All the World Had

Life as an Animorph is tough. You really have no idea until you've been there. No joke.

Picture it. I mean, you're a kid, a normal, everyday kid, and you're walking home with a group of friends. You go through a construction site, and there, you learn that aliens exist and the Earth is in danger. Only, there's a good alien there. An Andalite. He is a Prince, and he is dying. This alien offers up a special gift that will perhaps give you a chance to save your world. He gives you the power to change into any animal in existence, once you've acquired its DNA. Got that?

Okay. Now picture that you've turned into an animal, morphed, and now you and your friends are facing off with some spindly looking creature from space. And oh yeah. That's not the bad guy. The bad guy is a tiny slug inside the ear of that creature. That slug is controlling the big guy.

All I've known since becoming an Animorph is this life. Fighting. Surviving. Fighting to survive. Ensuring that the human race goes on to live another day. Destroying yeerks. Bringing them down in any way possible.

I never thought that we'd be victorious, that it'd end. When you get into a war, you go in not looking to come back. The only thing that is important to you from that point on is surviving and killing to survive. Terrible, isn't it? But that's how it is. That's where me and my friends were at for such a long time.

We were stuck in the middle of a battle, and even though we were just kids, we were all the world had. Who can ditch the responsibility of saving the world? It affects everyone and if we don't do anything, then we'll all end up dead, or worse, we'll be turned into human controllers, those who have yeerks in the head controlling them. None of us wanted that. Who would?

So, we fought. For years and years. And we somehow ended up winning. Don't ask me how. We're just a bunch of kids and an alien with the ability to change to animals. That's all there is to it.

Only, now, that's not true. We can still morph. We'll be able to morph any time we want for the rest of our lives. But now… now we have nothing left to fight. There is only us. Only our freedom. The freedom of the human race.

Something feels like it's missing from my life now. All that bloodshed and the violence and the raids and all the times we charged in and did our best to destroy everything the yeerks needed to survive. All the human controllers, incarcerated and left alone with nothing but food to eat and a bucket to pee in, til the day their yeerk keeled over and died. We saved lives. We went to dark places to do it, but as they say, the ends justify the means. Right?

Me and my friends did a lot of good. And I think the human race – those of them who know of the battle with the yeerks – are thankful for our contribution. But some days I find myself wishing we weren't victorious. I'm lost without our war to fight and keep us in check. I don't know who I am anymore. And I think the others feel the same way.

Life after being an Animorph… well. It should be amazing, and for awhile was, but now it just feels empty.