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Chapter Song: Everything's Just Wonderful by Lily Allen

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Summary: After the Fitchs are forced to reevaluate their financial standings, Emily finds herself back in London instead of her summer photography course in New York City. In order to escape the craziness of her family, she finds herself a job at Wonderland, the local amusement park. It's here that Emily just do happens to stumble upon a group of people that may just change her life, forever.

Chapter 1: Everything's Just Wonderful

4 Years Ago

"Welcome to Wonderland!" shouted the overly enthusiastic clown whom stood proudly at the entrance of the 'World's Most Amazing Amusement Park'. My arse. Even at sixteen, I know that this place is just bother bloody excuse for stupid tourists to come and spend their money for the Queen's profit. I scoff and continue to survey my crappy surroundings. Katie seems to have clicked off in front of the family towards the game sections, how bloody predictable.

Ever since the first time we came to wonderland for our twelfth birthday, she's had this bloody obsession with winning a giant ass teddy bear. Every time my dad manages to open a new fitness center, we take a family outing to Wonderland; today marks both Dad and Katie's fifth attempt.

Mum, Dad, and James have apparently gone of to the rides, leaving me with no option but to follow Katie, as per usual. It doesn't take long for Katie's heels to stop clacking on the pavement as she seems to have sensed that her shadow isn't obediently following suit.

"Hurry up lezza! These teddy bears aren't going to win them-fucking-selves now, are they? Chop Chop babes!" she says, her lisp prominent as the adrenaline from thoughts of winning a teddy bear have finally begun to wedge themselves into her slaggish mind. "Today's the day Emsy. I can feel it."

"Are you sure that just isn't the pain from your feet your feeling? I mean who wears fucking heels to an amusement park? And for Christ's sake Katie, please stop calling me lezza. I get it. No need to tell the whole fucking world." I grumbled to her. I had come out to Katie on our sixteenth birthday two weeks ago. She took better than I thought she would, but that's probably because she had just found out that she couldn't have kids.

Katie scoffs and turns to me, from the corner of my eye I can already see her frowning. I put down my shit lighter and turn to look at her, fag planted firmly in between my lips.

"Do you have to that right next to me?"

"It's just a fucking fag Katie. No need to get your knickers in damn twist. What're you scared off anyways?"

"Um Cancer?" she rolls her eyes and walks away. "you coming or what?"

I sigh and begin making my way towards her. Please. If there is any sort of God up there, please just kill me now.

Two and a half hours later, Katie has finally run out of quid and is getting progressively more annoying; causing me to smoke more and more.

"For Christ's sake Katie! Will you please just shut the fuck up?" I snap at her. She turns to me, her brown eyes fuming. Ladies and Gentlemen, Katie Fitch, sore loser extraordinaire.

"Piss off Emily! This is all your fucking fault anyways!" she's about to turn around until she starts coughing dramatically. "And stop blowing your sodding smoke in my face. I don't want to inhale your stupid carcinogens."

I smirk and blow more smoke in her face, to which she retaliates by smacking the fag out of my hand. "Fuck's sake Katie! That was my last one! How is your lack of mini game skill my fucking fault anyways?"

"Because you didn't stick to the bloody plan! You can pretty much fuck off now, you useless muff muncher!"

"Oh go fuck yourself Katie. I'm not in the mood to deal with your damn mood swings." I flip her off and proceed to storm away. Who the fuck does she think she is? It's not my sodding fault that she doesn't know when to fucking quit. Unfortunately, as I let my mental rant run, I failed to notice the people heading in my direction. It's not until I collide with a firm, solid body do I realize this.

"Can you fucking watch where you're bloody going next time?" snaps a silky voice. A sexy silky voice. I look an let out an audible gulp. Blue. Ice blue pools are staring down at me and it's not until I notice my stupid expression reflected in them do I realize that I haven't said a damn word. Pull yourself together Fitch.

"Sorry." I mumble stupidly. Smooth move. I dare another peek at her beautiful blue eyes and I notice something that oddly resembles desire and pity flash through them quickly; immediately, they lose their hard edge and soften.

