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-Chapter 2-

(A Week After the Bear Attack)

"Is she awake yet?" Cutter asked Redlance. Both Nightfall and Redlance had dedicated themselves to taking care of the elf that saved Redlance. They had told Cutter what had happened, retelling the girls bravery.

He remembers the story vividly and the strange incident afterwards.


Cutter climb the spiral steps leaving behind Nightfall, Redlance and Treestump with the starnger. He had just gone down to ensure the strangers condition. He stepped into the open and into a heated argument between Skywise and Strongbow.

*Where were you huh!?* Strongbow openly sent; the force behind the sending overpowering. Making every one elf other than Skywise and Cutter flinch, Skywise to angry to flinch and Cutter was… was just Cutter.

"That is none of your business!" Skywise shouted "Why are so interested in what I've been doing all of a sudden!"

*Because while your of messing around were all working our buts off to survive and protect our homes!* Strongbow's face contorted in a boiling rage. *Redlance could have died!*Strongbow's sending menacing and dark.

Skywise stepped forward, the usually laid back elf angered and on edge, his small form trembling in rage.

"ENOUGH" Cutter shouted stopping the two warriors from lunging at each other. "There will be no fighting!" Cutter growled grabbing hold of Strongbow's tensed arm, their eyes met and they fought a mental battle with their eyes. Finally Strongbow gave in, growling he turned away and stomped off, Moonshade timidly following behind.

Cutter than turned to Skywise, his face one of confusion, *What's wrong Skywise?* Cutter sent, his concern pouring from his eyes. *You never act this way.*

Skywise turned away his face paling, *I don't know I've felt sick since we attacked the bear. And my heads spinning, I feel on edge like am going to faint at anytime.* His sending was weak and he looked drained.

*Am worried* Cutter sent crossing his arms, eyes up looking at the canopy.

*About what?*Skywise sent rubbing his temples a headache forming.

*We need Rain* Cutter sent, images of the dead elf torn and killed by Madcoil flashing in his head.*We need a healer*

Cutter looked over his eyes widening in shock as Skywise doubled over gripping his head, a horrid throbbing pounding Skywise's brain to mush. *Skywise!*Cutter sent rushing over to his friend. Skywise just waved him off "Am fine." He said straitening up "Am fine." He mumbled "I just need to be alone." He whispered before walking into the forest.

-End of Flashback-

"Yes she just woke up." Redlance said "Nightfall sent me to get you; you should hear what she's saying" Redlance turned to lead Cutter to the stranger.

"Redlance." Cutter said clasping his shoulder. "Don't beat yourself up."

Redlance's shoulders slumped and a strangled sigh escaped his lips. "I can't defend myself." "I owe Starfell everything, if she hadn't rescued me Nightfall woul-." He stopped choking on a sob

"Don't dwell on it." Cutter said giving Redlance a warm smile, after a moment the shorter returned it with a small grin.

"Let's go." Redlance said heading for the tree, then traveling down the winding stairs until they came to the large room under the tree. Redlance had grown the roots to make the walls, creating a circular room. Furs covered the floor; Starfell lay in the middle propped up on her good arm with Nightfall crouched next to her.

Both elves looked up as they entered, Nightfall just gestured for Cutter to come sit before focusing back on Starfell.

"How you feeling?" Cutter said warmly to the stranger, sitting next to Nightfall

"Like hell." She said her voice cracking.

"You look like it to." He laughed as Nightfall smacked his chest her mouth open in shock

"It's okay." Starfell said to the shocked elf next to her.

"So i'am told your names Starfell."

"Yes." Looking him dead in the eye, some of her hair fell away exposing her neck and face. Cutters smile gave way at the sight of her ears. They were pointed but nowhere near as pointed as Cutters or any of the other Wolfriders. Cutter said nothing but Starfell spoke any way.

"I'am a half-elf, half-human" there was a deep fear embedded in her eyes. Cutter could see old scars behind those warm green eyes, the pain of an outcast.

never missing a beat he smiled at her ear to ear, "No wonder you're so tall!" Cutter laughed.

And she was tall. She was 2 inches taller than Strongbow the tallest out of the pack, her face was more rounded also hinting at her mixed blood.

Her eyes were wide with shock "You're not upset?!" "Your not going to chase me out?"

"No." his voice stern and "And I'd punish anyone who tried." Knowing how it feels to be different and to be the outcast he could relate to her pain.

Her sobs were gentle and slow, the tears trickling down her face. They were tears of joy.

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