It had been a couple days after Johnny said he would try and I was sitting in my Saints Row Mega Condo. I had found out Kinzie was still rolling with us and had her trace Viola the day after I spoke to Johnny. Turns out, Viola had stayed in Steelport, living at one of my houses. I found out her new phone number and called her a couple hours ago, demanding she come to Stilwater.

She had been ecstatic to hear from me and I was glad she wasn't dead or worse. She was on her way here and it wouldn't take her long to get here at all since she knew the route easily.

Now, I was waiting on her to get here patiently, throwing darts at a dartboard and watching a bit of TV. I was watching some show called Cajun Justice and even though it was a cop show and I HATED cops, I actually liked this show. It also gave me more insight on how cops roll and go in to fights.

I was on the second floor as of now and had the doorbell programmed to be louder at the second floor than the first. This is why I heard the doorbell ring quite easily. I got giddy and excited, rushing downstairs. I opened the door and there she was. I hugged Viola and told her I was sorry. She grinned and I released her.

She came inside and looked around, "Nice place you have here. I really like it. You have a lot of explaining to do, though."

I noted she had changed her wardrobe right after she said that and I nodded, "I talked to Johnny about all this already so I might get a little choked up here and there..."

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"He told me he'd try to love me! You can't try to love someone! You either love them or you don't!" I wailed, sobbing wildly into Viola's shoulder.

I felt her hand on my back and she told me, "It's ok. I'm sure he didn't mean it like that and he's confused. Maybe he meant he didn't understand his feelings yet and needed to think about it?"

I was trembling on the couch by her and had pulled my head away from her shoulder, "Maybe," I said and sniffled a little bit, "You're so easy to talk too, Vee. Thank you. You can stay here too if you want."

"But I thought I wasn't a Saint anymore?" She asked, clearly confused. I forgot about Shaundi having kicked her out.

"Shaundi has no authority over you in the Saints or most anyone else, clear? Also, even if you weren't a Saint, since you're so close to me, you'd be able to stay anyways. I'm so sorry all of this happened Vee. And how does Oleg feel about all of this?"

"Well, him and Kinzie are together and Oleg is confused as to why Johnny was gone so long, what happened to him and why he acts different. We all know Johnny loves you, he just doesn't realize it yet," Viola told me and I frowned but nodded.

"I know Vee, but I'm scared. You know? I've rarely ever been scared. I was always with a 'Come at me, bro!' attitude."

She nodded and I began straightening myself up. It wasn't a big deal, right? But then I remembered that he said he only used Shaundi for sex. What if he does the same thing to me?

He wouldn't.

He wouldn't dare.

Right? There were just so many things I didn't know and it pained me that I didn't. But then again I did know Johnny was a womanizer. He did take my virginity even if we were both drunk when it happened and he didn't remember.

Actually, I'm sure he'd remember the sex and who it was with; just that he didn't know it was me. I sighed, still sitting by Viola on the couch. My phone rang, the ringtone still being Still Alive. I had that song set to Johnny's number and I was a bit reluctant to answer, yet I did because Viola made me.

"Hello?" I said, my voice normal and calm.

"Yeah, I broke up with Shaundi and I'm moving in with you so I can try and do what I said," he said, his voice drifting over the speakers.

"What, no-" I began, but I was cut off by the dial tone. He had hung up on me!

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