"Christ I didn't mean to snap at you. I'm running late for my shift so I'm in a bit of a rush. But you. You look like you could use a fag." she sticks her hand into her back pocket and pulls out a fresh fag. "Catch you later, yeah?"

I nod my head stupidly and follow her peroxide blonde hair down until shes disappeared from my view. Just like that, the most beautiful woman I have ever seen in my life walked away from me. Like my cousin Celia once said, "Emily, tu es fucked." And fucked I most certainly was.

Present Day

You have got to be bloody joking. This can't be happening. Ive been sitting in this exact same position for the past ten minutes. Just gaping between my mum and dad, who are both looking quite guilty. As they fucking should be. I take a deep breath to try and calm down my racing mind.

"So let me get this straight. We are now swimming in a massive amount of debt, and because of said debt, we're moving from our home in Eastbourne back to London and I can't go to New York for my summer course. Is this some kind of sick fucking joke?" I say exasperated. "This is such bullshit."

"Language Emily. This is still my house and you still live under my rules," my mother snaps. I bark a laugh and narrow my eyes on her. Livid green eyes burrowing on equally livid brown ones.

"This isn't your house anymore, now is it? Besides, if we're so 'poor', as you arseholes have so blatantly put it, why is it that Katie is currently in Spain and will be in Spain for another two months? Or James was able to get that brand new game console just last week? Why is it that I, your other gay daughter is the only one who is suffering?" I sneered to my mother.

"Emily, you know that I don't have a problem with your, ehem, condition. This is a very big problem and I would appreciate it if you could stop being so selfish." she sighs and straightens out her already smooth skirt. "Luckily, your father found us a house in Ful-"

"Being gay isn't a condition mum!" I say interrupting her. "I have and will always be gay until the day that I die. Dad, what happened to the six 'Fitch Fitness' gyms that were plaguing the country no less than six months ago? Please enlighten me as I still have no clue."

Rob Fitch brings his hand to his mouth and clears his throat, "Well ye see love, I dunno what happened, but I somehow managed to place all of the gyms into a wager with the guys at the pub. One thing led to another and..." he lets the last part stretch out into an awkward looming silence. Fantastic. A homophobe for a mother and a drunk gambler for a father.

"As I was saying, your father managed to find us a lovely home in Fulham and has been progressively begun moving as many of our belongings as possible into our new home. Emily, please be a dear and pack your belongings as we leave tomorrow morning bright and early. Now off you go!" Mum says as she proceeds to collect our now cold cups of tea. I roll my eyes and head through the front door of the house slamming the door in the process. I head over to my orange moped-she's the first thing I ever bought after my first high-class client payed me-and start it up with somewhat ease. Soon enough, I'm heading up the main street of Eastbourne to the only place I know I can find refuge at.

This isn't happening. Fuck it. I reach into my back pocket, pull out my phone, and scroll down to the one person I know who can make this better.

"Jello, this is Peggy." responds a very tragic excuse for a Polish accent. Immediately the corners of my mouth tug up into a small smile. "Vas happenin' cousin?"

"Hey. Any chance your free?" I ask, nervously twiddling my thumbs against the chipping paint of the handlebars. It's quiet for a few seconds and then her voice resonates with a bit of an echo.

"For you Emsy? I'm always free. In how long will you be here?" I hear some shuffling in the background, which I can only assume is Celia putting some article of clothing on. Bit of a nudist, that one.

"Um, I'm outside now." I say as I pull up to a cream colored corner home. The front lawn is nicely manicured and the entire house has trimming that makes it look like something out of a fairy tail. I look up to the first floor window right above the front door, checking for any signs of life. It's not until I hear the front door opening do I shut off the moped and step off it. I immediately throw myself into Celia's already waiting arms and let myself be engulfed in her comforting hugs.

"Let's go inside Ems. This tragic excuse for a British summer is starting to settle and I'm feel a bit of a chill, if you catch my drift." I let out a small laugh and allow Celia to half drag, half carry me inside the warm home.

