Notes: For the 30 days of writing challenge on tumblr.
Title: an involuntary addiction
Fandom: The Avengers
Pairing: Thor/Bruce
Prompt: thanks
Words: 457 words

an involuntary addiction

Bruce was quite sure that when he was the Hulk, he still had his pants. Waking up without them, though, wasn't all that unusual for Bruce. He pulled himself up, head spinning, and looked around to see if anyone was there and snapping pictures with their phone or something.

Though, as it turned out, he needn't have worried as heavy, rich fabric had settled over his shoulders.

Thor was standing behind him, large hands settling his cape over Bruce's shoulders. He smiled when he noticed that Bruce was looking at him, "I had thought you might appreciate help."

"Thanks," Bruce said. His legs were a bit wobbly as he stood, and he was more than grateful when Thor helped him stand up. But he could have, Bruce thought, done without actually picking him up even if Bruce's legs were about to give out under him.

That was how they arrived back at the tower. Bruce was wrapped up in Thor's cape and in Thor's arms, while Thor had an almost unreadable look on his face – though he was smiling. Going by post-mission ritual, the others were probably gathered in the living room and flopped over the available couches and chairs. Bruce would join them once he was properly dressed.

Thor's voice was soft in his ear, "Can you stand?"

That startled Bruce out of his thoughts and he nodded, "Yeah, I can manage from here."

He was set on his feet with surprising care and Bruce looked up at Thor, still clutching the other's cape tightly around his shoulders. Bruce knew he should give it back, but he wasn't exactly thrilled at the idea of being naked around the tall Norse god.

As though he could read his mind, Thor's hands settled on Bruce's shoulder and he smiled, "You need not return it to me now. Go and dress, you may return it to me when you join us later."

Bruce nodded, but he didn't pull away. He found himself rather captivated by Thor's eyes; he'd never seen them so close before and they were a very lovely shade of blue too.

Thor was smiling at him, a warm smile that made Bruce's heart swell in ways he hadn't thought it could.

And then, much to Bruce's surprise, Thor leaned in and pressed an almost feather-light kiss to the corner of Bruce's mouth. He pulled back with an even brighter smile, "If you like, I would be more than happy to continue at a later time."

With that, Thor left Bruce in the hallway with a smile as he made his way back towards the living room. Bruce watched him go, slowly raising a hand to touch his lips. A tiny smile pulled at his lips, maybe... maybe he could take Thor up on that offer. Later.