Hello everyone! Caution: This story contains many detailed sex scenes and is therefore under the rating of M. I really hope you all enjoy the first part! Please, let me know what you think!

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"So, does it interest you Molls?"

Molly Heathcliff ran an index finger around the rim of her martini glass and took in the quiet atmosphere of the pub. The walls were bare, the tables were not sturdy, and the seating looked as though it was made to look elegant by placing red velvet over an uncomfortable wooden chair. Besides that, it was a lovely English evening and the barman could make an exquisite martini. And she adored her martinis.

"What did you say the name of this place was Arch?" She winked at the bald middle-aged barman and sipped her drink. He pointed to the ring on his left hand in response and shrugged.

"Blacksmith, don't change the subject. This mission, should you choose to accept it, will give you back your rank and place in the British army."

She sighed and took a carton of cigarettes out of her purse as the blue eyes of her old friend Archie Hicox watched her fingers light a cigarette, impatiently waiting for an answer. No matter how close they were and how much she wanted her place back in the military, she was not going to say yes immediately. She was determined to make him sweat simply because it was what she had been doing for the past twenty-seven years of her life. She crossed her legs and leaned back into her chair, giving him a long look. Seeing him in his brown uniform made her want to wear hers again.

"I thought the vile ole' chap removed all of the women in the British army in order for them to work in factories."

"He did. Only, I have General Ed's official stamp of approval in the decision of choosing someone of military stature who I trust enough to accompany me in meeting the damn yanks. Besides -"

He swiped the cigarette from her fingers and inhaled some of the tobacco.

"You shouldn't speak of your father in such a manner."

Molly only laughed and downed the rest of her martini. She moved her chestnut curls out of her eyes and shook her head. Oh yes, the great General Nigel Heathcliff did not deserve to be spoken of in such a polite way. She had only hatred for the man known as her father.

"I lost my father when he disowned me for refusing to work alongside the weak willed!"

"And so it begins once again…" Archie rolled his eyes and filled his ranting companion's glass. When she was like this, he knew better than to try and interrupt her. Instead, he went to the bar and asked the man behind the counter for not a glass, but the entire bottle of scotch. He had the feeling it was going to be a long night. Especially if all went the way he hoped it would.

"He took me away from everything I have ever had the privilege of loving! He made a promise to me that if I endured the demands of that woman who called herself my mother, he would give me my life's dream. My life dream consists of working my way up to the war office, not working in a bloody factory! I wanted to be like him. I swear, if that man was dying of thirst in the Mojave Desert, I would -"

"Give him oil! Molly, we have been through this many times but you seem to forget that he did manage to enlist you which, if my memory serves correctly, was not at all simple. He had to very well pull many strings in order to place you, a woman, in the military. It might as well have been a bleeding miracle."

She hated the way Archie seemed to worship her father. Ever since they were children, he had spent time with her only to speak about her father's great exploits and his battles. That in actuality was not much.

"He made me leave my own home!"

"He made you do no such thing. No one told you to live with that sad excuse for a Private Simon Baumer. I mean really? Why the hell would you even consider speaking to that incompetent male specimen, much less sleep with him?"

"I could not live with that man or his precious Queen of thorns for one more instant. Regina was absolutely pink with pleasure when he told her the fabulous news and not even a moment later; suitors were arriving at the door!"

Archie flicked some ash from his cigarette onto her brown skirt and filled his glass once more. She could tell her ranting had begun to outlast his patience.

"Of course, because being desired by wealthy gentlemen can be quite a burden. Such a burden that it caused you to sleep with one so repulsive to the human eye. No Molly, it wasn't your father who made you leave, it was your stubbornness."

"Simon is not repulsive and why are we even speaking of this? Has my sleeping with other men bothered you again?"

She watched him shift his eyes to the left then unto the right before he finally shook his head. She knew whenever he was lying simply by his eyes. They had been each other's firsts and even ten years later, there was a very stimulating tension between the two. It was a mixture of friendship combined with a steady pour of lust.

"By all means, fraternize with as many men as you wish. So long as I precede them all in your bed."

His gaze was steady and seductive but Molly was used to it for that was what would usually happen just before they tore each other's clothing. She slowly lifted one of her legs up against the lieutenant's pants leg and leaned her chin on her right fist. He pulled the collar of his shirt to the side and in a minute, she would need to remind him of the point of the conversation.

"So, dirty Uncle Fenech has allowed you to bring me on this dangerous mission?"

"Correction, Uncle Fenech has allowed me to bring a military comrade. He does not know I meant ask you."

Well this is going to be lovely, she thought.

"And my father, what will he think of this?"

"If we're in luck, this will be a suicide mission and he will not hear a thing. If not, Fenech will explain when we return. He and your father are quite close after all."

Archie put out his cigarette and ran his hand up Molly's thigh. The feel warm of his rough hands on her cold legs had commenced a stirring in her loins and she knew very well that it was his intention. He smirked when she could no longer hold her glass without shaking. She felt as though she was seventeen all over again and they were in the garden on that summer evening.

"What if I am not as qualified as Mackey, or Alexander or even Klaus? Or worse, what will happen if we return and said Uncle disapproves and has me lynched?"

"You are more than qualified than any of those men combined and you are the only person I really trust. Fenech assured me that whomever I chose, he will gladly vouch for. He gave me his word."

She lifted her head from her fist and leaned closer to him to whisper in his ear.

"You should never trust the word of a military man, Archie."

Lieutenant Hicox pressed his hand on the small of her back and held her as to whisper against her soft red lips. She could practically feel his moustache against her top lip and oh how she wanted them all over her skin.

"Is that so? What if I were to guarantee that in exactly twenty minutes, you will be screaming my name? Will you believe the general and me then?"

Molly challenged his gaze and began calculating how long it would take to get back to his quarters. They had played this game before and not once did Archie ever lose. Tonight, she hoped to change that.

"I suppose I'm going to have to begin packing a bag, aren't I?"