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The dreams Shun had always included the same white world. It was a seemingly meaningless place that always held the same white hue. And every time Shun's eyes closed, he always ended back in the white-washed world.

When he had first had the dream in Kindergarten, he was slightly frightened, and would wake up with cold sweats, the envisionment of white fading in his mind. His family was concerned about him at first, but all the worries melted away as Shun melted into the familiar pattern of his dreams. Nothing ever happened in the white world, all there ever was, was a white bench that seemingly came out of the ground. On some nights he would sit on it, other times he would stand, but there was never anything else.

Once Shun had tried to walk away from the bench and go elsewhere, but in the white world, there was no elsewhere, and after some experiment, he realized that he couldn't escape the sight of the bench. Eventually, he gave up and just sat through his dreams, hoping for something to happen.

It wasn't until his third year of high school, did he see change in the white world.

In the distance, he could see a small speck, walking at an extremely slow pace. It was a person.

"H-Hey!" Shun stood up and yelled. "Can you help me?" His voice held the slightest bit of desperation, but it didn't matter because he was desperate. After years of white, he wanted life to re-enter his dreams.

The figure showed no sign that it had heard the teenage boy, it just kept walking.

Then I'll run to them! Shun thought. He began at a leisurely pace, but sped up to a sprint. But fatigue overcame him after what seemed to be an eternity of running. The figure looked no closer to Shun, and the white bench still sat behind him. It was as if the figure and bench were just part of the unchanging white, simply standing there with no real purpose. Shun took in the fact that all he could do, was wait for the figure to walk to him, despite how painfully slowly they were walking.

However, as the figure got closer, the days began to add up and before Shun could even comprehend what was happening, the school year was almost over. It was January 7, and many students were still relishing the feel of winter break. Shun himself had enjoyed his winter break with family, but hadn't gotten the chance to see his friends since the break began. He was pretty excited to see them again, after all, they were all like siblings.

Shun's hair had grown out a little bit, and now to his pleasure, was beginning to look straight again. Of course, it wasn't nearly as long as it was before the Asaba twins had cut it, but it was enough to brush his shoulders.

Shun took a moment to remember when the twins had cut it. Honestly a trim would have been fine, but it was all over when one of the twins had cut one half short. He chuckled to himself at the summer memory.

"Shun-chan~~!" a familiar voice rang out and before Shun could even blink, a familiar head of blond hair filled his vision.

"Chizuru-kun!" Shun exclaimed.

"Eh! Shun-chan! You grew out your hair again! So much for looking manly," The blond pouted.

"Shun would never look manly," Yuuki chimed monotonously.

"Yuuki-kun! Good Morning!" Shun smiled.

"You know Yuuta's probably going to mess with your hair if you grow it out," Yuuki said as he noted Shun's growing hair.

"Well, I don't really mind, it's just hair after all," Shun replied.

"Oh really, so you wouldn't mind if I shaved it all off?" Yuuki teased.

"N-Now that's different!" Shun stammered as his hands raised to his hair in defense.

"Yuuki, don't you know that a woman's hair is her life?" Chizuru blocked in.

"But Shun's not a girl," Yuuki muttered.

"But he's close enough."

"What's that supposed to mean…?" Shun murmured. It felt nice being able to talk with his friends after the break, but a part of Shun's mind remained side-tracked and set on his dream last night. The figure was almost close enough to see. It made him excited to finally meet the silhouette he had grown so fond of in his dreams. All throughout the day, the thoughts of the figure nagged at him. At one point he was almost tempted to take a nap to see if he could see the figure. But of course, his innocent nature took over him and he obliged to wait until he was at home.

But this didn't make waiting any easier for him. Even during lunch with his friends, he thought of nothing else but his dreams. It wasn't until Yuuta put a book on his head, did he notice that lunch was already over. The day followed it's course, with small idle talk and the occasional interaction with others. And by the time the school day was over, Shun was practically pained by restlessness.

"Shun, let's go, the others are waiting," Yuuki said.

A conflict arose inside Shun. He could go with his friends are he usually did, but he would get home much faster if he went alone. He debated for a little, then decided to go home alone.

"Um, I have something to do, so I think I'll walk home alone today," Shun replied.

"Eh, really! What is it?" Chizuru pressed.

"It's… Uh, well, it's…" Shun tried to think of a good excuse, but nothing seemed to reach his mind. Just as he was about to sputter out a half-assed excuse, when Yuuki and Yuuta hooked arms with each of Shun's arms and began to drag him along.

"Y-Yuuta-kun! Yuuki-kun! What are you doing?" Shun yelped as he was dragged along.

"Well, you obviously aren't busy, so we're just going to borrow you on your walk home," Yuuta answered calmly.

"B-But I need to-" Shun was cut off abruptly as Chizuru got ahold of his legs and lifted him off the ground.

"E-Eh? K-Kaname-kun! Help me!" Shun squirmed helplessly.

"Kanamecchi is in a meeting right now for the student council Shun-chan," Chizuru grinned.

A dark shadow of disappointment covered Shun's face as he saw that there was no way for him to escape this impossible situation.

That night, Shun made it his priority to go to sleep as early as possible. However, this approach was revealed to be hopeless, as his brother's room was right next to his. And knowing Fuyuki, he would be willing to spend all night talking and texting his girlfriend. But soon enough, a wave of fatigue eventually took him over and swept him away into the white world.

The white bench, the white scenery, the gentle silence – all the memories flooded back. And when Shun's eyes searched around for the figure, it was there. Before his eyes was the silhouette that he had often seen. The person he had desperately waited for. The only trace of life that could be found in this damned white world.

