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Chapter One: Oleander

"Kagamicchi, could you let go of my Kurokocchi?"

"Since when was he yours!"

Kuroko sighed, prying the blond's arms off his torso. Though, a futile attempt it seemed to be."Kise-kun, could you let go of me?"

The said person was too busy having a glaring contest with Kagami, who, in an attempt to pull his shadow away from the model, almost dislocated Kuroko's arm. Kuroko winced. Kagami had certainly gotten much more powerful after the winter cup, but...

"Oi, stop it you morons."

Although it went unnoticed, Kuroko's eyes lit up a fraction brighter, as a familiar deep voice came to his rescue.

"Aominecchi, stay out of this." Kise whined, pouting as he let go of the blue-haired boy.

"You're gonna piss Tetsu off." Aomine said, glancing at his former partner, who was massaging his shoulder with his usual stoic expression.

Kagami raised a brow. "He looks the same."

Kise and Aomine knew better, knowing the boy for much longer than Kagami did. Kuroko looked up at Kise, staring at him with his usual deadpan expression. However, a tiny glint flashed in his eyes.

"Uwaah! sorry, Kurokocchi!" Kise cried, backing away.

Kuroko sighed, as he looked around to find somewhere to sit. They had come to a television studio. And as expected, there were lots of famous faces walking about in the lobby. Inside where they were currently standing in, was a makeshift set for a new television program.


Kuroko silently ate his bread as he watched the morning news. Tetsuya number two was lapping up a bowl of water, at the foot of the table.

There was nothing particularly interesting in today's morning news. As usual, they reported the weather, current economic status, various other politic related news and so on. The news went into a commercial break.

A male teenager shooting a basketball into a hoop came onto the screen, with a loud message following.

All you high-energy youth out there! Do you love basketball?

If so, then open your ears! Here's a once in a lifetime chance for you to become nationally famous and represent our country internationally!

The Japanese National Basketball co-operation and channel XX have come together, to present to you... 'JNB: Generation of youth'!

A survival of the fittest, a competition between youth and youth only! Participation is-

Kuroko glanced at the kitchen clock, noting that it was time for him to head out to make in time for morning practice. He switched off the TV before the advertisement finished, which, to be honest, he wanted to see the rest of.

But on second thought, he didn't want to be impaled by the coach for being late.

At morning practice, everyone was on the floor in pairs, taking turns to stretch. The peaceful session lasted only until their brunette coach came skipping into the gym, slamming the doors as wide as she could.

Everyone flinched. Riko was skipping.

"C-coach, did something good happen?" Koganei asked, taken aback by Riko's flowery aura.

Riko smiled like there was no tomorrow, as she pulled out a piece of paper from her pocket. She unfolded it and held in front for all to see.

"I received this from the principal this morning!"

Everyone stared at the piece of paper, their eyes widening as they read each word.

"T-this is...!" Hyuuga gaped, adjusting his glasses as he read over the content once more.

Kuroko suddenly remembered, "Ah. The ad from this morning."


"Kurokocchi, do you want to go have lunch at a nearby burger joint?" Kise asked, as they walked out of the studio. He paused, "Vanilla shake. My treat."

"Okay." At the vanilla shake, Kuroko had no reason to decline.

Kise cheered inside, finally managing to be alone with the boy, despite having bribed him.

Five high school basketball teams were chosen and invited to the new television survival program hosted by the most watched channel and Japan's official basketball league. The winner of this years inter-high and the runner up of the winter cup, Rakuzan. The winner of the winter cup, Seirin. One of the top four in the winter cup and a finalist in the inter-high, Kaijo. Also one of the top four in the winter cup and finalist in the inter-high, Shutoku. And finally, a finalist in the winter cup and runner up of the inter-high, Touou.

Yosen had not been invited, but everyone was sure they would make it into the program, invited or not.

The five schools were invited by the program's producer's, as these five schools in particular were the latest buzz in the national high school basketball circuit. News of the Generation of Miracles had also reached their ears, further piquing their interest in these high school teams.

-which leads us to the current situation, where these five teams have been invited to channel XX's studio for an interview. Being sly as he was, Kise had taken off with Kuroko before anyone noticed where they had gone.

"But it was really unexpected." Kise said out of the blue, drinking his coke.

Kuroko looked up, holding his shake. "What was?"

Kise grinned. "Us. Who would've thought we'd be reunited again through a basketball survival program?"

Kuroko smiled, "Now you'll get even more popular, Kise-kun." he said, going back to his drink.

Kise swore he saw sparkles around the boy. He smiled in return. "I'm pretty sure it won't just be me."

"Is that so?"

Kise sighed, staring outside window as he put his face on his palm. "But talking about unexpected, I still can't believe you beat Akashicchi."

In the half-finals of the Winter cup, Seirin had beaten Kaijo once again, though just barely. In the finals, they faced Rakuzan. It was one of the hardest and most intense basketball game anyone had ever seen. Seirin won, 112-111. By the end of the game, barely anyone had enough strength to even stand for the final line-up.

"To be honest, I wasn't expecting to win that match. For me, beating Touou was enough."

Kise hummed, raising a brow. "Even Kurokocchi didn't see that coming."

Kuroko sipped his vanilla shake, staring at the drop of water on the table. He frowned, as he remembered what Akashi had said to him after the match.

"My eyes weren't wrong after all.

You exceeded my expectations, Tetsuya. No doubt that you are strong.

But remember...I never lose, and I never will.

After all, you're just..."

"Kurokocchi? Let's go, it's getting dark."


The clock struck twelve, and the old grandfather clock in the living room rung with deep resounding gongs. Kuroko rolled over onto his right side, pulling up the bed sheets further.

He closed his eyes, in hope of rest. However, Akashi's words after the finals that day rung through his head like a bell.

Both teams passed by each other awkwardly as they left the locker rooms. Akashi and Kuroko walked furthest at the back of their teams, shoulders brushing as they both halted their steps.

"My eyes weren't wrong after all. You exceeded my expectations, Tetsuya. No doubt that you are strong. But remember...I never lose, and I never will. After all, you're just another me. Do not forget our oath, Tetsuya."

No-one could've seen this development coming. Once again, the Generation of Miracles were all going to be gathered at the same place, at the same time. Something that many would've expected to happen once in their lifetime, and once only.

A storm was brewing. Kuroko could feel it in his veins.

A/N: Oleander- 'Caution'

To be honest, I have no idea what this 'oath' could be. I had a few ideas, but the not-so happy expression on the GoM in chapter 113 completely wiped them out. Also, the winter cup winner? I was considering Rakuzan to be the winner, but for a few reasons Seirin won. Just to note, this story isn't dark and serious. It's quite the opposite actually.

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