Not Too Soon

Sydney watches patiently as Vaughn puts the last of the equipment back into his backpack, readying it for their mission. When he glances up, she grins at him. A strand of golden brown hair falls down over her face; she tucks it behind her ear. "Hey," she says.

"Hi." Smiling back, Vaughn pushes his pack to the side. "What're you thinking?"

"I'm thinking," she says, "that this is our first mission together where I'm not a double agent at SD-6. It's… exciting. It feels different."


"Yeah. I guess I don't feel like I have to hide that I'm CIA anymore. I mean, obviously on missions we do, but otherwise... I'm CIA. We're both CIA. We're on the same team."

"We've been on the same team for over a year now, Syd."

"I know. But it's like no longer working at SD-6 has given me this sense of freedom I didn't have before."

Vaughn nods. "That's understandable. You have less to hide now. When you were a double agent, there was so much you had to contend with. Now, there's just the CIA."

"Yeah. And family. And normal issues. Friends. What to wear when we go out to dinner together." She grins at that last part.

Leaning closer, he brushes her nose with his. He pulls back a bit and laughs when she makes a grunt of protest; she reaches for him, plants one hand on the back of his head, her fingers splayed with tufts of hair through the gaps, and she brings his face closer to hers to kiss him.

Vaughn stops laughing the moment her lips are on his and puts his arms around her. Close is not close enough. Skin contact is not enough. Both seek to connect with each other in more than just flesh. In spirit.

The kiss ends; they slump back, breathless. It's surprisingly comfortable on the floor. You wouldn't think it would be, but then, you probably wouldn't think that a making out session would be in order for two people preparing to jump out a plane for a potentially life-threatening mission.

"We're not exactly normal," Sydney says. "I mean, as a couple. Or I guess in any other sense of the word. But what I'm trying to say is that even with our jobs at the CIA and the danger we're almost constantly in… I'm really glad that we're able to spend time like this."

"In a plane, waiting to jump out and save the world?" he jokes.

"Kissing. You and me. Together and doing couple-y things, despite the situation."

Vaughn nods. "I know what you mean. I love this. I love that we can be together now."


"Yeah. So maybe we're breaking regulations, but after all the work we've done for the CIA it's about time we had something for ourselves."

Smiling softly, Sydney nods. "You're right. We deserve this."

"We do," Vaughn agrees. He wets his lips with his tongue; his expression changes to one of some uncertainty, like he's holding something back and determining if he should share it with her.

He is well aware of Sydney watching him from beside him. Her soft brown eyes almost look like they are melting.

"What are you thinking?" she asks.

"I'm thinking something, but I don't know if it's too soon to ask you."

She studies him. "That depends. Are you thinking about proposing? Because that would be too fast."

"No," he laughs. "No. Not that."

"What is it then?"

"Would it be too soon to ask if you'd like to come on holiday with me?" he asks. The corner of his mouth twitches up into a small, hopeful smile.

"I think," she replies, "that it's not too soon for you to ask that."

Vaughn grins. "In that case, Sydney. Would you like to go on holiday with me?"

"I'd love to."