Other than Katie, Celia is probably one of the closest people in my life. Her mum is dad's youngest sister and ironically, the only one of his siblings who can beat him at a push up competition. Celia was born about and a half years after Katie and I, making her the second youngest member in the family, after James of course. But she certainly doesn't look seventeen. With her staggering height of 1.80, brown almost black eyes, and light brown hair, Celia hardly looks like a relative of mine. She was the first person I came out to when I was sixteen. She just looked at me and said, "So what? I like biscuits, vodka, fanny, and cock. Just not in that particular order." Celia has always been the only person who can successfully break up a Katie Fitch fist fight and successfully manage to call me out on my bullshit, but that's probably because Katie taught her how to punch properly after Celia's first day in sixth form, when she came home crying after people making comments about her awkward features. It only took a few weeks at the gym to change her slim awkward features into a toned powerhouse of muscle that could successfully take on anyone and anything.

After a good twenty minutes, we've just now reached the first floor and I can feel Celia's patience with me growing thin. She huffs, throws me over her shoulder and proceeds to glide up the stairs to her alcove, or the bat cave as Katie calls it. It's not until I feel her dumping me onto her bed do I open my eyes. Celia's barely covered bum is peeking out from under her floppy sweater as she peers into her mini fridge. A few jingles later, she's made her way back to the bed, a bottle of vodka in her hand. She hands it over to me and I immediately take a massive swig of it, letting the warming sensation hit my stomach. I peer up at her black eyes, which are clearly displaying sympathy and worry.

"What happened now Emsy?" she asks softly.

"It's all so fucked Cel. We're moving." I see her face freeze and her mouth hang open in shock. 3,2,1..

"What? Moving? The fuck are you talking about?" she shouts. I knew this move wouldn't just affect our family.

"Yeah. Apparently dad's been drunk gambling and he managed to lose all of the gyms. We leave tomorrow morning to London." Another swig of vodka.

"What am I supposed to do now? I mean the first year of St. Andrews is gonna be such a fucking pain, but at least you would be visiting twice a month. But hey at least you have New York next week right?"

I bark a bitter laugh, "I don't have New York anymore. Turns out we don't have enough funds to pay for it. Yet Katie is still staying in Spain for another two months. I bet you she's blowing hundreds of quid every fucking day." I look at Celia and practically hear the cogs whirring in her head. It's not until her brown bun upward does she say anything.

"No offense Ems, but you need to calm the fuck down. You're starting to sound like the posh wags in my form. I know that's not what you wanted to hear but, hear me out. Katie worked like a dog with your mum last summer to rent that apartment in Marbella. You and I both know that the only thing your parents paid for was the first class ticket to get there. Besides, your parents said they would cover all your living expenses in New York, but you would have to deal with the plane ticket, which you rightfully did. I know this is move is gonna suck but, you'll be in London so that means you'll have a higher chance of getting new clients." Seventeen my arse.

"How old are you again? Christ's sake Celia you make me feel like the seventeen year old." I laugh, instantly feeling much better after our conversation.

"Eighteen on August 7th, which is precisely one month and six days away. Besides you just turned twenty like three days ago. I should know, I was the one taking care of your drunk ass." she says playfully swiping the vodka bottle before taking a swig.

"You're right though. It's just the way it looked earlier today was that mum basically cut me off because I was gay." I hear Celia huff and feel a slap on the back of my head. "The fuck was that for?"

"You and I both know your mum is still coming to terms with you being gay. Albeit, it's taken her three fucking years, but she's better now than she was last year. So stop being a stupid cow and let's go back to yours. We have packing to do." She hops off the bed and stretches her hand over to me. I gladly take it and wrap my arms around her waist.

"Thanks Cel. I'm glad we're related." She laughs and kisses the top of my head.

"Don't get all emotional on me now. But if it makes you feel better, I'm glad we're related too. Now hurry up. We have a massiveFulham pile of things to do and I actually want to sleep tonight." she says slightly nudging me as we head down the stairs and out the front door.

"It's not my fault you can't keep up with the 'old people' of Eastbourne." I giggle and gun the engine of my moped. I feel Celia wrap her arms around my waist and poke my stomach.

"Hush up you. Just for that, you're buying me dinner. And I'm starving." I let out a groan and drive ourselves back home. The only thing that shows we're related is our matching appetite. But that's why I love you and will miss you more than you'll ever know.