A World in Ruins

She huddles closer to him and tries to forget the world. The world is in ruins, is on its way to destruction, is in ashes. What remains of it burns. And she doesn't want to remember all of that. She doesn't want to recall how the Hellmouths - all of them - opened up at once and let through hoards of demons, and worse.

So, she focuses on the warmth seeping from him and into her. She focuses on the sharp, bitter, but comforting smell of him. She focuses on the scent of leather, and the feel of the leather between her fingertips. And she focuses on his lips.

His lips are cool against hers, not overly so, but enough that she notices. It reminds her what he is and what she is. Born enemies. But somehow they have moved past that and have been friends and lovers, and they have fought demons side by side and watched the end of the world come in.

They watched the sky fall together. They watched fire rain down on Earth.

He wraps an arm around her and she nestles further into his touch. She opens her mouth to speak and then changes her mind. All that needed to be said has been shared already. There is nothing left but to wait for the final moments to be over.

There is nothing left but them.