Caution: Steamy!


After Molly finished her watch she returned back to her tent to get a few hours so that when she did face Archie on the 'morrow, it would be with a fresh face. She was awoken by a strange sound but when she opened her eyes, saw only darkness. She lay back on her left side and brought her arms around herself to beat the coldness within the tent.

Suddenly a soft hand began roaming her shoulders and long lavishing kisses were being placed on her neck in such a way that she was unsure if she were actually awake. She moaned slightly and felt a hand lower the bottom part of her jumpsuit and roughly part her thighs.

Naturally, she assumed Archie had found his way to her shelter and was attempting to seal their old wounds. He held her waist and brought her closer to press his body firmly against hers so that her head was on his chest. Slowly, her tight vest was pulled up past her head. His fingers were tenser than they usually were but they felt amazingly warm.

When his fingers reached her breast, he circled her peaking nipple with his thumb before proceeding to pull it. Molly gasped as his teeth lightly grazed her earlobe and his hand went from wanting her to needing her. He grabbed a hold of her breast and began to squeeze. She sighed and reacted immediately by gently rocking her hips against him and covering his hand with hers.

Without stopping his lips, he moved his hand south down Molly's stomach. He unbuttoned the pants she was wearing beneath the suit and slid his hand beneath the fold of her panties. She gasped again as his fingers slide sensually between the folds of her moist lips, lightly tapping her sweet spot just to get a rise out of her. When he entered not one but two fingers inside her, she couldn't help but moan loudly into her arm.

She felt him move his lips away from her skin and she immediately missed their warmth. His thumb however had begun rubbing her hot button as his fingers began moving at a rhythm. Her entire body began feeling the pleasure and she began feeling quite light headed with it. She couldn't take it anymore and began to reach behind her to feel his chest, his shoulders, anything. Only he had used his idle hand to grab it and lace his fingers through hers. He was making sure she was the only one to please tonight despite his obvious erection that was pressing against her thigh.

"Oh you bastard. You bloody bastard."

Heathcliff held onto his hand tightly as his fingers continued their skillful movements to her sex and his tongue returned to her neck up to her earlobe. She began moving her hips with his fingers and her eyes seemed to roll back in her head. Her arm was not enough to contain her moans as they echoed in the tent. She felt as though she was an inferno until her breathing started coming in quick gasps and any thoughts she may have had were a complete blur.

"I- I'm-oh god!"

Through her ecstasy she felt his lips return to her and at the moment she saw nothing but white as her body shook tremulously from her release. Her breathing was so ragged afterwards that she could barely believe it was hers. Her energy had just plummeted to a new low. Never had Archie given her such an apology.

Slowly, his fingers pulled out of her but before leaving her to collect herself, he traced her lips with the tip of his thumb until Molly parted her lips and he slid them into her mouth to have a long, hard suck. Finally he kissed her, deep and more passionately than he ever had. She could feel him move away from her and towards the mouth of the tent. Molly turned her head towards him and felt as though they were staring at each other through the darkness. She heard him chuckle a little before opening the toggle of the entrance.

"How's that for a reward?"

When he opened the flap, a dim light shone in the tent and Molly saw that it wasn't Archie, but Omar leaving the tent. She pulled back on her vest and lay on her back, smirking up at the dark roof of the tent.

Quite a reward indeed, she thought.