With the military training she possessed, Riza was no stranger to a number of things. One of those things would be clearing one's presence from the battlefield. But, in this case, the battlefield was … Roy's apartment.

She moved with unnecessary precision, tiptoeing around to collect her belonging as not to wake the sleeping colonel. She stepped into her uniform soundlessly and fixed her hair with a brush she found on the bathroom counter. She was about to leave a note on his bedside table when his eyes eased open.

"Leaving so soon, Lieutenant?"

Riza jumped slightly as his words caught her offgaurd. "I have to go," she said smoothly after a split-second recovery. She smiled and gave him a small kiss.

"See you later?" he asked slyly.

Riza rose to her full height and said stiffly, "Work's on Monday." But as she left the room, Roy was sure he saw a slight smile on her lips.