Notes: For the 30 days of writing challenge on tumblr.
Title: need to see something new
Fandom: The Avengers
Pairing: Thor/Bruce
Prompt: order
Words: 533 words

need to see something new

The thing about Thor is that he tends not to listen to orders. At least when Bruce tells him to stay in bed because he got shot. Bruce thinks it's a big deal because Thor got shot and it was Bruce's fault, but Thor's on his feet again in hours and it's like he never got shot.

Even the injury doesn't look so serious when Bruce changes the bandages. It's half-healed already and apparently it just looked much worse than it was. Bruce is still not amused and still feels like shit.

Thor, though, knows that this is happening. Bruce is smoothing the bandages out over the wound when Thor's hands catch Bruce's and lift them up so that Thor can kiss the tip of each finger. There might be tears in Bruce's eyes, but then Thor reaches up and brushes them away.

He pulls Bruce close, easily lifting him into his lap and against his bare chest. The strength and power that Bruce can feel under Thor's skin is tangible and, as always, he finds himself in awe of Thor and wondering what Thor sees in him.

Thor kisses him then, slow and deep, and it's suddenly much harder to think. Bruce reacts immediately, arching up and taking Thor's face between his hands, holding onto him tightly. He's terrified of losing this and, at the same time, still thinks he doesn't quite deserve it.

When they pull apart for air, Thor speaks and it makes Bruce shiver. They're still so close that their lips brush as Thor speaks.

"You offered and gave me your love – your heart," Thor says, voice deep and rough and perfect. "You deserve everything which I can give you and more. Do not think yourself undeserving; you deserve to be happy and loved. I'm honoured that you have chosen me."

He wants to say that Thor has it backwards, that he doesn't deserve any of that much less Thor's love, but the words seem to be stuck in his throat. When he looks at Thor, he has that hard, determined look on his face that tells Bruce he won't be swayed, but it's still warm and full of affection. Bruce knows that he's the only one who Thor looks at like this.

Thor's hands are warm and large as they stroke Bruce's back, pulling him close and easily tucking him under his chin. He continues speaking and Bruce just stays there and listens, taking in the warmth and love that Thor offers.

Eventually, Thor falls quiet and the two of them just sit there like that in a comfortable silence. Bruce absently traces patterns on Thor's shoulder, a little surprised when Thor takes his hand and raises it to his lips to press a kiss to the palm.

"Rest," Thor says, even though it's more of a command. "I will stay with you."

Bruce almost wants to laugh because he isn't the one who was shot, but he is tired and it's so very hard not to listen to Thor when his voice is like that. And, he thinks even as he nods, if it gets Thor to rest too, than it's alright.

It doesn't take very long for Bruce to fall asleep and Thor joins him soon after.