Notes: For the 30 days of writing challenge on tumblr.
Title: echo in my heart
Fandom: The Avengers
Pairing: Thor/Bruce
Prompt: look
Words: 348 words

echo in my heart

Bruce wasn't quite sure what to do with himself in summer. There was the heat and sun and Bruce was never sure what he was supposed to do, especially being in Miami during the summer. Of course it was Tony's idea and of course they – they meaning the Avengers – were all gathered around the pool, drinking and otherwise just trying to keep cool.

In Thor's case, that meant challenging Steve to a race in the pool. Bruce had nearly walked into the glass panels that made up the wall leading out onto the pool deck when he'd spotted Thor climbing out. The man seriously needed a warning label.

Tony distracted the attention from Bruce by wolf-whistling when Steve climbed out, "Lookin' good there, Cap!"

Steve being Steve, he smiled good-naturedly even though his cheeks were pink.

Then there was Thor who took up Bruce's entire field of vision, grinning like he'd won some great battle and dripping water everywhere. It was very distracting. It didn't help that Bruce had to look up.

"Bruce!" Thor said. He casually slung an arm over Bruce's shoulder, pulling him close and getting Bruce wet in the process. "I am heartened that you have decided to join us!"

"I... I wasn't going to stay inside all day," Bruce replied, trying to look anywhere but at the dripping wet Norse god in swim trunks beside him.

"You should join me in the water; it's quite refreshing."

"Oh, I, um," Bruce clenched and unclenched his hands. Well, they'd find out eventually. "I can't swim."

That, of course, didn't deter Thor.

"Then, come! I will teach you."

That was how he ended up in the pool with Thor, clinging to Thor's shoulders while he tried not to panic. It was easy, actually, since he always – somehow – managed to feel safe with Thor. Bruce sighed and dropped his head to rest against the back of Thor's neck, letting his eyes drift closed.

"Thank you," he mumbled.

"You need not thank me," Thor replied softly, gently swimming lengths of the pool with Bruce holding tight to him. "My only wish is for your comfort and happiness."

Bruce smiled.