But he didn't expect it to be himself.

Right there in front of him was himself.

But it wasn't a 'he'. It was a 'she'. Shun was staring at a girl, most likely his age, who looked like an exact carbon copy of him. She had long hair that resembled how Shun had looked when his hair was longer, along with the exact shade of everything. But the features were more than just alike, no, they were identical.

And the only difference was the protruding chest the latter had.

Shun had waited almost eighteen years to see a sign of life in the white world. And he had also waited several months to meet the figure. He had thought that all of his questions would be sorted the day he met the figure, but it wasn't to be. All Shun could do was sit there and stare.

Eventually, the girl took his hand. He was confused at her actions at first, but found out what she wanted. She wanted him to stand up. Complying without a word, he stood up from the white bench, but as soon as he stood up, she sat down.

"Huh? Were you tired from all the walking?" he asked.

She said nothing, merely smiling a secretive grin that gave away nothing.

"Do you know where we are? What's you're name?"


"Who are you?"

She pointed at him first with her right index finger, then pointed to herself.

"You're… me?"

She nodded, her long hair bobbing up and down along with her.

This doesn't make any sense…. Shun thought helplessly.

Suddenly, a look of alarm took over her graceful features. She began tugging his arm and motioning towards a direction. After Shun showed that he didn't understand her, she pushed him harshly towards the white.

"But there's nothing there, I can never move from the bench," Shun murmured almost silently.

Desperation and alarm raged on her face, but Shun understood nothing. Then, she uttered one word.


It was almost like a silent plea, saying that he needed to run. He needed to escape. But escape where? And from what? Shun's thoughts were answered as a black pit emerged from where he stood.

The black seemed to stain like ink, taking as much of the white world it could. Soon, rivers of black were clinging onto Shun, holding him down. They were like chains that bound him, keeping him from moving. He couldn't see the girl, since his vision had gotten blurry, nor could he hear her. But before he knew it, a dark, black shape hurtled towards him, knocking him with a momentum enough to move ten tons.

Shun woke up with cold sweats running all over his face. He felt terrified, nauseous, sick, along with so many emotions that he could feel gaining over him. It was as if someone had reached into his mind and fiddled with his brain in an unexplainable way.

Even at school, it was highly noticeable how frightened he was. Even when Yuuta had tried to pry him open, he still looked like a deer caught in the headlights. In fact, Shun had almost kicked Chizuru when the blond had surprise greeted him. Eventually, the teacher suggested that he take a quick rest in the infirmary. But even as Shun laid there in the white bed, he didn't dare close his eyes any longer than a heartbeat.

"Shun? Are you sure you're okay?" Yuuta asked.

"M-mmhmm," Shun mumbled.

Yuuta stared quizzically at the other boy. What had happened to the timidly upbeat teen that he had hung out with just yesterday? Yuuta had no answers for this, but knew that Shun wasn't going to get any better on his own.

"Hey, you know Shun, you had this problem when we were in kindergarten too," Yuuta recalled. "For some reason, one day at school, you just wouldn't go to sleep. You looked scared to death, just like you are now."


"Take your time to think," Yuuta said as he stood up and left.

Later, when the gang met up again to walk home, Shun's condition was looking slightly better. He didn't seem too afraid now, but even so, everyone acted with precise caution when talking – even Chizuru.

"Hey Shun, your shoelace is untied," Kaname commented as they stood at the cross roads. Shun's shoe was indeed untied, and covered in sticky black substance.

"Ah, I must have stepped into something," Shun commented as he noticed the deep shade of black coating the end of his shoelace.

"Hey, everyone, crossing light's green!" Chizuru announced as he began to trot ahead of the other four. The five boys began to file across the street along with other bystanders. Just as they had almost reached the other side of the street, Shun suddenly yelped.

"What is it?" Chizuru asked.

"Are you okay?" Kaname added.

"I think I dropped my student ID booklet…" Shun turned to see the green booklet sitting in the middle of the almost empty street. "Just a minute, I need to get it!" Shun leaped forward without hesitation, ignoring most of the other people nearing the other side of the street. Once he reached the middle, he bent down to pick up the booklet. Once it was secure in his pocket, he turned around to walk back to his friends, when he noticed that he couldn't move his left foot. When Shun looked down, he saw that the black stuff that was coated on his shoelace was stuck to the street.

"Shun! Come on, hurry up!" one of the boys called.

"Just a moment!" Shun yelled back. He tugged at the lace, but to no avail, it wouldn't come free. But even so, since he was on the junction in the middle of the street, he didn't have to fear getting hit by cars. However, just as he thought this, a blaring horn filled the air. But even before Shun had looked up, he could see it. An enormous 16 wheeler truck was hurtling down an empty street lane, racing towards him. And it was black.

Shun tugged even harder, yanking on the shoelace, pulling to get free. He could hear several shouts now, piercing the air, some likely to be his friends. But even as Shun had gotten half of the shoelace off, he knew that he wouldn't live. It was just like in his dream. A black rope, a hurtling black shape, and he knew that the moment it hit him, he would be dead.

It happened in what seemed like slow motion. The wheels of the truck seemed to eat up the street and Shun's now teary vision. The smell of exhaust and fuel making clean air cower. The sound of shouting that couldn't be heard over the great honking.

Shun thought about how much he had troubled himself over going to college and growing up into an adult. Living a life, perhaps leading a family, growing old and settling down to death. But it would never happen now.

There was an impact.

Then a scream.


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