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Kekkei Genkai


You know how usually stories start off with a dream the main character never forgets or a tragic accident that changes their lives after occurring completely out of nowhere? Maybe there are reasons for that. I mean if someone just come up to you and say that starting today, for a reason you will find out in the future, your life will never be the same again, would you believe them? I don't know if I would.


But that would give people reason to why they should say 'be careful what you wish for.'

I think one's own individual story starts off on the day they were born. That's when the story really begins. The rest is just details for later.

The real reason why stories start with a dream or a tragic accident is because it's the only way the main character knows how to start off a story.

At least I do.

When choosing a dream to tell to start off a story, I don't choose just any dream. Most of my dreams, I can't remember. But this one I definitely remember.

There was an angel in it. Not the ones you see on Christmas trees with golden locks, blue eyes and wearing a white gown while being surrounded by heaven's light. It wasn't a girl either. It was a boy, or a man actually. He looked old. Way older than me but not as old as daddy. But he was still so beautiful with heaven's glow all around his body and a kind, gentle smile on his face.

In the dream, I'd asked him, "Are you my guardian angel?"

He'd reminded me of fire. Heaven's glow was a bright orange glow all around him, his crazy looking hair was a darker orange, his skin was as creamy fair as mommy's, and his sharp, welcoming eyes were red. He was startled by my question but not for long. His smile returned when he spoke and his voice was as warm and smooth as creamy hot chocolate.

"You can say that, kid. But tell me. Are you in need of a guardian angel?"

I told him, "Mommy and daddy have been acting so weird lately. Like they're afraid that something is going to happen. Daddy told me that one day a guardian angel will come and protect me. He said that my guardian angel will make sure to make me happy no matter what."

The angel's smile became sweater after I said that and his eyes were so full of adoration. He really made me feel safe and loved in his presence and his stare.

"I'll give your daddy some credit. He's right about my purpose. I am here to protect you but the only way to make sure you're happy is if you choose to be so."

"Me?" I asked him.

"Yep. Because the only way to be happy is live a life of no regrets. If you do that, then you can surely die in peace."

"But angel, I don't want to die."

His hand rose up and he petted my head. His touch was so warm and it made my skin and wherever he touched warm as well. I suddenly felt so hot.

"I'll make sure of that, kid. But promise me still, okay? Promise me that you'll live a life guilt-free and I'll leave behind a protection charm to make sure you won't die."

I was hypnotized by my angel so I listened to everything he asked of me. "I promised."

"Good boy."

And what I felt next before my dream ended was his gentle lips against mine.

The summer before my eight birthday, my mommy and daddy got into an accident and didn't survive. Mommy's relatives took care of me as they arranged the joined-funeral. It was a different person each time and at the funeral, I didn't know who stood behind me with his or her hand on my shoulder but I didn't even care. I may have been young but when people tell me that I will never see my caring wonderful parents again, then of course I would be bawling my eyes out for days.

I didn't understand funerals. People who sympathized with my loss told me that and they were all a blur. I didn't care if they were family or friends. The entire ceremony was a blur. Someone would tell me to get up when I had to and they told me what to do. I didn't understand any of it. At least being so young, I had an excuse to cry every time I saw a picture of my parents' faces.

Then it was the burial and that was a blur, too. All I knew was they lowered my parents' ashes to the ground and I could do nothing but watch as they buried them one shovel-full at a time.

However there were a few things I did notice about the funeral. Like how there were only mommy's relatives that were considered family. There weren't any relatives of daddy. Only his friends mixed with mommy's. But when I was left alone to cry, again, alone in front of buried mommy and daddy and everyone else went to discuss something like who's permanently responsible for me now, one person approached me.

"Hey, kid."

What made him stand out compared to all of the blurred faces was that I recognized his voice and when I sharply looked up at him, I recognized him.


He wasn't surrounded by heaven's glow like in my dream but when he kneeled before me, his looks, his eyes, and his smile were all the same.

"Sort of. From today on, I will be your guardian. In your daddy's will, he left you in my care. My name is Namikaze Kurama. It's a pleasure to meet you, Uzumaki Naruto."

Namikaze Kurama. He was the first relative of daddy's that I've ever met and he's the only relative to come to my parents' funeral.

Ever since the funeral, I'd been in Kurama's care. There were some complaints of someone so young taking a child under his wing, but my daddy's will was written in stone and if I didn't want to go with him, I could always say so. However, I was young and naïve and I believed I would be fine with my guardian angel. After five years, I'd come to realize that Kurama was no angel. Just a demon who looked like one.

"Kurama, would you PLEASE get off me!"

I tried to shove his arm off my shoulders but it was futile. It was stuck on me like glue.

"But why, Naru-chan? You don't let me hold your hand and you won't let me stick my hand in your back jean pocket. So what other choice do I have to make sure you don't get lost?"

"I'm not a little kid anymore! And compared to you, I have a better sense of direction!" Plus, it's a little hard to get lost when you have a map in your hands!

But he came back with, "I don't care if you're psychic and you can see the future. We're in a strange and new city where we might spend the rest of our lives in. Until you've memorized every street, know where to go and where not to go, and make a friend who knows that better than you, you are not to leave my sight; ever!"

