Youhei was walking to work.

Two months ago he had moved back to town. An appartment not that far from Tomoya's and Nagisa's was open for rent. It was rather cheap, so Youhei toke it.

It felt good to be beack where there were so many goo memories.

Tomoyo woke up.

She looked out her window. The sun was bright today.

She got dressed into a yellow t-shirt and blue skirt going down to her knees.

She walked out the door, after she grabbed her purse and her house keys, and went to work.

Youhei moved back to town after the company he worked for went bank rupt.

Tomoya managed to get him a job at the Furukawa Bakery.

The pay wasn't all that muich, but enogh for him afford everything he needed.

He was walking there right now.

Tomoyo had gone to college for four years. After much thought, she decided she wanted to become a doctor. She didn't have to be at work for another hour, so she decided to pop in on the Furukawa Bakery.

It had been a while since she had been a while since she had visited the bakery.

Youhei put on an appron over his red t-shirt.

Akio and Senae were making break, so Yohei was watching the register.

He looked out the soor and saw a familiar face.

"Sakagami?"he asked.

Tomoyo looked in to see a guy with bleach blonde hair."Sunohara?"

"Been a while,"he said.

"Yeah,"Tomoyo said, walking into the store."So, you work here?"she asked.

Youhei hung his head in defeat."The company I worked for went backrupt, so I had to move back and wor here."

"Since when is that bad?"Akio asked.

Youhei turned and let out on of scared yells.

Akio gave him one of those looks. he looked at Tomoyo.

"Been a while hasen't it Tomoyo-girly."

"I thought i told you not to call me that,"she stated.

Sunohara got over his fear. he looked at her."How long you been in town?"

"Moved in last week, you?"she asked.

"About a couple months,"he stated.

"Lets catch up some other time. For now, I would like some bread."

"Can you be specific?"Youhei asked.

"What do you think would be best?"she asked.

Akio looked over his shoulder.

"Avoid today's special,"he whispered.

"Sanae's bread?"Tomoyo asked.

Youhei nodded."Its her super rainbow rolls."

Akio nodded."Today's batch is even worse than usual."

Youhei and Tomoyo had uncomfortable looks on their faces.

Akio turned to see Sanae with tears in her eyes.

"My bread was worse the usual?"she asked. She ran out the door."My bread is just garbage!"she yelled.

Akio ran out with a rainbow roll in hs mouth trying to say,'i love you,' but came out as,"Bye wuv veiw."

Youhei alughed. Tomoyo joined in.

"Here,"Youhei said, handing her some bread."Its Akio's, so its good."

Tomoyo handed him the money and went on her way.

Youhei smiled.

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