And Then the World Falls

"Kill him," Illyria ordered.

Her minions rushed toward Spike without a thought. Spike looked stunned for half a second that she would order such a thing and then shrugged. He tilted his head to one side and then the other, making a cracking noise each time, and said, "Let's do this then."

"Your time on this world is nearly over, vampire." Illyria was nothing if not direct. She took no liking to subtlety, not in all the time she had spent with Angel and his team and Spike.

Spike didn't like the sound of that. He made that clear by ripping the throat from the nearest of her minions. A wet gurgling sound came from that lump before it slumped to the ground, dead.

"You were saying something about my time being over?" Spike smirked. "Like hell it is."

Illyria watched him silently. Her other minions still remained, and would attack the blond vampire momentarily. They would succeed where their companion had not. If they didn't, she'd find a way to resurrect them and then would kill them herself.

Another minion lunged out at Spike. This one managed to get a good hold and dig nails in before Spike tossed him away. And then a second minion joined the first, and a third, and they overpowered him.

"Soon, your world will die, and I will be here to rule what is left."

Spike spat out blood, laughed, as the minions swarmed him, bit at him, shot him through with wooden daggers. "You think so? Wait til you meet the slayer."

Illyria tilted her head to the side. "Slayer," she said, thinking. "Yes. Perhaps I shall pay her a visit first."

Spike laughed some more. The minions kept beating him.

"And then this world burns."