Chapter one Princess on Earth

"Kakarot don't be so stupid, now if you want to see your son alive again, you will kill one hundred humans by this time tomorrow," Raditz tells his younger brother, has he takes the half breed and flies back to his ship, I wait a bit before following, if I'm not careful he'll know I've followed him.

"Daddy help me," the little boy screams and whines, this kid cannot seriously be saiyan half or not, he shouldn't be bawling around this much.

"Vege it's useless trying to hide, your father alerted me that, you were missing and probably snuck into the pod," Raditz tells me after he lands throwing the half breed inside the pod.

"But uncle Raditz, I wanted to come see your younger brother," I tell him with a small whine, what I'm only four and unlike the half breed I'm a girl, so they'll expect me to try and whine to get my way.

"Fine I won't yell at you, if only because you're the princess of my race, Vegeta's only child, and not being related to by blood I could get in trouble," Raditz says a frown on his face.

"So you're not a blood relative, you're like an anoying older brother to daddy, so you're like an uncle to me, after all have you not been around me, literaly my entire life," I state to him with a smirk on my face.

"I sometimes wonder if Vegeta made the right choice," Raditz mumbles to himself, though I don't know entirely what he is talking about, I do know some of it, and enough to never mention it near my daddy.

"I feel your younger brother's energy level coming with that namek as well," I tell Raditz as I sense they're energy levels, a talent I've had since forever, I think, daddy was quick to learn it, and have Nappa and Raditz do so as well.

"You're right, find a place to hide that's safe, if you so much get a bruise, Vegeta will have my head, or worse my tail," Raditz tells me in a very serious tone of voice.

"Aw come on please," I asks him giving him the puppy dog face, nobody resists the face, not daddy, not Raditz, not Nappa, not Zarbon, Dadoria, the Ginyu Force, not Cui, nor Cooler, King Cold or even Frieza, they can resist it on other little girls my age, but I bring it out and they can't resist. Frieza calls it my secret weapon, and his if he needs something from his brother that he doesn't want to give up, they sometimes say they wonder if my puppy dog face could cause somebody to willing give up their planet.

"Damn I hate it when you do that, fine you can stay and watch, but do not get a single injury no brusies cuts or scrapes nothing," Raditz tells me in a very serious tone of voice, I nod my head and give a small grin. I fly over next to the crater where the pod had landed and watch as the fight begins. It didn't take long for me to get bored of it and start trying to blast a crater as big as the one with the pod in it, using only tiny blasts, by the time I was done, I was watching as Kakarot was dying then as Raditz told the Namekian about daddy and Nappa, angrily the Namekian killed Raditz sooner than necessary.

Raditz was like an uncle to me, so seeing him killed like that, was enough to thoroughly piss me off, I looked at the sky and so it become suddenly dark, lightning striking, rain pouring down; the Namekian grabbed the half breed and flew off mumbling something about odd weather. I was beginning to lose my self control, any second I may end up killing the Namekian, then I remembered what he said about the dragon balls, chances are created them, so it's better to leave him alive for now. I sat in the pouring rain, debating on what to do next, when Kakarot's friends arrived, nobody has noticed me today, except Raditz and maybe the half breed.

"So what do we do with him," the short bald friend of Kakarot's ask kicking Raditz's body making sure he's dead, this angers me further, the sky darkening more, lighting striking brighter and louder thunding the rain pouring harder, and I rush at the bald human, and push him away.

"Don't you dare kick Raditz," I snarl at the humans that have gathered they all look at me wide eyed, and partly terrified, though a couple of them are chuckling.

"Who are you little girl," the blue haird lady asks with a smile.

"I may be young but I have a power level two thousand above Raditz, so don't underestimate me," I snarl at them the weather worsing the angrier I get.

"You knew him," the old man with a beard asks suspiciously.

"Yes I knew him, he's like an uncle to me, he helped raise me, and now he's dead," I say my anger turning into more sadness than anything, the sky becomes less dark, the thunder and lightning stop, the rain becomes more gentle.

"Where's your parents," the lady asks with concern.

"Mommy died, and daddy won't be able to get here for about a year, the half breed broke the pod, beyond repair so I couldn't leave if I wanted, not that it matters since daddy is probably already on his way," I say my tone sad, but no tears comming to my eyes, I'm a saiyan and I will not cry.

