His Best Defence

"But Elena," Damon whines. "I love compulsion."

"I know," she replies. "Which is why I'm telling you to stop."

There is logic to her words, he knows this. He relies too heavily on his powers of influence to charm people, when really he should be using his natural talents and his words to get the ladies. Only, he fears that if he gets a girl the real way, he'll feel bad about breaking her.

He fears he won't want to break her. And then what is he? Stefan? He can't have that. To stoop to such levels and become like his brother is unthinkable.

"You know I can't do that."

"You can. You're strong, Damon. You can do it if you try." She's pleading with him now, almost. It's cute. The way she cares sends a shiver through his being, a rush of something he can't quite identify but can easily get off on.

"What if I don't want to stop? Elena. Did you think about that?"

She shrugged. There was little else she could do.

"I thought so."

And then,

"You'll always be alone," she says. And that if anything is what breaks him. There is more truth to her words than she'll ever know. Life as a vampire isn't easy. You watch any humans you take a liking to or build a friendship with grow old and die. They leave you. They always leave you.

Then, you find someone new. And the same thing happens. Rinse and repeat.

So, why the hell would he want to give up compulsion? Compelling people means he doesn't have to make a connection. He uses people. That's all. Once they have achieved what he wants from them, they are gone and out of his life and he makes no long lasting connections that leave him gutted, sad and alone when they pass on.

Compulsion is his best defence. Not to mention it is fun as hell. And any fun you can get as an immortal being is fun to be taken. It can get awfully boring otherwise.

"No, Elena. I won't." It's simple, really. He needs to be able to compel people in order to be himself. He needs them like he needs her, a thing he knows is ironic. How can he have her if he won't compromise for her?

And does that really matter? She deserves better than him anyway. There would be no logical reason for her to leave her boyfriend, his brother, for him. Stefan is better. Safer. At least, that's what they all believe.

They are both vampires and both have killed, and that is what makes him sure that he's not wasting his time. He can have both. Maybe. If she'll date Stefan, surely she'll stoop to his level and date him too.

In another life maybe. He's not going to do what she asks, and so she won't accept him, and that's not factoring in the Stefan dilemma.

In another lifetime he may have a chance with her. He is convinced of it.

That's a lifetime he is willing to wait for, and until then, until she sees what is right in front of her, his powers of compulsion will get him through the lonely nights.