"We're finally here!" Kyoko yipped happily, eager to find somewhere to rest for a while. Natsumi and Kyoko headed towards Genessa's house. Natsumi knocked on the door and hung back, waiting. Genessa answered the door, and a grin split her face.

"Natsumi! What are you doing here?"

"I've finally started an adventure! I figured I'd better visit you while I'm here."

"Come in! Hello Kyoko, it's good to see you." Kyoko barked and butted her head against Genessa's outstretched hand. Genessa scratched her head, smiling.

"How did you fare in the storm?" Natsumi asked as she took her shoes off and placed them just inside the door. She put on a pair of slippers reserved for visitors and followed Genessa into the living room.

"We fared alright. Only a few buildings were damaged and no one sustained any real injuries."

"That's great news! What of the Pokémon in the area?"

"A few were found with some small injuries, but no one really checked. They were too busy with the city."

Natsumi frowned slightly. "That's not right. Someone should have checked on the Pokémon."

"Someone did. No one knows who it was though. The girl who saw him said his hair was bright red, like fire, and that a dragon followed him. All of the injured Pokémon he found were dropped off at the Pokémon Centre, and then he vanished."

"I wonder who he was. He sounds like a nice guy."

"Uh oh, don't go getting a crush on him," Genessa said, giggling. Natsumi blushed.

"How could I, I don't even know who he is!" Genessa continued to pick on Natsumi in this manner, until both girls were out of breath from laughing so hard.

"So how did New Bark Town fare in the storm?" Genessa asked. Natsumi paused a moment to gather her thoughts.

"Thanks to you, I managed to warn everyone in time. No one was injured, and the town itself fared well."

"And the Pokémon in Haru Forest?"

Natsumi grinned. "I helped all those I could. The rest I brought to the Pokémon Centre here."

"You wouldn't have anything to do with the disturbance at the Pokémon Centre after the storm, would you?"

Natsumi grinned sheepishly. "Maybe."

"So it was you! I knew it! Did you really capture the Pokémon causing all the ruckus?"

"Well, yeah. It was injured, so I captured it and took it to the Pokémon Centre. I didn't expect it to react in the way it did."

"Can I see it? Father says it's a really rare Pokémon."

Natsumi nodded, and brought out a Pokeball. "Come on Raikou, time to wake up."

Raikou shook itself sleepily and yawned. "Raikou, this is my friend Genessa. Genessa, this is Raikou."

Genessa watched in awe as Raikou stretched and sniffed her dress. "It won't bite, will it?"

"As long as you don't give it reason to." Genessa reached out and let Raikou sniff her hand before patting it on the head. Raikou lay down on the carpet and promptly fell asleep.

"It's quite an incredible Pokémon. It's so big."

"Yes, Raikou is amazing. I'm still surprised it chose to stay with me."


"I gave it the option of staying with me after it had healed."

"Wow, you really do bond well with Pokémon, don't you." Natsumi and Genessa chatted a while longer.

"Oh, do you have anywhere to stay the night Natsumi?"

"I was just going to stay at the Pokémon Centre."

"Don't be ridiculous. You can spend the night here."

"Are you sure? I don't want to be a burden."

"Nonsense, you can stay here."

"Thanks, Genessa."

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