This is the first chapter of a two shot.

Before you start reading, I have to tell you that this came up to my mind while I was listening to the song "Catch me" of the Jezabels. I think it would create a great effect if you listen to it too when you read this chapter.

It had been almost two weeks since Sammy's dead, and the reigning atmosphere was still that of sadness and desolation. Nobody could quite believe that "that" had happened, so they all tried to pretend that everything was alright, that's why nobody mentioned anything, though they knew that it was real, way to real, just like the pain they felt in their hearts.

The final of Prix De Fonteyn was 2 days away, but no one was really feeling in the mood for that. Tara had even tried to quit the competition, and had felt absolutely offended by the idea of Ben taking over Sammy's place in the Prix.

It was a cold, cloudy day, and Kat, Abigail and Ben were sitting quietly in the living room, each one lost in their own thoughts. That bitter reverie was disturbed by the sound of Christian's footsteps coming downstairs. He stopped at the living room's entrance and looked around. "She" wasn't there.

-Have you seen Tara? – he asked, but it was useless, like asking to the wind. He sighed and turned around to head for the door.

-She is upset because Ben is taking Sammy's place in The Prix De Fonteyn; they had an argument and she left. – Abigail blurted out. Ben shot her a dead glare.

-Thanks Abigail.- Christian replied, and walked out the door.

Ben stood up, so to go after Christian.

-Let them,- Abigal said –you know you have to. Ben looked at her, and then sat back down defeated. She was right.

20 minutes had passed since Christian started looking for Tara outside the Academy; there were no signs of her yet. A slight rain was falling, and Christian's concerned grew. He feared that she had left to some place else, and that a bigger storm could catch her by surprise. He sighed in frustration, and looked around one last time; it was then that he saw her; she was… dancing, dancing in the middle of the rain. He stared at her for a brief moment. He knew her too well; he knew that she was hurting, and that that was her way to cope with things, to let things out.

Christian stood still, mesmerized, watching her, his beautiful Tara. There were some times in which he wondered why he had done what he did, and the same number of times the answer had been the same, and it had always been simple: he had been a jerk. His stream of thoughts was cut short by the image of Tara falling on the grass. Christian rushed to her side, the rain already pouring down.

Christian kneeled down beside Tara, she was lying face down, but she was ok. He looked at her face; her eyes seemed empty, emotionless. Her gaze was fixed on nowhere, and yet she was crying, tears blending with the rain drops. Christian recalled then, that he never saw Tara grieving over Sammy's dead, let alone cry. He then lay down by her side, and took her right hand in his. Her eyes finally met him, and in response he intertwined his fingers with hers.

No need for words, she held on his hand tighter, and they stayed like that for a while, staring at each other, simply allowing the pouring rain to wash away their sorrow.

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