"You can come live with me if you like, until your dad can take you home," the lady says kindly.

"A saiyan does not take charity especially the crown princess, my daddy the king of saiyans will come, and he won't likely be happy, that your friend killed Raditz, I wasn't supposed to be here," I tell them my tone quieting.

"Bulma do you really think she's safe," the bald one asks the lady with concern.

"Krillin she's a little girl, on a strange planet with strange people, and she just saw the only person she knew die, if anything she's terrified not dangerous," Bulma screams at the bald one.

"A saiyan fears nothing, though I was angry at first, I'm more upset right now," I tell her in a tone that sounds as if this was obvious, well Nappa, Raditz, daddy, even Frieza and his men knew how to know my emotions even when they were completey hidden.

"Well what's your name sweety," Bulma asks me with a kind smile.

"Vege, crown princes of the saiyan race, daughter of King Vegeta the second, son of king Vegeta the first, king of the saiyan race, and the saiyan home planet," I tell them with pride in my voice, as I give the same introduction I always do, daddy said he used call himself crown prince, even though his father king Vegeta was dead, but after I was born he decided it was time to be the king he's meant to be.

"She has a lot of pride for someone so young," the old man says with a chuckle.

"Frieza says I take after daddy on that one, he says nothing could take away daddy's pride, or mine, though Nappa says all saiyans are prideful, just me and daddy being royalty have extra," I say my voice full of pride.

"So Princess Vege how old are you," Bulma asks me with a kind smile.

"Twenty-two, rishers," I tell them with a frown on my face, they look at me in confusion.

"I think you count age differently than we do, we use years, one year is 365 days, a day here is 24 hours," Bulma tells me with a frown on her own face.

"My appologies, that's how Vegetasei counts years and age as well, but since I wasn't sure, I used the intergalactic way of counting years, which is a lot shorter than what you're used to, in the way you count years I am four," I tell them appologetically, the humans stare wide eyed.

"You're rather smart aren't you, why don't you hop in our hover car with us to get out of the rain," Bulma says with a smile, by now I wasn't so sad about Raditz, or being alone, I wasn't angry either I was content, and right as Bulma opened the door to her 'car' what ever that is, the rain stopped, the clouds vanished and the sun began to shine.

"The weather sure is bizzare today," Krillin says looking up at the sky, I begin to giggle dispite myself.

"Shouldn't have killed Raditz, if you hadn't the weather would be more normal," I tell them with a smirk; they look at me in confusion.

"Why does this always happen when a saiyan dies," Krillin asks me curriously, now I'm full on laughing, and the weather becomes perfactly peaceful, with a small gentle breeze.

"No, because of the curse," I tell them rolling my eyes; they look at me in confusion.

"What curse," they all asks in unison.

"Eht esruc fo Saiyan, ytlayor ni evol," I tell them speaking saiyaneese they seemed to only understand the word saiyan.

"What was that, in english this time," Krillin says with a frown.

"I said the curse of saiyan royalty in love, many, many, many thousands of years ago, a curse was placed on the saiyan race that every fourth generation of royalty, if the royal falls in love, and then later has a child, I don't really know much of the curse, but I know two important things, one something unspeakable happened to my parents becuase of the curse he had to fall in love with someone and she was the last female say, so they fell in love, which for saiyans is just well unspeakable, and two the weather changes with whatever my emotions are because of the curse," I tell them rolling my eyes they look at me as if I'm insane.

"Wow some curse, so your emotion changes the weather, so when it was pouring and stuff you were, angry, then when the rain settled you were sad," Bulma says making observations.

"Correct, when it became sunny I was content, when the weather became perfact I was all but happy," I say to her with a small hint of a smile.

"What do you think Master Roshi," Krllin asks the old man.

"Perhaps we could train her to fight," Master Roshi says observing me, I crack up laughing at this.

"You, pathetic humans, please, I've been fighting since I was born, though my daddy and the others refuse to let me, get an injury, if I would get so much as a bruise, well, daddy would bring Raditz back with the dragon balls just so he can rip off Raditz tail, then his head," I tell them in a very serious tone.

"Wow, mass murdering alien, also over protective father," Krillin says chuckling.

