Make it Quick

"No," she said.


"There's got to be another way."

They exchanged a look. His lips were drawn tight, his eyes full of determination.

The gravity of their situation drove itself in and she sighed. "Right. I guess this is goodbye then."

A nod. "Best make it quick."

"Why? So you can go and die faster?"

"So I do go. Because if you draw this out, I won't want to leave - and then we'll both die."

She swallowed.

"Stay safe," he said.

Her arms wrapped around him; she pressed a kiss to his cheek before pulling back.

He reached up and wiped away the lone tear that was making its way down her face.

"This is it."


Their eyes never left each other's.

Neither said 'goodbye'. Neither could force the words out.

Instead, he reached for her, squeezed her hand, gave her one last look and was...