my new werewolves friends whenever I see a full moon I'll howl for you." She teased giving each of the members a handshake. "Take care of Stiles, he has a really bad tendency to get in trouble… All the time."

"HEY!" Stiles protested and laughter bubbled up from the small group.

"We will." Lydia promised. Thalia nodded at the whole group at camp half-blood before jogging into the mouth of the forest and disappeared with Artemis and the other hunters.

"Two down, one to go." Stiles murmured as he used Percy's and Nico's shoulders as support as he turned to face the Hale pack that were all shifting nervously on their feet. "I know you want to say something so just say it." Stiles said sternly.

"Looks Stiles, you are safe now. The world and the camp are safe now; we can fight the same monsters as you. I think it's time we go back home. To Beacon Hills." Scott clarified.

"Guys… Camp has been my home for a lot longer than Beacon Hills. This has always been my life; my family is here, at least during the summer." Stiles started slowly. "I always come back before school starts up, but this is where I belong." Stiles squared his shoulders, standing on his own as his friends from camp all gathered behind him, Brianna had interlaced their fingers letting him know she was there and that gave him the strength to say what he needed to say.

"Stiles, but…" Scott's lip started to tremble but Stiles knew what he was saying was what he knew to be true.

"I'll see you all at the end of summer, tell Allison hi for me. We both know you will run right to her." Stiles tried to hold back the venom in his voice; it only seeped out slightly but thank gods it didn't look like any of the pack caught it.

"Stiles." Lydia started.

"If you are going to go, just go." Stiles closed his eyes and turned his back to them pack. He heard them pause before their feet shuffled off.

"See you at the end of summer Stiles." Scott called back.

"I'll be there, I promise!" Stiles called back without turning around.

"They're gone…" Percy said quietly and Stiles opened his eyes.

"That must have been really hard for you…" Annabeth spoke up holding Percy's hand, but in her eyes she understood.

"Yeah, but I meant it. Camp half-blood is my home and every single one of you are my family and I would die for you." Stiles said and everyone grinned at him.

"So Stiles now that you are back in shape I think its time we tackle that lava wall again." Percy grinned and Stiles groaned.

"Oh Hades no! Not the lava wall Perce I don't think I'll be able to survive!" Stiles moaned dramatically. Percy laughed as he dragged his friend towards the wall of doom with Stiles whining the whole way. The familiar sight and sounds broke over the camp and everyone knew that even though good-byes are sad the world spins on and things will be all right.

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