"So no fighting, or training that could potentially give you the slightest injury, well as much fun as I think it'd be to take care of you myself, I know of only one place, where they'll make sure you never do anything dangerous," Bulma says with a small smile.

"I refuse to go anywhere unless you agree to wish Raditz back to life, he's the only one on the planet who knows how to keep my emotions from going out of control, and at the moment he's deceased, which is going to suck later, because a whole year, normally if nobody gets my emotions under control, I end up causing natural disaters, all at once, then the next day, the planet would blow up," I tell them with a smirk.

"I don't know, he's not exactally a good guy, and we're not strong enough to keep him from doing things," Krillin says wairly looking at the dead Raditz and then the sky lastly me.

"Please, he has to take my orders," I tell them giving the puppy dog face, they all sigh at this.

"Who could resist that face, oh all right, but it may be a while," Bulma and Krillin tell me simutatinously both sighing in defeat, Frieza for once was right about something.

"Yes, and of course the puppy dog face worked, it always works when I do it, I've seen millions of others do it, some younger than me some the same age, but Frieza and his family say no, I could if I weren't still so young could be ruling over the entire universe, the current owners can't resist the face, and neither can daddy," I tell them proudly, they only chuckle a little at my words.

*The Next day*

"You let that monster Piccolo take my baby," the human Chi-Chi the mother of the half breed, screams at Bulma and her friends they try to calm her down but it's not working.

"There was nothing we could do," Krillin tells her waiting to be yelled at again.

"Nothing you could have told him no," Chi-Chi screams again, she's hurting the human's ears and they're not as sensitive as my own ears.

"Could you stop screaming so loud, the humans are cringing from it, and I being saiyan have more sensitive ears than you humans, and it hurts a lot," I tell the furious human mother, as I walk into the room, she hadn't even noticed me before but once she does she stops yelling and looks at me.

"Who's this," Chi-Chi asks pointing at me.

"She is Vege the princess of saiyans apparently she snuck on board Raditz's space pod, and since Piccolo and Goku killed Raditz she's left on Earth alone until her father can pick her up in a year," Bulma explains with a frown.

"We were kind of hoping that maybe you would let her live with you, just until her father comes, or we wish Raditz and Goku back which ever comes first, because apparently if she so much as gets a bruise, or a paper cut, her father, will wish Raditz back to life, rip his tail off, then his head, then come after the human race," Krillin explains to her with a frown on his face, Chi-Chi looks about to scream again.

"Why should we wish back Raditz," Chi-Chi asks angrily but keeping her voice down.

"Because he is the only one on the planet, even if dead that knows how to keep my emotions under control, and seeing as my emotions change the weather, it would be wisest to wish him back, because at one point my emotions will as they do every year, go so out of wack that, natural disasters will happen one day, and the planet will explode the next," I tell her with a frown on my face.

"Besides Chi-Chi you're the most responsible person we know, the Z-fighters would let her train and risk her getting injured, my place has people going in and out, on top of that, someting always is exploding, and besides, you're the Ox princess, she's the princess of the saiyan race, you may have something in common, besides when it comes to Raditz, he's taking Vege's orders," Bulma explains trying to convince her to let me live with her.

"My daddy will pay you for caring for me, so long as I'm 100% injury free, saiyans he doesn't have to pay, but others he says it's only right to pay, he payed Jeice, a hundred dollars for watching me for one hour, while he, Raditz, and Nappa went somewhere on this ship, on another's request and I wasn't allowed to go. I am sure he would pay you much more, though he may not pay the full price that he would, on account of the fact you're related to saiyans, but the amount would still be decent," I tell her with a polite tone of voice.

"You should do it Chi-Chi the little girl has no where else to go, and you probably are the most likely to keep her from injuring," her father the Ox king tells her with a smile.

"Alright she can't be much worse than Gohan," Chi-Chi says with a sigh.

"Of course not, I was raised to be royalty, I've been trained in only the best manners, and you'll need not worry about my education, I'm already smarter than Bulma by a lot, and I can speak 544 million different languages, I've learned to clean up my messes, and to cook what ever I may find to eat, and I'm only four," I tell her with a small smile, this causes the lady with raven hair to faint.

"You're practically her dream child," Krillin says with a small laugh.

"No her dream child doesn't love fighting," Bulma says chuckling.

"She doesn't have to know that part," I tell them with a roll of they eyes.

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