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"You ok Little Girl?" Tank's voice came from the door a little later.

I sat up and sniffled, nodding and then shaking my head. "I don't know if I'm strong enough to survive it again."

"He'll be ok."

"You can't promise that."

Tank sighed, "Can't change him Little Girl and no matter how much we want to we can't stop him going."

I nodded and wiped at my face, "I'm scared for him."

"I'll have his back out there."

I shook my head meeting his eyes, "Not just not coming back Tank."

He nodded slowly, "I know."

"You'll be leaving to then?"

"Can't let him go alone, not this time."

I nodded, "You'll be careful?"

"Always." He nodded.

I swallowed, feeling tears burn my eyes, "Stay safe."

"Stay out of trouble." He replied with a nod.

I laughed through the tears and nodded, "I'll try."

He gave me a small smile and turned to leave.

A few hours later, I heard Ranger come in, his keys dropping in the bowl and then footsteps into the kitchen, "Babe."

"When do you leave?"

"Oh five hundred."

I nodded, not looking up from the rice pudding I'd been eating. I heard him sigh and then the chair move as he sat, turning the chair to face me and setting a small black box on the table.

I set the bowl down and looked from the box to him. "Carlos?"

He met my eyes, "This is who I am, it's why my life isn't good for relationships, why I never planned to marry or have family I was close with." I nodded feeling tears already threatening. He sighed, "I never planned for you Babe, for being in love, for needing someone like I need to breathe." He ran an agitated hand over his head making the short-cropped hair stand on end, "I can't change. I love the hunt, the thrill, the danger and I make a difference, a small one but its who I am."

I nodded, "I know."

He shook his head, "I have a contract with the government Babe, one that lets me be who I am but not one that is more important than you. Nothing will ever be as important to me, no ones life more precious, not even my daughter. She's my blood and I'll provide for her and protect her for as long as I live and because of Scrogs, because of you, I even know her a little but she's no more to me than my sisters or even the men. Someone I care about but not someone I am emotionally attached to, they are people I would still put in danger to protect you."

"Ranger." My voice cracked around the word and tears fell hotly down my cheeks.

"I have a contract to go when they need me, sometimes I can say no, sometimes I can't but that doesn't mean I can't make promises to you. I should have already." He reached over and opened the ring box. It was a black diamond set in platinum. "When I get back, not if, because nothing will keep me from marrying you right, when I get back, I'll make you vows, ones to love, honor and cherish you forever, ones of fidelity and partnership. Right now, this ring is a promise, my blackened soul is yours, I know I'm flawed and I know its not fair what I ask of you every time they have or will call, not just to let me go and wait for me but to soothe the scars of my soul that I come back with. I can't promise you I wont not come back one day but I do promise to fight harder than I've fought for anything before to always try. I do promise to love you with everything that I am and that nothing and no one will ever mean anything close to me what you do. I promise to support you in anything you choose to do and to follow you on any journey you want to take. I promise to love you forever, not just when its easy and while I can't promise to always be here when you need me, I promise to be what you need when I am."

I sniffled and flung myself into his arms crying into his neck, his grip tightened around me, a little too tight but I didn't care, "I love you."

"Marry me?" He whispered.

I laughed through the tears and pulled back enough to look him in the eyes again and nodded, "Yeah."

He kissed me deeply and I moaned into his mouth, pushing myself tighter into his body. He stood up, with me still in his arms so I wrapped my legs around his waist to hold on and he carried me to our room.

This time he worshipped every part of my body until I was begging and then loosing my voice from screaming his name as he had me tumbling into orgasm over and over again.

Sometime in the night he woke from a nightmare, pulled me into his body and ravaged me, leaving bruises from where he lightly bit and sucked at my skin and gaining scratch marks along his back.

It was still dark the next time he woke me with gentle kisses. He slipped the ring on my finger and then kissed me again. We made love a last time, a mix of demanding and sweet then he held me to him and whispered, "Don't go crazy."

"Don't get shot." I whispered back.

He chuckled and kissed my temple before getting out of bed. I bit back tears as he dressed and then came to kiss me again, "I'm going to marry you before I die. I promise."

I laughed through the tears, "I'll start planning."

He ran his hand over my hair, "It's not fair, asking you to wait for me."

I shook my head, "Life's never fair."

"I love you."

"I love you too. Always.

"Forever." He agreed.

Then with one last kiss he got up, took his black duffle and left. I curled into the bed and let myself be weak, crying for him.

When I finally got up and showered, I smiled at the black diamond engagement ring and closed my eyes, I could picture his thinking about smiling smile as he called me Babe. "I love you." I whispered into the silent room. Then I walked to the door and made my way down to five. Happily Ever After might not come easy like in the movies but I had mine and really what did I expect, I was married… engaged anyways, to Batman and this is me after all so there was bound to be danger and blown up cars and he was as likely to get shot as I was to go a little crazy but we were together if not always physically than in our hearts and minds, forever.

Sad as I am that it's over, this is where I leave off, they're done possessing my fingers for this story. I have so many other ideas but I suppose they're for a different Ranger and Babe because these two are done. Hope you all enjoyed it. Thank you for all of the reviews. Please feel free to leave more and to check out my other stories!