Sometimes I wonder how I ever mistook his virtuous good looks for my dream angel. They are absolutely nothing alike!

With nothing to say back to that, beside glare and grumble, I let him do what he wanted while I kept my entire attention on the map in my hands and the street we were walking on. But I can see him smiling on my shoulder.

I was born and raised in Uzushiogakure; the small hometown of my mom. She apparently met my dad in Konoha when she came to start a new life in the big world but when she was finally pregnant with me, they moved back to her hometown so I could be raised in a safe environment. Konoha is actually where Kurama and I decided to live and it's my dad's hometown. A huge city hometown. At least not I know why I never met any of dad's relatives, except for Kurama, but the other reason is because my dad cut his family ties when he married my mom since they didn't improve of her social statue. Way to go, dad! He only kept in touch with Kurama because he was only a child when it happened and they sort of had a father/son relationship. Why, dad? Why?

Anyway, the reason why we decided to live in Konoha is so Kurama could be close to work again. He actually just graduated from law school and was given a job offer when he took me under his wing. Instead of taking me back to Konoha then, Kurama stayed in Uzushiogakure with me until I finished elementary. He was able to accept the job but it was harder to actually work with it because he was so far away. However like dad, he too wanted me to at least grow up in a safe environment until I had some sense. But according to him, I still have no sense.

On that day I had a map in my hands, we had just arrived in Konoha the day before in our new home and then we decided to explore the city on foot to experience everything the city had to offer; according to him.

"It doesn't mean you can cling to me," I grumbled as we waited for the light to change to cross the street. He started laughing after I said that and it was at that moment when the street light turned red and a black shiny Mercedes pulled up in the center of the street. The cross-walk light changed right after that and the two of us plus a whole bunch of other people started walking.

"Aw, be nice, Naru-chan. You know you love it."

"Not in public!"

And then for a moment, I felt Kurama lift his arm off me and for once he had obeyed my wish about how I wished he limited his display of affection and respected my personal space. But like always, it was only for a moment before put it back on and pulled me closer to him.

"So does that mean we get home, it's okay?"

Oh crap I was in trouble. If there is one thing that Kurama loves to do and I dread every second of it's his cuddling. You know how a toddler hugs their teddy bear super tight for hours on end? Kurama's the toddler and I'm the teddy bear.

"Someone help! I'm being kidnapped!"

"Okay, now you're just plain mean."

Due to Naruto's attention being on the map, he missed the real reason to why Kurama's arm released him.

"Aw, be nice, Naru-chan. You know you love it."

"Not in public!"

Right at that moment in the center of the cross walk, two people who were crossing from the opposite end passed them. Some of many others but the eldest and tallest of the two noticed them.

Or at least, he noticed Kurama.

And Kurama noticed him, too.

Like those slow moving moments when two or more people have a dramatic first meeting, this was, in a way, one of those moments.

Kurama became the first to look. He turned his head ever so slightly, not enough to possibly gain Naruto's attention, but enough to see the dark haired man who passed them. It wasn't long before the same said man decided to look from the corner of his eyes. For that one moment, they stared at each other and that was it. Just blankly staring at each other without anything instant. No recognition for they have never met before. No domineering nature for they didn't feel threatened by the other. And no need to stop and introduce one's self to the other for this one half second moment is all they need to know who exactly the other is.

But Kurama did say hi. That one moment when he released Naruto's shoulder, he slightly saluted a 'hi' to the guy. Then he turned to the Mercedes on the side and winked at the driver. Then finally, he turned his attention back to his ward.

"So does that mean when we get home, it's okay?"

As the twelve-year old boy's body tensed up before he made his cry for help, that black haired man kept watching them.


Looking down at the one who called him, a twelve-year old boy eyes his brother suspiciously while he grips the hand dangling on his shoulder. Compared to Naruto, this teenager doesn't mind his eighteen-year old brother holding him. "You didn't hear me, did you? What suddenly got you distracted?"

The older brother just smiles at the boy. Seeing him acting possessive with that pout on his face just makes him look absolutely adorable.

"Forgive me, otouto. I was just greeting an old acquaintance."

The younger brother rose a brow for that. When did he greet someone with him noticing? Seeing the confused face made the older brother kiss the boy's temple on the side of his face.

"It's not important anymore so don't worry about it."

The teenager didn't. The kiss made his mind go blank and his cheeks blossomed into soft pink roses. As his older brother softly chuckles at his blushing face, the teenagers cheeks darkened before he grumbled, "Stupid brother…"

At least between these two, the boy was still gripping that hand the entire time to keep the man where he should be; close.

Inside the Mercedes, the driver's pearl-like eyes switches between the two couples. Watching them continue to act the same way they've always do to each other and to live the same peaceful life they've always lived. However, instead of showing joy and contentment in his eyes and on his face as he smiled, he didn't smile at all. He just observed and calculated everything.

"It's wonderful, isn't it?"

Looking up at his review mirror, the driver sees his one and only passenger looking at him through the mirror as well with joy and contentment in her soft gentle smile and smiling pearl-like eyes.

"I'm happy to see them acting so happy with someone they care about. I hope…this happiness never ends; for any of us."

"But it will," her driver injected. "This won't last for us. He will act and this life will then be over."

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